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  1. I have the literature as well somewhere and also have a honey wagon like that. IH had two sizes of wagons and a pit pump with load stand. I think my literature is 70's vintage. I thought that equipment was maybe built by Clay? I always wondered as well who built it. The wagons are really small by todays standards so I doubt newer than 70's. I will hunt pictures as well. Wagons were either top load or vacuum.
  2. I'm surprised the handle didn't break off and the bottom fall out of the bucket on the left!
  3. Thanks Bill! Your black stripe 1466 is my favorite of course, but I like them all! I think I should come drive for you in the fall sometime.
  4. Somehow that is exactly what I expected from you.
  5. Time for IH pictures again. I love all the IH stuff that gets used on all our great farms yet. I have a few I haven't shared before. Please feel free to add. Special request from Bill on the Farm to add as well. He tells me he has over 10,000 pictures and we ain't seen em all. Few from me and then let's see that IH stuff again y'all! Lot more fun than, well.......you know, other things in the current state of gloom.
  6. Well it is being copied by green so they can come out with something half as good, just like they always try. Couldn't help myself.
  7. My Dad has a Whirlpool that he bought my Mom new in 1980. It was even purchased from our IH dealer who also sold appliances. It has been in five houses and is still going. Has never had any service done. I personally think it should have been badged with an IH. 40 years is a long time. Wife and I have had three in 25 years, never a Whirlpool, the next one might be.
  8. I am not a hunter or a gun guy. I have a few rounds of ammo for a couple guns. My guns are for the purpose of pest control or in the event a lame animal. I have several friends who are gun enthusiasts who have many guns and lots of ammo. I jokingly said the other day to the boys that I was going to the gun shop to get a couple more and a pail full ammunition because the shi- was fixing to hit the fan. The boys said you better get more than a pail full, and that if us red blooded rural Americans don't stand up for what is right our country is going straight down a rat hole. Made me proud and sc
  9. I am not computer savy at all, but my two boys are very much. They used it all the time. They now say it is junk. If it doesn't list old stuff why even bother. Hate it when they fix something and make it worse.
  10. I could roll around in some gear lube and get 160 acres for free? What in the.......................Socialism, WOW how dumb are the American people??????????
  11. Silver in the front wheels! I like it. A crib full of ears, wow! Haven't seen a barn with bale screw still on it for a long time, and they even have it painted nice. Very cool pictures! Thanks for sharing.
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