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  1. IH says a 3/8 inch and a 1/2 inch plate for spacers making the 7/8 inch. That is proper anyway. Those were available yet in '91 when I asked, I put mine on the 826 at the time. Built my own spacers.
  2. Actually, last time we talked, I asked that very question. He told me I am the only person who has asked to buy it. We are actually friends, and I don't think anyone really knows it's there. He said one day he will probably give in to me. Still sad to see it rotting.
  3. Can't let go, or maybe just plain lazy. A person really don't know. I know a guy who's dad passed in about '82. He has since inherited everything as he is the only heir left. There is an International tractor in one of his buildings that has not moved since his dad passed. I have tried to buy it several times as it was well.......... and every year it sinks further in the dirt and rots away some more. He just can't sell it cause it was Dad's. I get that, he never farmed either and rents out all the land. I get not being able to let go to an extent, but letting it rot away is simply just wrong. Wouldn't you rather have someone take care of it as "Dad" did and be proud of it? No, just let it rot away. This example I stated is not no Farmall M either! I would love to have it!
  4. Yes, remove the hitch and not more than eight feet wide. I can measure ours if you want. Ours has been hauled a couple times with the just removing the hitch.
  5. Okay, I need more pictures of the 66 with the big donuts! What model is it?
  6. Climbing the silos and being up there never bothered me. I don't like it as much anymore. It is a funny feeling being at the top and looking into that empty hole, a guy feels much safer when they are full. Not really sure why either. However worse than the silos is a grain leg! I was asked to do some welding on the top a 135 foot leg some years ago. I was laying on my back on the catwalk welding, when I removed my helmet to inspect the weld I was looking straight up at the sky. It was a nice day with clear blue sky, mostly. When a few clouds went by overhead I wasn't so sure if they were moving or me! Didn't like that feeling one bit.
  7. This is RED POWER. I don't come here to hear anything else than IH talk and farming with them. I never liked any of the political posts. I like the rules, it keeps it civil. Like others said, don't like go somewhere else. Not to mention the fact that how is talking about here going to change anything? You need to write your congressman or go to town meetings and such. We help fellow tractor friends with problems by discussing it here. You telling us to wake up is not needed here.
  8. Serial tag missing is very common. Loaders, front mount cultivators, tool boxes all in close proximity to that tag. And a lot of people just are not careful about not banging into the tag. Just cause it isn't there doesn't mean it was intentionally removed. As far as the differences in the blacks and whites, about as soon as I think I have found a pattern something new turns up. Thought we knew when things like when the black shift levers started. Then a never painted one owner shows up at our shop that is a '74 with black shift levers. We have had original '75's that have silver. Just like the louvered side panels, there were in fact factory blacks with those. And like has been said, anything can be changed. We have a black 14 without a tag. Had a guy tell us it was a fake. Well we know the history from new, it is legit, but has had the entire rear half switched out in its life with a white one. So really it is nearly impossible to know without knowing it from new.
  9. The Harvestores were really popular in certain areas it seemed. There were a lot of them where I grew up. Most were on dairies, but not all. I had my share od dealing with them as a teenager as I worked for a dairy that had four of them. The high moisture corn units with an auger unload never gave any issues. The chain was a bit more work, but if you gave it attention they really weren't so bad. Just really big to handle. Couple more pics of blue tubes.
  10. Okay, if we are getting more than one bird with a stone, I will fit right in. As far as silos go, we have two. Ours are both Page (am not sure that is even spelled right) cement staves with Jamesway ring drive unloaders. One is 18 x 60, the other is 20 x 60. The 18 foot was always used for shell corn and the 20 primarily silage. I never minded the silos, except when the unloader would break on Sunday morning when I was trying to get to church. We haven't used them for several years now. I really like silos, I think they make the farm look right. I always wanted 4 30x90 Harvestores for high moisture corn. Not that we really needed four, but thought it would really look cool on the place. I have some pictures with our staves in the background. There are two pictures with the different neighbors silos in the background and a picture of three 20 x 70 blue tubes on a farm we visited. I like the silo thread idea, hope we see a bunch!
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