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  1. Never noticed that on our 1456. It is interesting for sure.
  2. I ran a wanted ad. Amazingly had a few calls. Ended up buying a wrecked 2350 with the mounts for cheap. Had extra parts then too. Watch the loaders on auctions, some are pretty cheap that have been sitting in the woods.
  3. The whole Tenneco thing was poorly handled. The answer was let Case have the earth moving equipment in their color and name and let International Harvester stay as they were with their name and red paint. Tenneco really shot themselves in the foot and lost a considerable amount of customers over their stupidity.
  4. We are 4 east of Sioux center, had 3.5. Brother works at one of the elevators in town. The scales were floating, he pumped water until late last night. It rained hard on and off here. I didn't see anyplace that it ran, was dry as bone before this.
  5. The fender isn't as much the problem as in front of the tire. Gets too close by the door so to speak. This is why 20.8x42's fit on an 88 and not an 86. The wheels are further rearward on an 88 allowing them to just fit.
  6. We don't have as many as Bill does, but run the factory 6 volt setup on all of them. They don't last as long as the 31's but do well if cared for. If there is green fungus on the posts, first thing is throw away all the cables and get new. We build our own and have heat shrink on the ends. With new cables the fungus stops, not maybe for forever, but it doesn't grow with our new cables. Too many cables are not sealed and moisture is your enemy. New batteries will grow the fungus in a week or less if the cables had it before with the old batteries. This is our experience anyway.
  7. Yep, just as Ron said. We had a preview. A couple pics at Hospers. Will leave the rest to Danny.
  8. Not a 7800 on planet earth that would even come close to keeping up with a 1466 in the field. If you just want pull leave that green pile alone and get the 14.
  9. An interesting topic for sure. The average farm size in Iowa is 359 acres per the last report. Now while there are a lot of farms larger than that, smaller ones do exist and make a profit. Like Gearclash stated we are in a very heavily populated livestock county. This keeps a lot of the large acreage farmers lower. I would say large farms are 1500 or so acres, with a small amount of grain farms being at the 5000 or larger size. In my area I have many neighbors and friends that farm 640 or less. There is also a large amount of 1970's-1990's age machinery being used. To think of a 20,000 acre farm here would be a monumental undertaking. Consider that grown in all corn here would be 5000 semi loads of corn to haul! Unlike Montana where they grow 30 bushels an acre. Here a large field is 160 acres. While our country is pretty flat and completely in square miles, there are many owners. A large grain farm with 2000 plus acres would likely travel 10 plus miles in every direction from home base and have fields as small as 40 acres. That would even be a relatively simple and nice farm. When we farmed in the central part of the state we farmed a little over 2000 acres. We traveled nearly 45 miles in all directions and had field sizes from 1 acre to 430. It was a lot less than an ideal setting. Land competition in Iowa is fierce, and I mean two cougars fierce. To grow a grain farm is extremely difficult if you don't know someone, so to speak.
  10. One of our 1456's, getting it ready for the planter. A heart transplant in a 1486. Also the returning to service of a 1486 and a 4586 both of which have not seen the field in several years. They sure deteriorate fast when not in use. The 1486 was in a shed, so that helped. The 4586 was bought on an auction not running and standing outside. One of our loyal customers purchased both tractors. We are now bringing them back to life and hoping to get them both out working this spring for him.
  11. We have a 966 with one and have a friend with one as well. The fast hitch was available special order on a 986 yet. One of my old dealers that is no more ordered one for an older customer of theirs. I saw it in the shop there years later and asked about it. They said they special ordered it for him. This was Jewell Implement, Jewell Iowa. At the time the 986 had 4xx hours on it and looked like brand new. I was coveting it and even tried to buy it.
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