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  1. When I found out her Daddy farmed with Internationals. Done deal. 28 years and counting.
  2. Short, wide, square red ones. Not at all what we raise today, but they were the best on the plate! Still are. If we get a red one in with ours he is automatically a keeper for the locker. 99% all white pigs now, so long they need hinge joints like 2+2's.
  3. I think it should be 2150 red. It won't be as easy to hide.
  4. Personally I like the 466 myself. We have one V8 and that is good with us. I just wondered if the serial tag was sacred I guess. I like it as a 1466, can any of you imagine that? Me like a 1466, nah.
  5. Never come across one before, but I know there are several around. So we have a customer that brought his 1466 in for repair. It however started its life as a 1468 and now sports a 466 motor. It has the 1468 serial tag and a few other obvious 68 signs. One side panel says 1466 and one says 1468. I guess the engine and frame rails are long gone. Does it have any more value than a 1466 or not? It was a local tractor new, we know the family that owned it originally. What do you all think? Same value as a 1466 or not? That is the question.
  6. The stones wouldn't have landed yet from the spinning tires of the PowerStroke going to get the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We would have had that sucker loaded and gone before someone changed their mind!!!!!!! We would have roaded another 14 40 miles to load it too!
  7. Great piece of IH history for sure. In my opinion the cab is a downfall because it isn't IH. Not that a Hiniker was bad, it's just that being the first 1066 it would be better as an open station or with the diamond cab. My guess is $70,000ish.
  8. I'd like the grille out of that 1066. We use the combine back plate and starter to run them on the stand. You may not have easy access to those parts though. I would sure share with you if you were close.
  9. Agreed that it was a cab not a factory four post. Great find, hope it treats you well.
  10. Yes they are! Bonus for us as we like those, but they are not real common up here.
  11. So in another thread about how many times have you been married, I mentioned my wife and I would be 28 years on sept 5. I also jokingly said I wonder if she would like a 1466 for her anniversary gift? One response was I doubt it. Well on Saturday we bought another 1466 which was the day of our anniversary. I did not tell my wife it was for her though, I think I'll keep it for me. The ole girl needs some love (the 1466 that is). I did give my beautiful wife a nice gift she could use.
  12. Remember seeing Red Line Fever many times. He was king of the hill and my hero as a young guy as we had a new 1486 in 1980.
  13. My wife and I will be 28 years on Saturday. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and gave me the most perfect four kids a guy could ever want. It hasn't been a bowl of cherries everyday, but I am for sure going to keep her. Now if you ask her, she will say sometimes I really don't like him very much, but I always love him. You suppose she would like a 1466 for our 28th anniversary?
  14. Silage this fall. Hard to catch a pic with the flag straight out, but I got really close.
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