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  1. I think I see what you are thinking. Good idea, but in my case, I don't have the #43... European (french) tractor with a "european" rear... as you can see on the pic
  2. Do you have some updates/improvements ideas? I was thinking of putting an eye bolt to replace #41 My hitch will not work a lot... the tractor will not be use hardly in a farm
  3. could someone explain to me how works the stabilizer of the hitch there is plenty of play with the part #34 and #35 I don't understand why there is a thread because the eye bolt needs to turn when the hitch's arms moves and because here in france we can't find thoses parts, I think of made 2 eye bolts and put a nut to fix them on the part #34 (but before that, I have to drill and put a bushel... if I can) so, if I was understandable, what do you think? Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. yes, mine was in an horrible state when I get it...
  5. If someone can help me... many many thanks in advance
  6. harvest started early of july with winter barley. Yields are not bad compared to the rain we get (about 20-25% of an average year), and quality is good for malting We will resume soon with winter wheat
  7. A new question... About the platform, could you give me the size or the height of the parts #6 and #7 I think I have 4 of them (2 on the sides of the gearbox, 2 on each brake cover) but are they all the same? If someone have pics It will be helpfull! Also, if someone have pics of around the steering column (under the diesel tank), thanks you a lot!!!
  8. I will give them to a specialist who "sandblast" with stainless steel balls and then paint with powder paint
  9. I have got the cable it has the round knob! I will live with it
  10. I will see... Not sure I will have it, so round or T, whatever as long as it comes! I do my best to use OEM parts, or "original look" parts, but here in Europe, American tractors from this generation are rare and part hard to find sometimes (often)! I will have other questions in the future... But thanks to all the community for our help!
  11. I could have try this, but here people don't want to be bothered for a few euros... and I don't have the old one to compare the length
  12. thanks guys! the diagram is confusing I ordered the cable this afternoon, available but without time limit... It may come in 1month, or 2, or...? 36.50€ = US$39.11
  13. It is a good reason to learn a foreign language 😃 Both of our magnum came from UK, every sticker is in english, it was a good practice for me!
  14. here is mine, I think noting is missing?
  15. we can see a lot of olds IH still working, not hard, but they are still use to do soft tasks. Heavier tasks are for modern tractors. It exists small farms still using vintage tractors, but be serious, it is a minority. but for example, it is rare to see a JD for example, or a MF. I don't know why, those brands had good models too. Perhaps they go to East Europe more than IH?
  16. OK, so the #4 isn't behind the dash panel? I understand what it is now!
  17. It's still available here too (expensive, but available...) but I just want to be sure of what it is If someone has a pic... thanks!
  18. when I look at the cable I don't undertsand why it needs a swivel 🤔 https://www.ebay.com/itm/124660178863 In the dash panel I have a nut to tighten in it
  19. I have to use a (big) hammer? I thought it will be like a PTO shaft but it is really hard to assemble
  20. On my 756 I have to change spindles and steering arm Do I have to heat the steering arm to put it in the spindle? There isn't any play between them I have those parts: spindle: https://histoparts.com/ih1117___spindle-lh-rh-ihc-starts-from-656-up-to/3?catid=1936 arm: https://histoparts.com/ih1130___steering-arm-lh-ihc-766-3688/3?catid=1936 Thanks a lot for your help
  21. Hello guys could someone tell me what is the part number 4 on the pic? the ref is #396388R1 and it is called "fuel shut-off lever swivel" I don't find any pic on the Internet and I don't know for what it is used? About 16 and 37, it is clamps but I think I can use others models than originals parts. Those ref aren't available in Europe... The cable (number 5) isn't available too (ref #396387R91). I hope I will find an aftermarket cable... Thanks a lot for your help!
  22. You were right! I'm embarrassed, that's so idiot 😳 We didn't see the old wear sleeve!
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