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  1. grandpa hochstetler

    Anyone Know a John Patterson in IHC Chapter 9 ?

    This is a true 3 point plow. He had it up here in Indiana for about three different plow days three years ago. Plow is hand built so he can get it narrow enough to get it on his flatbed truck. Tractor and plow are very impressive. Mel
  2. grandpa hochstetler

    jingles -- oil testing

    jinglers, here is the name of the lab in Fort Wayne. Blackstone Laboratories, 416 E Pettit, Fort Wayne, In 260--744-2380. Also , see internet under same name. Good people. Ask for Ryan, owner, good friend. Mel
  3. grandpa hochstetler

    oil testing

    We have a great testing lab in Fort Wayne, In Can get address if you are interested Mel
  4. grandpa hochstetler

    not red, but need help

    It's not red, but I can get no help to post on the green site. This past winter I restored my 1936 unstyled B JD. I have found a period correct plow and am looking for a mounted 2 row cultivator. The one I want has a PTO powered lift. I know they existed because I saw one at a show this year. I would also, like to know the model ##.
  5. grandpa hochstetler

    New joke

    Not photo shop. very common sight in northern Indiana
  6. grandpa hochstetler

    IH #710 tire size

    Where and when is plow day. Is it an open event? I'm from Fort Wayne, In and am interested in attending? email at
  7. grandpa hochstetler

    Rantoul reservations made

    We will be there , too. Word of warning!!! Be sure to rent a cart or bring your own. This show cannot be walked !!!
  8. grandpa hochstetler

    Looking For A Good Route To Des Moines

    Agree with Jerry. 24 to 39 to 80. Plan on stopping at Iowa 80 truck stop just into Iowa Have a great trip Mel
  9. grandpa hochstetler

    Bought new truck, but....

    Yes, to clear up the question: VIN number and salesman both agree that I was to get a new wheel and spare. Mel
  10. grandpa hochstetler

    Bought new truck, but....

    Called the 800 number. Told the person my story. She put me on hold and called the sales person. Came back on the line and told me the wheel and tire will be at the dealership Monday or Tuesday. We'll see when the dealer calls me. Thanks for all the replies. Mel
  11. grandpa hochstetler

    Bought new truck, but....

    Bought new Ram Big Horn in late Dec 2016 List piece north of $50,000 grand after adding a few things. Got truck home and drove it a couple weeks. Crawled under the truck to do some work and noticed the spare wheel and tire were missing. Called salesman and left message. He called back and said vin number said the spare was to be included. Salesman called back and told me he had the spare. I drove over to pick it up. Thought things did not look right, but... Next day I took tire to local tire dealer to get his opinion. As I thought, he said tire was old, used and if the tire came to him, he would dispose of the carcuss as junk. Called salesman back. quietly told him that he (they) lied to me about the tire. His reply, "What do you want me to do about it?" I replied, "NEW tire and wheel NOW". His reply, "I'll see what we can do!" So now, how long do I wait ? They are the only Dodge dealer in this town. Should I go to the newspaper in this town with the story? The longer I wait, the harder it will be to get this right?