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  1. Original was silver with very little padding underneath.
  2. I agree on splitting the tube if needed, if that is the route. As for the weights, they did not cause the break. However, on our farm those suckers stay in the shed unless they are needed! Never haul extra compaction around, and they do cause more stress on an axle. I know some refuse to move weights, but we do it all the time. A good used bone yard axle can be had in our country for $800.
  3. I saw one a while back. Never seen one before and can't find it in any of my literature. Anyone have literature on it? Pictures would be great too. So are these newer than the 330, 335 and 375? I am familiar with those (own a few). Those were built by Electric for IH. So is that 400 possibly a Kasten? I know that before the merge there were black painted tandem gears under the 120 and 130 boxes that were not built by Electric either. Never saw one in person or a good pic of those either. The 400 I saw was red and had eight bolt wheels. it was not a tandem either. Anyone know? Thanks Matt
  4. Gotta love a pull! Great pics, thanks!
  5. It really wouldn't be an issue at all because everything bolts so to speak. However, the 706 is really too short to get it done without a lot of cramming. I do know some guys have done it without adding length, but we did. Not enough room for the fan and crank pulley without making it longer. Most try not to do that as it creates a challenge with the hood. This one has a lengthened hood and the white side panels are hand made. Also have to carve on the fuel tank saddle for turbo clearance and machine and weld the back plate so it is 706 width. The radiator necks were also moved to make the hoses work. If a guy wants to hunt long enough for all the correct parts we were told it can be done without the added length. This requires a 1456 hood and I think 806 gas frame rails. A 1456 hood is worth more than we had in the whole project though. So we opted to weld. This is kinda a simplified quick explanation. I'm sure there is someone else on here who has also done this. We know of three others in out part of the country with transplants as well. Also mention we started with a clutch set up smaller than a 14 inch and it failed to hold in the farm stock class. The 14 inch clutch was then installed later. Holds fine now, running about 225 HP. We really started on this project as a they say it can't be done thing. We knew it could be because we had seen them. This is maybe just more our version of proving to ourselves we can do it with what is in our inventory and not going out and buying more parts. Most costly was having the radiator done. Everything else we did ourselves.
  6. We have lots of SK in our shop. This just plain sucks. I will say the warranty has gone down the drain the past ten years. We used to have a huge SK guy in central Iowa. Had every tool in the store. No matter what we broke, he always handed us a new one out of the bin. I miss those days. I guess the SK hunt at auctions will be even greater for us now. We still really like all our SK tools.
  7. While the 706 is not one of my favorite IH tractors at all, it is this weeks pick. I just for some reason never had any fancy for a 706. Maybe because as a kid every farm had one and most were choke riding narrow front gassers. Being one of the most die hard IH guys on planet earth I am sure some of you may think it is funny for me to not care for a particular IH model. I do have my favorites of course, and to be honest my IH love starts with 806 and then bigger and newer. I do however enjoy them all. Now back to the 706. The one I have posted today belongs to my brother. It is probably one of very few 706's that I could own. It is a saved from death narrow front gasser. It now has a 414 turbo for the muscle. It has 56 shift, fast hitch, flat top fenders, wide front, two valves, a 14 inch clutch, 11L x 15 fronts and 20.8 x 34 rears. As far as a 706 goes, this one is seriously bad a$$! The boys and I put the 414 in it for him after he saved it from scrap. He said he needed another tractor and always wanted a smaller one with a DT in it. Needless to say he loves it, and for a 706, so do I. Now I know, this is not a true representation of a 706, but it sure is to our family. Anyway, let's see em' y'all!
  8. I am not anti CAFO at all. What I hate is the unclear rules. One time you can the next time no. It is impossible with those people.
  9. Don't even get me started on that pail of worms!
  10. Wonder which IH tractor I should pick next for "Tractor of the week".
  11. Very under powered for the mass was how my neighbor described his. He was a JD guy and never really had trouble, but never really liked it either. He coveted our new 1486 every time he came over. He eventually bought an 86 and then a 4640 too.
  12. Had a perfect one off a 1256. You are about ten months to late. Have some combine stuff though. Also should have the original off our one 1456, but can't seem to find it at the moment.
  13. Until the '81 models they only had three. The '81's had an option of four. However you can stack as many valves as you like, just have to figure out the levers. I have seen five on one. No I didn't do that one.
  14. As for the front fenders, they were not an IH option. They were after market it "church it up" items. Back in the day the steel ones were primarily Hiniker, Year A Round and Splatter Guard. The plastic ones are the modern day replacement. They did do a fantastic job of keeping your tractor clean if you needed to road in wet conditions. However in really muddy field conditions they would plug up terrible. Today a pristine set of Hiniker or YAR fenders will fetch serious money.
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