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  1. Looks beautiful as always! Would love to plow something again once. Sure wish we were closer. P.S. I am NOT a JD fan at all, but that is a nice 4455. I give him an A for the chrome pipe, even though all the JD guys say they are so loud in the cab. Hmmm, guess they should have got an 86 or an 88.🙂
  2. The 3488 was a model that I do not ever remember seeing in central Iowa where we farmed and I grew up. I don't think I saw one until at a show some years later. Nevertheless the 3488 is our model this week. How many pictures of these do y'all have? Anyone farming with one?
  3. An IH 4156 would have been quite a beast in it's day. Can you imagine your neighbor driving past as you pull into the field with a shiny new 4156 back in the day? The coffee shop guys would have had something to talk about for sure. So this week let's see and hear about the mighty 4156.
  4. Really depends, never saw a 4 in the mph in beans this year. There is harvesting and there is crop raping. Have to let the machine do it's job. We run a 1680 with a 1083 and a 20 foot 1020. 3.5 in both crops is a good speed. Can we run it faster, sure, and sometimes do. We are after the best job we can do though, not the fastest. I have seen plenty fields where they perform combine racing, not pretty.
  5. Fear! We don't have a tractor the same as a 4020! Who cares, we have an 856, GIT ER DONE. The 1026 I understood, big hydro with a turbo, the 826 made no sense. I have one though.
  6. Narrow front should be irrelevant to that task. Put one in a 706, plan on an 826, but have not done an 856 yet. It is a fair amount of tinkering to do it. Air cleaner, fuel tank clearance, radiator hoses and such. If you wanted to hire it done, well..............., it is doable for sure.
  7. Never left a muffler on an 86. Not any different in the cab for noise if your cab is in good shape.
  8. Praying for comfort for you and family.
  9. The International 886 is up this week. I can honestly say I never remembered seeing an 886 when they were newish. Never saw one at a dealer and didn't know of any around either. Today however I do know of a couple on farms nearby. I am sure they are fine tractors, but I would have bought a 986 to do the jobs most did with an 886. Any 886 pictures out there?
  10. Have quite a collection of 14's. Been running them for years, and none of them run less than 200 HP. Have one 1486 that pulls the chopper that has a 466. Have had it on the dyno at the IH dealer. They had it to 335 before it started to smoke, wouldn't run it any harder cause he said the PTO would never hold. For all the 14 nay sayers on high horse power, it's like anything. Drive it with a brain in your head. Run it like a Big Bud and you will wreck it. Run it like a high HP 14 and you don't have to wreck it. Get really tired of people who continually bash a 14 and really don't know a thing about them. So to answer the original posters question, just turn it up to start with. 200 is easy to get without spending money or changing parts.
  11. Went to the combine this morning, started raining before we got there. Was not impressed with the rain shower, but it hadn't rained at the field. Yee Haw! However a couple loads in it started raining, got almost to the point of no go then the sun peaked. A little later it was shining and it turned out to be a really nice day! However it sounds terrible for the next few days. Rain, snow and WIND! Would be nice to have a few more nice days to finish this job. Oh well.
  12. This week we are looking at the 574. While not quite the icon as say a 1066, these little tractors served a useful purpose on many farms. I cannot remember seeing one on a midwest farm without a loader on it. I am sure there were some, but loader tractors were the primary use of these handy little outfits. Does anyone still have a 574 in use on their farm? Let's see some in action and being shown off. How many of these do you have in your picture archives Sledge?🙂
  13. I like it! Gotta love a 14. I agree on the tires. Those Good Year long bar short bars sold with every name under the sun are the worst tire ever made. No traction and the lug chatter will drive you mad! We had a tire guy when those came out that wouldn't sell them for any tractor over 100 hp. The Dyna Torque IIs like on the duals were better, but still as you said "hate them with a passion". Really like the 14 though. Hope to add a true "Red Power" to our heard some day.
  14. No IH on yours Dan? Not chrome plated, that is interesting stuff.
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