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  1. will the gas tank from a super A fit a farmall C? or are they a little higher like the super C? thanks in advance.
  2. i use toyo gsi 6 tires the ones with the walnut shells. we have a mixture of snow and ice, they work very well right down to the wear bars. pricey but in my mond worth it
  3. friend had a manual that i can borrow, thanks anyway......dieselman
  4. can some one please copy the clutch adjustment procedure from their operators manual for a 656 diesel utility, i don't have a manual but will be getting one, this will just speed up the process. thanks in advance.....dieselman
  5. just picked up my pump off a 656, 1100.00 canuck bucks to rebuild,governer ring, weights, delivery valve the whole nine yards. what does it cost to get them done in the u.s.?
  6. baby duramax posts some impressive number but from my point of view anybody that drives the engine oil pump with a belt should be tared and feathered and to add more insult to service the belft the transmission has to be moved back.iam a die hard gm man but that crap makes me angry, my two cents.
  7. i have never tossed a tool thought i paid to much for that to happen, however at 5 o clock i did enjoy a dark rum or two.
  8. the tool thing is never ending, then about every second year some thing comes out that requires another tool or tools, at the end of your career you end up with at least 50,000.00 worth of tolls that are only worth that to you. have been to sales were used snap on and mac tools were lucky to fetch ten cents on the dollar. i always bought new tools to make my job easier and more productive but it never ends. i work or worked on everything from washing machines to wheel barrows and everything in between so my tool boxes are over flowing with specialty tools for automotive, ag, heavy truck and heavy duty. i know i will never recover the cost but have son who is also a technician so he will get them all. the righ tool makes the job a whole lot easier plus the ability to swear and cuss bad enough to make a sailor blush but we always get it done don't we boys.
  9. thanks for the pictures, wish i was there please keep them coming.
  10. built a 40x40 which i thought was big enough....wrong, by the time you put the needed tools and stuff in they start to grow out from the walls by about 4 feet but it is awesome to have a nice heated shop to work in during winter.
  11. 50 years for me, this will be the last except for my ih stuff and will continue doing a/c, body has held up very well but seems i get tired sooner and am losing the desire to repair things for customers, kind of enjoy the kids and grandkids more and more and just taking of with the missus when we feel like it. i think as a person who has done this all their lives you will never really quit until the good Lord calls you home as there will always be things to tinker with. to my fellow technicians enjoy your retirement from the rat race.
  12. was there in 2014 and loved it, was planning on going in 2020 but with the border closed and all this covid bs and the fact my wife just got through a round of cancer we will be staying home, hope it will be a awesome show and if you could post lots of pictures it would be appreciated very much. was hoping to pick up a rebuilt rd series injection pump for my 806 and a bunch of other parts for some of my cub cadets and other tractors.
  13. years ago using hytran in john deere tractors would cause the glue that held the brake material to the discs to loosen off and the brake material would flake off into the oil, usually customer would complain of brake material plugging the suction screen on the charge pump.have seen two local deere tractors do this. at least that is all i could see cause the problem.
  14. anyone know if there will be any injection pump shops at red power this year? needing a rebuilt rd series. jusy wandering, thanks.
  15. 40x40 shop.14 ft ceiling, propane overhead furnace (energy efficient) and 2 over head fans, r-20 wlls r-60 roof, 12x16 ft door, keep it at 65 all winter, used 700 gallons of propane last winter, tools and floor always warm and not waiting for it to heat up before i go to work.
  16. 4366, underpowered, loud cab from the transmission but it was cool looking and sounded good too, my 1466 would out pull it.
  17. good luck and take care!
  18. know the feeling, i retired from the fire department after 25 five years, felt like you did for the first year thinking i could not be replaced but as usual ther is someone who steps up and does your duties as good or better than i did. enjoyed my time of service but age catches up to a guy. some fresh bodys on the department is good with new ideas and thought.
  19. happy birthday brad, have an awesome day!!

  20. hi ralph, how are you? just wondering if you will make it to moose jaw this weekend for the chapter 38 club show? hopefully we can bump into each other as we are almost neighbours.....dieselman.

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    2. dieselman


      well that is cool, we had a good ih dealer in this area and there was and still is a large amount of ih equipment around. just got home from moose jaw and it was fantastic, wish you could have beenthere.

    3. Loadstar


      Yes, perfect weather and a great show from what I've heard. I kept up with it via the IHC chapter 38 facebook page where updates and photos were posted so I did see a little of it. You could put a few pics here on red power. I don't see anybody else posting any yet. 

    4. dieselman


      forgot my damn camera, must be getting old i guess, will try to get a few and post them, have a great day.


  21. Hi Colin, I see by you tractor list that you have a SW6-TA DIESEL, do you have a operators manual for it? I just bought a tractor like that and was wondering about starting procedure, or could I get a copy of your manual? Thanks in advance....dieselman.

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