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  1. Agreed. We have a 13 foot frame like this one, but with only nine shanks. It came with 13, but no way on God's green earth will you pull it like a chisel with 13 shanks and a two wheel drive. We have a 300 HP 1466 with 20.8's in the front and we can easily stop it. If you only want to run 6-8 inches deep, no problem, but at chisel depth it pulls hard.
  2. If you can't beat em', well you know.
  3. Pretty much wasn't an IH tractor from the factory in the turbo world that ran what the book said. All my years of being an IH die hard I hear the same story from all the dealers and owners. We put it on the dyno and it had wayyyy more than it was supposed to. 10 and 1466's new at the dealers that were running 30-50 horse over what stock was supposed to be brand new. Now I know there are a lot of tall tales, but fact is there were a lot of tractors that flat ran and had more than the book. This is why we love IH red.
  4. Sometimes after work they need a bath. 1568 is original paint and 2250 hours.
  5. Gotta love all those IH hats and jackets! I feel the loyalty then was far greater than now. (I am not a dealer and always wear an IH hat.)
  6. From $15 to $1500 just depends on how lucky you are! What Farmall 1066 said is about the going rate if everyone knows what it is.
  7. I have been there, had every line, valve and anything to do with the hydraulics apart on one because we were sure it was not in the pump. Turns out we had a broken spring in the compensator block on the pump. I am with CIHTECH here, don't rule out a pump issue.
  8. Square flashers are correct and the light switch operates all the lighting like FarmerFixEmUp said. The signal stat is only for turn signals.
  9. Had engine side covers for the 14? I am guessing that's what the rails are, keep her warm on the snow blower?
  10. Very cool! The 1066 is in a museum in Montana. Agree B.B. the restorations today are much nicer than new.
  11. Where do you guys get your replacement window and door seals for the 71,72,89 series Magnums? Ordered some and were really unimpressed. The rubber was really nice, but they didn't have a ruler when they glued the corners. New ones were all one piece for the right side glass and rear window, which is fine if you do it right, but they were four inches off. And the packaging flat out stinks! Twists and wrinkles you could not remove. The door seal on the other hand was really good. So which supplier is the best of what we have to choose from? Way too many people don't care anymore.
  12. We have some really good friends that have a nice tractor collection. The collection is of mostly Olivers. They have around 25 or so tractors. They do all their own mechanic work and restorations. They were asked to put on a small show for a local tractor ride. They are not the show off kind, so it took some doing to get them to even do this. The Hart Parr is a one owner one farm tractor. It was unloaded off the train and drove 2 1/2 miles to the farm in 1915. They have the original bill of sale operators manual and other items. The tractor was used on the farm and also was used to pull a road grader to maintain the local roads. The tractor has never left their farm. The story on the Hart Parr is more cool than the tractor itself to me. I have a couple pictures. Enjoy, and by the way, all the current machinery on the farm is CASEIH.
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