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  1. Good deal, we will need some of those when they are ready!
  2. It's not as wide as 118 inch axles, and only one weight past the end of 100 inch axles. Looks more intimidating than it is. If you can't drive that good you have no business driving at all, right?
  3. We only run those weights from fall to spring. Just for winter conditions of ice and snow mostly. Those weights all come off when the frost goes out.
  4. Just for reference, here are a couple pictures. One shows split weights with the notch in them to fit the wedge lock wheels. Next is trying to show the notched set way on the inside, as the rest of those 8 sets do not have the notch. Last is how we install. First 6 sets are with all thread, remaining 3 sets are factory IH bolts. We have one piece weights that have the notches in them as well, but they are Taylor foundry, not IH. Just info for reference for those who maybe never seen the notched weights.
  5. Okay, H-M weights. They don't fit flat on the wheel without spacers. Bolt, yes fit over the wedge locks like 400078's, no.
  6. Show me these weights that are IH one piece that will fit without spacers.
  7. You must start with the halves, unless you have after market weights. Also I don't believe anyone mentioned that on a wedge lock wheel the first set must have the notch on the inside to fit over the center of the wheel. The only IH weights that fit without the notch are the 40078's. None of the IH one piece weights were made to fit a wedge lock wheel. They can be used after the first set, but not first. Lorenzo has the 400078 weights on his in the pictures. Now BW and Taylor both made rear one piece weights with the notch to fit the center hub on the wedge lock wheels. So it depends on what we
  8. Stuck? Just need a big chain and another tractor right? Sorry, couldn't help it.
  9. They are getting higher than they were. With little info hard to say. It would still fetch $3500 on auction.
  10. Maybe IH engineer had to split one with the large fuel filter and couldn't get the bolt out, he said forget the top bolt don't need that anyway. Then someone else said it has always been there and they went back to what they were. Who knows, but most are on '72 models, not really early '71's.
  11. One thing I do know for certain. If you don't do a side by side check in the same field and treat everything equal except row space and then weigh it with a weigh wagon you really don't know. We did exactly that for a half dozen years on beans. The 15 inch got the 30's one year by a bushel otherwise not. Planting the whole farm on 15's one year and 30's the next tells you nothing. I am certain that different types of soil really make a difference, and I give a lot of credit to those who experiment with side by sides to see what works best on their farm.
  12. That there, is the undying truth.
  13. I have seen a few. I never knew why though. First one I saw I thought it was cut for some reason, but after inspection decided it was factory. So do you have any idea Danny?
  14. 12 suitcase weights is not any extra! As Bill said the more the merrier! The 14 will handle it, buddy had one on a 1586. He had 12 weights and the 11.00's filled with fluid on the front of the 15.
  15. Have good friend who always liked the saying " beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone". I have to say that all the new stuff is ugly to the bone. That's just me.
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