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  1. So the 1256 that recently sold had an M&W oil pan and a M&W pyrometer I think. I never went to look at it, only the pictures. Are these add ons really this high? I am as die hard IH as they come and keep up pretty well with market price on parts and old school accessories. Thought an M&W oil pan for a 407 ran about $1500 if you could find one. Now the fact of the matter is that you can't find one, unless you find a tractor with one on that is for sale. So did this 1256 bring $17,200 because of the M&W parts vs. $12,200 without? If so then I better get some better locks for my stash! No I do not have a M&W oil pan for sale. But, for lets say $4-5000 couldn't those pans be reproduced? Doubt it would take more than $1000 a pan to build them, and if demand is really $4000 then I am going to the foundry! However, who is really going to pay that for an oil pan! And in my opinion, they are ugly. I would like a 1256 for our collection someday, and this one caught my eye right away. It was close to home home and pretty nice. I also valued the pan at $1500 which would have been for sale right after I bought the tractor if I had. Now the pyrometers, are they in that much demand as well? Have a new one in the box yet, never installed. No it is not for sale, still have plans to use it. Everyone will say yeah I'd buy one if you could get one, but if you really could then is your checkbook that big? Just a curious bunch of questions on a cold butt winter day, Sunday after church.
  2. Been working on these for over 30 years, know all the parts. Was just curious what the thoughts were on what was most affected by the cold. Seems like an o ring that shrinks would be most likely, but you can never tell by looking when you disassemble one. Thanks for the thoughts guys.
  3. Any thoughts on why the MCV pump looses prime when it gets cold and never misses when it is warm. Usually we just put in a new one when this happens and it fixes the problem. Have one that got a new pump last spring because it would loose prime, now it is doing it again that it is cold. Had a customer tractor in the shop last week, didn't come for a hydraulic issue. Drove it out and parked it outside for future pickup. Went to move it today, no MCV functions at all. Never missed a lick in the shop and owner didn't say anything about it either. What shrinks when it gets cold? Maybe not a great pump that we put in ours last spring? It was a brand new 13 gpm pump. Have them in others with no issues. Gotta love gremlins!!!!!!!!!
  4. Those style suitcase weights were on the last 86's way at the end. That is why they show up with the red paint as well. We have some of the red ones as well. As for the clamp style wheels, any 1066 could have either. Have seen as many clamp style as wedge locks. The wedge locks were not standard equipment.
  5. Here are a couple pics I managed to get off the sale bill. None of the weights sold with it.
  6. Watched a 1066 sell at a retirement farm sale today. White stripe, Year A Round cab, 18.4 Firestones 4500 original hours. Very nice condition, but not really all that showy paint wise. Paint was good but not polished. I didn't take a picture as my fingers were numb. I knew it would sell good, but $18,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I figured if it made $12,000 would have been good. Were hands up all over the place until they passed 11,000. Both bidders in the crowd and neither hesitated to bid, they sold it in less than a minute. Talked to the guy that bought it afterward. It is going back to work on his farm in NE somewhere. Will be his planter tractor and load hauler he said. It is replacing a 806 with over 15,000 hours. Glad it is going back to work.
  7. Lot of nice red! I really like those Blue Tubes! Wonder the story of that farm in its hay day.
  8. Grandpa had red, Dad had red and now the boys and I continue with all red. We had several good dealers when I was a kid and still do. The red never really let us down and always got the job done. Dad was brand loyal, more than Grandpa was. The boys and I are what people call "Die Hard IH Guys". Our farm is all red and will stay that way. Honestly we have had great success with International and CaseIH. Good dealers over the years hasn't hurt either. Went to high school in a small rural town with only a JD dealership. They had a small IH dealer that closed in the early sixties. The farm kids in high school (which was 75% of us) thought if you didn't farm with JD your were lower than dirt. They gave the few of us with red a lot of grief. That really honed in on my eternal dislike of JD. Never liked the green stuff, ran plenty of it over the years for others and it always made me appreciate my red even more. So why did we stay IH, I guess cause it never really failed us and we are IH lovers.
  9. Nice pics, I had a 1465 Earthmaster. I struggled to pull it with the 6588, however the 4586 walked the dog with it. Mine had 5 shanks as well. Looks like it is doing a fine job.
  10. Good looking tractors. Prices are about the same as they would have been here in NW Iowa.
  11. Cold enough it didn't stick at least.
  12. Be gone last week if it was in our country. Love those long axles, but man they hog shed space and can really wreck stuff! Still look cool!
  13. Agreed! Restore a tractor to all its glory and then have to "settle" on a seat that is sub standard! Anyone finds good ones please tell us.
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