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  1. Transmission problems

    Thanks for the quick response this forum is great somebody is always there to help. I had a feeling that it was holding pressure somewhere. I was guessing a valve was sticking. The tractor goes to neutral I would think it would stay in reverse. I have a couple more questions Is this update something that can be done with the cab on? Could it be done at home? Do you know approximately how many hours a dealership would charge to do it? Again thanks for the great info.
  2. Transmission problems

    I'm in need of some help I have a MXU100 with the 16x16 semi-power shift it will go forward all day long but when you go to back up it will back up once then when you try to go forward it won't do anything it flashes a N on the dash. If you shut it off and wait about 10 minutes it will go forward again until you put it in reverse. It doesn't have any codes on the dash so I'm kind of stumped. Any advice is greatly appreciated I'm 100 miles from the closest dealer not wanting to take it there.