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  1. Thank you DWV. That helps alot. dm
  2. I am in the process of replacing the drive shaft seal on the belly pump of a Farmall M. I can never remember which way to turn the slotted nut. So when facing the slotted nut do I turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise to remove it? I'm pretty sure it's never been removed since new. Thanks to anyone who can provide this information. dm
  3. Sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I agree that some pictures (one for the front, back and both sides). The unusual hitch is probably what IH (Farmall) called a Fast Hitch which was a common option on a Farmall from that era. It was (in my opinion) a marketing attempt by IH to get the customer to buy IH attachments since the Fast Hitch would only work with their products. Of course, many tractors were sold with this fast hitch and it should not reduce the value a lot. Once you post some pictures, the people on this site will be a very good source to help you estimate the val
  4. Fred B should think about becoming a detective. My cousin checked the tag Fred saw in the third photo and with the help of his grandson and a magnifying glass discovered that this chisel plow was made by Glencoe Mfg of Glencoe Minn. It is a Model 77 Deep Field Tiller, Type 747. This information will hopefully be enough for him to at least find out if the parts he is looking for are still available. Thanks again to Fred and the others who made comments on this subject. dm
  5. Thank you. I will change my search to chisel plow.
  6. Here are a few more pictures. Still looking for make and model of this field cultivator. Part my cousin needs is a complete shank, spring and tooth assembly. Thanks for any help you can offer. dm
  7. Anyone know who made this field cultivator and if so what the model number might be? It is trip actuated by gearing in the wheels and may have a trace of green (I know) paint it. My cousin bought it and needs some parts but he can't identify it. I told him I would ask the guys on this site if they knew. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. dm
  8. Here are some pictures of my 706LPG for reference. It's been a great tractor for me. Hope you get yours running.
  9. dm17529

    Super MD

    7 years ago I bought a 1945 M (gas) that had set outside for 10+ years. I paid $500 for it, primarily because it had all new Goodyear tires on it (now weather checked but overall still very sound). Understandably, the engine was set up but I thought there was a chance to save it. The coolant still looked good. I looked at it as a challenge to bring the tractor back to life. However, once I pulled the head and oil pan I could see there was no saving the engine. Number 2 and 3 cylinders were full of water and their sleeves were rusted clear through to and into the block. The oil pump and crank
  10. Sounds like you've tried just about everything. To me, it is definitely a fuel flow problem (not compression since it will run intermittently in the over fuel position). You may ultimately need to remove the injection pump and have it tested. Before you remove the injection pump (assuming you have exhausted all other potential causes) make sure you set the timing first so it will be ready to go when you reinstall it. I've never worked on a B275 but as I recall it was made in England? Does it have a CAV or Roosa Master pump or something else?
  11. Hey 53IHSM, welcome to this forum. I bought an IH 370 disc on ebay several years ago which was in fairly good shape but needed new bearings. As I recall , new bearings from the IH dealer were pretty salty (I only paid $450 for the disc) so I found some "made in China" bearings on Ebay that worked just fine for a fraction of the cost. I got the bearings with zerks. I think you want to make sure the zerks are facing rearward and on top. You will need a good torch set and some heavy duty tools to change the bearings (had to cut most of the old ones off). It was a lot of work but I've used that d
  12. Two places I have had success with are: Martin Tractor Parts 717-776-7542 in Newville, PA. and Taylor Eq. 231-734-5213 in Barryton, Michigan
  13. I own a 1952 Super M with power steering, wide front and a Freeman loader. It runs very strong and is in great shape. I also own a 45 M and a 706 LPG wide frt and 3 pt.

    I haved worked for a major construction Eq. Co. for 38 years and enjoy working on old tractors.

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