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  1. Run straight # 2 year round. Never had an IH gel yet, and yes it can colder than a witches, well you know. Anyway, never had any issues with # 2 and an additive. Only thing that ever gives trouble is the inline fuel screens. Throw those suckers in the weeds and no more issues. Not sure why we need those anyway. Every Case skidsteer we ever had gelled the first time it got cold. Every one all we did was throw away the inline fuel filter (screen) and good to go. Something about that screen cold diesel will not go through it. Everything has fuel filters, why do we need those things? Our tractors don't have them. Anyway, no issues with straight # 2 and an anti gel and we have had -30 with a -50 wind chill here. Why anyone lives here I am not sure.
  2. No, don't go on the door. You won't like that either. We build our own, maybe should market them. Have had lots of guys ask where we got them. Welded to the rops, you have to cut the trim to fit, but they really work and DON'T wiggle. Here are a few pics of the ones we build. The mirror glass is the same as the 1680. They are $20ish from ASAP.
  3. Are you sure that isn't supposed to be green? Sorry, I couldn't help it. Never seen one just break without some kind of foreign material to help, such as a tree log. At least it was the last ten acres.
  4. You can't turn short with them, the drive line clatters way too much. We chop every other six rows so turning isn't so hard on the shaft, then go back. Haven't bought parts in a while, but IH always had what I needed. Ran them a lot with the 826, plenty tractor. We pulled a 15 foot 470 disk behind most times.
  5. Yes you can. I pulled an 840 Kinze 800 miles with my F350 and a new Brent 974 1000 miles give or take a few. Delivered the Brent to Texas and brought the 840 to South Dakota. Don't worry about the tires, just figure out how it rides at a speed you like and let er rip.
  6. That is a pain in the butt deal. Have to run new wiring and a switch. Opted not to do that on mine, got a good junk yard one. Did it on a customers years ago.
  7. No combining here yet. We are still chopping silage. A couple pics of chopping and a couple of oats this summer. The 1440 is a guy I help every year. He doesn't care to do all his own so I go help him with the 1680.
  8. Any Chance that someone has something that was sold by Sage International in Iowa Falls IA? I want to replicate the dealer sticker that they used in the 80's. I know about what it looked like, but not all that was included. A picture would be great if anyone has something. It was in black vinyl letters. Want to put it back on our 1486 that my Dad bought new there. Thanks
  9. Those calls just peeve me! Never had them use my number yet, but that would make me blow a rod! I often don't answer those calls, then I call them back. Not many answer, but some do and they get an interesting bs sales pitch. I can irritate as good as the next guy, hate when they waste my time. Then I waste more calling them back to give them an earful.
  10. Man Danny! You done good, that is some cool stuff. Did some business there years ago.
  11. Very nice 14! We need a true Red Power for our collection yet. Is it a '79 though?
  12. If there was any possible way to not go to school, I found it! I strongly dislike it today as much as when I had to go. I hate it when one of my hired guys isn't around during school hours. I would have loved to go through high school like my FIL did. He always said on the first day of high school I went in the front door and then right out the back door and never went back. Man if I cood ave gotton awy wid dat!
  13. Yeah, finding those style in a 3 1/4 in. won't be easy. We had a hard time finding 3 1/2's for our last set.
  14. You know I thought I could always get the exact year on a 1466 just by the variations. We are finding out that there is a lot of overlap and differences over the years. Not all parts were used up in order making a tractor seem older or newer. Yes parts have been changed over 40 some years on tractors, but it is fairly easy to tell what is original on most.
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