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  1. They made a RB564 and a RB564 premium. The premium pickup had different teeth and the wind guard was different for baling corn stalks. The premium was basically the same as the New Holland corn stalk special.
  2. I know that a fair amount of guys put turbos on 1420 and 1620 combines. Just wondering how much they had to turn up fuel and if they had to do anything else?
  3. The D358 was put in the 786,826, late 886, 3088 and 3288. As well as the 1420 and1620 combines. Yes the D358 and DT358 were the same block. The DT358 was only used in some construction applications in North America.
  4. Anything that a D358 will fit into a DT358 will fit into. The DT358 was not used in any ag applications in the states but was used in some construction equipment. It was used in tractors overseas. What I would like to know is what you would have to do after putting a turbo on a D358 that is in a 1620 combine? Do you just have to turn the fuel up a little or is there more to be done to the pump? Do you have to advance the timing?
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