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  1. Have that exact one. It is literally falling apart and we have welded it many times. It works on everything from ATV tires to 20.8's. It isn't always the easiest, but it does work. We are going to retire ours and get an air one like the professionals have. We have done hundreds of tires with ours and have worn it out. I don't think they ever intended it to be used as much as we have. It paid for itself many times over.
  2. Only lender ever worth a pitcher of spit was the coffee can buried in the yard. No one else will even look at anything Ag anymore.
  3. I answer "They are all running south, hurry up before they get away, your guns all loaded?" Most hang up before the whole line. have used a lot of the ones mentioned too. Boy I hate dose guys.
  4. Yep, went with my first 1466 25 years ago or so, thought I had a good TA, stopped when I pulled it in the 15,500 class.
  5. The down pull is tremendous, I killed mine in the 10,500 class without duals in low fourth and she isn't stock. It takes a lot more power than a guy thinks. No farm jobs are even close to that down pull and amount of traction. 3rd is a good choice, hope your TA is stout cause I'm betting your gonna need it.
  6. Man to have your connections! Looking good as always.
  7. A picture like that and no footage! Track is 300 and you pulled 335? Sounds good to me! Your puller is really nice Bill. Can't really tell in the picture, high 3rd?
  8. It takes a pile of cash to restore a tractor like that. Just depends on what you want. Look at the auction results on Auction Time for 1466's. There are some pretty nice ones on there for a lot less. However, like I said it adds up really fast. You can spend $3000 just on the tires, $500 on a seat, steps, battery trays, fenders another $1000 and no mechanics or paint yet! Personally I don't mind lettered tires, we used to do the ones on our puller. We didn't paint as much as he did though and we used the same aluminum paint as the rear wheels. Thought ours looked sharp. Lots of pullers did it back in the day. At least where we were from.
  9. My mind did not go to a parking meter when I read it. I won't say where it went, something about gre.............
  10. They would have brought more than that here. The 1086 was way off compared to what I have seen lately.
  11. Yeah we are kinda different that way. Most people never want to handle a weight. We put them on in the late fall and take them all off when it dries up in the spring. We would get along just fine, but I will take a Mt Dew. And thanks.
  12. Have an old from the maybe 50's 3/4 inch Black and Decker drill. We call it the widow maker because it has tremendous power. It however runs real slow and it weighs about 50 pounds. It works well, just pull the trigger once and let it coast. Get carried away and you can put an inch and a half bolt in the hole.
  13. I pulled mine in the 10,500 class Rusty. No cab, no weights 18.4's and 14L fronts. I really doubt yours weighs 14,000 the way it stands. Gonna need some cast that was stacked up in your yard on her to get to 16,000.
  14. A few pictures of my younger son mowing hay. This is new seeding, we were hired to mow it. Not real tall, but looks really nice. Was just starting to bloom.
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