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  1. Welcome, and thanks for sharing pictures of your new girl!
  2. They are the same basically as the IH 3406? I think that is the right #. They are a good mower. The biggest thing is to check that all the heads line up well with each other and then check the backlash on each one by hand. Half the heads will be one way and the rest should be at 90 degrees. Make sure there isn't one that seems off from the rest. If you turn one by hand and all the rest move real quick it is pretty good. Have a 3408 that has mowed hundreds of acres and you can sure tell it is very worn in the bevel gears. It keeps right on cutting though.
  3. Sorry no a/c parts for Hinikers or YAR.
  4. A Saint? He is more like the devil in disguise. No he really isn't at all. He is an outstanding guy always willing to help. Way to pay attention to something other than yourself, unlike most people.
  5. If anyone needs parts for a 66 series cab, we have lots of parts. IH, Year A Round and Hiniker.
  6. We have a big funnel with a piece of hose on it. Fasten the funnel to the cab handle or the grab handle and pour. Sometimes letting the air out is a trick.
  7. You can add a pto pump. A friend of mine has a 12 row stacker and he changed his to pto pump. He runs all kinds of extras and was short on hydraulics. He has his on a 7120 two wheel drive. He says wheelies are no problem, as in easy to do.
  8. We have sunshine today! I'll take it, and a lot more!
  9. They tried to sell it a few years ago. Was stated that the cab was customized so the driver could stand up to drive. Was put together so an elderly gentleman could drive. Hours are turned over as I remember from the add. It is a one of a kind for sure. I recall that it is a 1256 disguised as a 1206, obviously the older gentleman liked a 1206.
  10. Well that cummins and case hood were the works of the Case guys steeling our tractor. It was all IH before they messed with it. The Case guys just couldn't stand to not have their part. Not that I am anti Case, just that IH had that sucker done, just as Danny says.
  11. Always love your pictures! I still like those white painted duals. Used to have all those, now they are all red and silver.
  12. Yep, but there are those who still think the Magnum didn't come from International Harvester. Well we all know who is full of sh......., well you know. IH always had the best.
  13. Pretty sure you could buy a new 2350 through about 1992ish. I priced a new one before I bought mine.
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