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  1. One is being planned for VanWert, but smaller than previous years. Contact Mark.
  2. I am looking for a '50 or '60's drop deck trailer to put with my '59 model B Mack for show and show hauling. Need decent frame and tires. Floor can be replaced. Hopefully in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, or Michigan 260-414-2541
  3. MTO....Think about keeping feet dry in the rain.........
  4. This is a true 3 point plow. He had it up here in Indiana for about three different plow days three years ago. Plow is hand built so he can get it narrow enough to get it on his flatbed truck. Tractor and plow are very impressive. Mel
  5. jinglers, here is the name of the lab in Fort Wayne. Blackstone Laboratories, 416 E Pettit, Fort Wayne, In 260--744-2380. Also , see internet under same name. Good people. Ask for Ryan, owner, good friend. Mel
  6. We have a great testing lab in Fort Wayne, In Can get address if you are interested Mel
  7. It's not red, but I can get no help to post on the green site. This past winter I restored my 1936 unstyled B JD. I have found a period correct plow and am looking for a mounted 2 row cultivator. The one I want has a PTO powered lift. I know they existed because I saw one at a show this year. I would also, like to know the model ##.
  8. Not photo shop. very common sight in northern Indiana
  9. Where and when is plow day. Is it an open event? I'm from Fort Wayne, In and am interested in attending? email at handimanmel@g-mail.com
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