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  1. BJ sir don,t know what i,m doing wrong got a new browzer today now my post double can you fix ?Thank You .
  2. Sorry Ed we must have been typing at the same time !Covered the same ground twice >
  3. If you want original looking here is what you need They are Leaman Canopies As you can tell i like them 1
  4. Starting new project have some stiff steering would like to replace mcv pump and new springs etc what and who,s kit do you like ?Thank You !!!
  5. Starting new project have some stiff steering would like to replace mcv pump and new springs etc what and who,s kit do you like ?Thank You !!!
  6. Can I see anything to help me from the cover on the bottom left housing just in front of pump or look from top cover ?Thank You !
  7. Okay does this pic look right for the draft control ? Have quite a bit of oil coming down from passenger side of housing and also a good flow of oil at the pump location .Engine off draft control is normal Lever will come all the way up and stay.Start the engine control snaps down sharply and is extremely hard to pull up and will only come two thirds of the way up .Oil flows appear the same arms up or down .I was thinking read here before sometimes these arms slipped on the wrong side ?Also worse problem put the tractor in a decent reverse push somewhere a spline slips thens catches and when
  8. Have a 1066 that has very little pressure at the remotes when the three point is in the down position .Raise them up all is well .Also the draft control arm has a lot of tension it will snap back to the down postion .This tractor (Bought Used )has a distinct whine at the rear Hyd Pump Our 7,9,14,15 all quiet there .Any truth that there is two different gear pitch,s ?If I have the wrong one I need to figure out which I need and change it .Thank You !!!
  9. There is nothing bolted in front of fender mount just stuck some bolts to close the holes .
  10. Wasn,t planning on it .Already have a canopy from Ed Leaman .It,s pretty rough cosmeticly. Nothing electrical works !Mechanically power steering is sluggish and stiff ?Showing right at 4000 hrs drawbar looks good .Havent fooled with it very much .Need rear rims for sure though .Have a 14 with a nice cab !Cold ac good radio ! It,s staying on.Thanks All for the nice comments!!!!!
  11. These are pics of Ed,s canopy's.The offset one is for the 1566 to clear the Planetary . These are the closet to original (That I know of) Plus I like dealing with a member of this forum !That being said always more than one way to end up with a nice looking tractor though !These are just what I prefer .
  12. Ed has them they bolt together like original here are my three .Have another to go on a 15.I prefer them .
  13. Was a seatbelt standard equipment on 66 series ? Havent tried Case IH on the assumption they would not be period correct .Would possibly a model of combines have had the same belt ?Would like to get some to just be correct on my restorations .Thank You !!!
  14. Next project 1566 and a before pic of the 966
  15. Thank You to all on this forum that helped along the way!!!On to 1566 next Join the 7 and 10
  16. Still have a couple grease zerks to change but basically done !!
  17. Running a 12815 Bushogg brand behind a 5288 and love it if I remember it does have a little faster tip speed on the 1000
  18. Have several sets of adapters and make do.Have had a couple issues .The reason for asking is restoring a 966 and both remotes have one side that's bad ,so have to do something .Tractor will only see use once in a while .This one has to be fixed rest just have to be changed as budget allows .Thank You for your replies !!!
  19. Yes sorry block lever style on 66 series
  20. Have a few sets of IH Valves would like to change to Pioneer.Who you like ?Thank You !!!
  21. Two of theses go on fenders that are used with the two post canopys
  22. Anybody machining the stifferners that go in the fenders when you change to a two post canopy on the 66 series ?Have made a couple of sets inhouse just looking for more factory look !Thank You !!!!!!!
  23. Looking for good gauge set for this 966 what your thoughts ? Hate to do the India route but what else ?Rochester somewhere ? Thanks
  24. I use Star Speedometer in Florida Red Power Advertiser 386-569-5284 Always did me a great job !
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