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  1. Just hold the hot power washer about 2 inches away and go slow. Don't miss a spot, it will show really obvious when it dries. Makes them nice and black.
  2. $7.55 here today. I am really not sure it will stay high. My feeling is it is going to crash as fast as it went up when it does. If our crop starts to look good, I see a drop coming. But I never did guess that well. Personally I see this creating a huge wreck for everything on the farm. It is too much too fast.
  3. They say a rattle snake doesn't die til the sun goes down. We always cut off their head and buried it when we killed them. Also cut off the rattles and took them home. Have stepped right on coiled up ones that were sleeping! Heart don't like that! Rattle snakes are the one thing I don't miss about when I farmed in Texas.
  4. Is it possible to go around some of the busy area for another 20 miles? I would pull it, have pulled lots and way further. Pulled my haybine 100 miles. If you can't get over in constant traffic it really stinks though. I would add miles to get out of the business. They pull really nice and are not that hitch heavy.
  5. Have had a 6.7 for almost a year now. You really can be tempted to way overload your trailer, it really handles it amazingly!
  6. Yes, and we have the only convenience store in the country where they never changed a thing. No masks, no sneeze guards no nothing! I give them an A+.
  7. I built ours when I was a Junior in high school in shop class. It has earned it's keep for sure. It is a lot like the ones that have been pictured. I put wheels on it and it it is taller than most. The tall part is nice, partially because I am 6'8' with my boots on. I also drilled the holes in the legs at 3" increments instead of 6" in the major work zone. 6" is way too bold of an adjustment for a lot of things. Have not jacked it apart in over 30 years. I used 6" channel. I like the idea of solid plates for the table, but you about need a winch to change the height. We all want pictures when
  8. Okay, I did not expect that picture to to be that tiny! Better show us some better pics y'all!
  9. Our tractor of the week # 6 is the 806. And yes it is out of order as last week was # 7 as most of you know. I simply messed up. Anyway we are looking for 806's this week. I do not remember lots of 806's around really. Where I grew up we had two neighbors with 806's. One of which was a narrow front gas and the other was a wide front diesel. We worked some with the neighbor who had the diesel and I ran it several times. Always kinda liked it, but that is really the extent of my 806 experience. So what do y'all have for 806's to share this week? Our first picture comes once again from IH literat
  10. Huh, I have never drilled to fit one. Guess all the ones I have fixed were worn more. Imagine that.
  11. Made special to fit the 1566 and 1568. It is wider where it bolts to the top of the axle housings.
  12. We like it smooth, built that harrow setup ourselves. Works great!
  13. Grease it and do as much pounding as sucking. They need to fit tight. We use the sledge to pound them in. Not John Henry, but good thuds.
  14. Would this be the oh sh_t category? This is what happens when the feed truck driver tried to put 12 tons of feed into a wagon that will only hold 8. I don't know why he kept going until it was literally running off all four sides! Needless to say our feed wagon running gear which only moves around the yard, did not hold! I was really impressed with the feed truck driver let me tell you! We ordered 8 tons, we always order 8 tons, because that is what the wagon holds. They made 12 for some reason and brought it all, and tried to put it all on that wagon. We were not home at the time of delivery.
  15. I just love pictures of IH stuff and farming, and bill always has great ones. Good idea on the picture contest. You gonna head that up Sledge?
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