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  1. happy birthday brad, have an awesome day!!

  2. hi ralph, how are you? just wondering if you will make it to moose jaw this weekend for the chapter 38 club show? hopefully we can bump into each other as we are almost neighbours.....dieselman.

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    2. dieselman


      well that is cool, we had a good ih dealer in this area and there was and still is a large amount of ih equipment around. just got home from moose jaw and it was fantastic, wish you could have beenthere.

    3. Loadstar


      Yes, perfect weather and a great show from what I've heard. I kept up with it via the IHC chapter 38 facebook page where updates and photos were posted so I did see a little of it. You could put a few pics here on red power. I don't see anybody else posting any yet. 

    4. dieselman


      forgot my damn camera, must be getting old i guess, will try to get a few and post them, have a great day.


  3. Hi Colin, I see by you tractor list that you have a SW6-TA DIESEL, do you have a operators manual for it? I just bought a tractor like that and was wondering about starting procedure, or could I get a copy of your manual? Thanks in advance....dieselman.

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