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  1. Sounds like the good buddy discount to me. Unless that was just parts. Those front axles can add up really fast if they need machine shop work because new bushings won't get it on the pivot pin.
  2. It's 14 from the rear split forward pretty much.
  3. Looks dandy, a little shot of red paint is all it needs!
  4. It is called "Red Power" not jackasses and elephants! I have no problem with a good joke, but there is no reason for trash and garbage. Come on gentlemen! Are we gentlemen or third grade thugs?
  5. Always use the metal ones since we discovered those. Much easier.
  6. She has a 14 TA and speed trans guts.
  7. Yes it has planetary finals. It is pretty good on the speeds. Since it is almost always on the yard it is really nice to have 2nd that is more like a 14. On the yard 1st is too slow and a 15's 2nd is too fast.
  8. Have had Herr's help me out on the phone. Very friendly and really tried hard. They will get our business next time.
  9. He prolly thinks his food comes from the store.
  10. Here are a couple pics of our 1566. Her name is Cruella, she isn't much to look at yet except for those big fronts. She will be this way for a while until there is time for a restoration. We like the large front tires around here. Had this pair of 18.4 x 16.1s in the shed and Cruella needed some better fronts so this is what she got. She sports 20.8 x 38s on 20 inch rims on the rear. She also has a 466 sleeping under the hood which is hooked to a 4 speed transmission. For now she is our loader tractor, and the 18.4s and 10.00s just didn't cut it so she got an upgrade. There are 5 sets of rear weights and a pair of 10 bolt IH hubs on her as well. 22 suitcase weights hang on the 3 point when needed as well, her loader is a 2350 of course. Never was a 15 lover, but Cruella has a bad a$$ factor all her own. Our tractors all have names, and when she came home she was just so ugly I called her Cruella once and it stuck. The boys say she may need a name change when she gets her make over, maybe something like Fancy or maybe Reba. I said no I don't think so, Cruella she is. Besides "Reba" is reserved for a model that I do not yet own. Just a little worthless fun from me that I thought I would share. Gotta love big fronts!
  11. Those just plain stink. We have just cut them off with the cutting wheel in the right angle grinder lots of times. It is quick enough nothing gets too hot. Always cut the inside first as the pins usually don't stick in the outside. Then you only have to cut once. If the pin doesn't come out then either then cut the other side too. Then worry about getting the pieces out.
  12. Built two of our own. One for a 3 bolt and one for a 4 bolt. A 1/2 inch thick plate that bolts on the 3 bolts with a 1/2 inch bolt in the center with the nut welded to the plate. Simply turn the 1/2 inch bolt in and off it comes nice and straight.
  13. Well it is more pressure on a four pad if all things are equal. However a six will usually come with a heavier pressure plate which will create the same pressure per square in as a four with a lighter one. I am not a physics major, but I have had over 30 years experience with fixing these tractors. I will say that a heavy duty six pad in a 1466 holds better than an eight pad does with the same pressure plate. This is my experience, not a guess. We never use the eight pad clutch disc. Not an easy thing to just claim right or wrong on depending on all things being equal or not. In my opinion a four doesn't belong in any tractor over 90 hp.
  14. Frosted Flakes are my favorite, but I almost never have them. I am pretty much the only person in my family that has breakfast. I always make my own, two fried eggs over hard on whole grain wheat toast with coffee. My daughters both have coffee as well but that about gets it for breakfast at our house.
  15. From one thing right to the next. Never ends. I am very thankful for our modest shop and all of my God given talents though.
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