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  1. So How Much Did You End Up With?

    7.2" in New York. Will be all of 10 days if we do not get any more. They are calling for rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  2. Question about magnum

    Thanks guys! You have gave me a lot of advice and things to check out. Will let you know what I find out. Can they be any harder to clean out than the 88 series?
  3. Question about magnum

    Thanks for all the responses. I will go back on Tuesday and look at it a little better.
  4. Question about magnum

    Is there anything else that would cause the transmission to get hot and shut the tractor down? The price seems reasonable but not if there is going to thousands of dollars in repairs.
  5. Question about magnum

    They did not sound like they were laboring to me. He said that when they were raised all the way the hydraulics were at high pressure
  6. Question about magnum

    I looked at a 7130 today. Looked very clean, very good rubber and 6200 hours. Seller said that after running for a while the transmission temp light would come on and it would shut down. He said that with the three point hitch arms raised it would do this but if he lowered them it would not overheat. I know nothing about them, newest I have are 88's. Looking for opinions on this. He also said he was told it needed a new accumulator?