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  1. Been lucky enough to get dragged to RPRU three times , Laporte, IN in 2010, Lima ,OH in 2013 and Union Grove ,WI in 2016. Marty,NZ
  2. My W4 built in jan of 47.It has never been repainted. the underside of the hood and the rocker cover still show as red. Marty,NZ
  3. Your Farmall B should have the tall filter as your tractor is pre 1945. The long filter should be 7-11/32" length and 3 - 1/2" OD. Steiner tractor parts list them as ABC094. The short filter is 5-19/32" length and 3-9/32" OD. Steiner number ABC095. Marty,NZ
  4. Your Farmall B should use the long filter , like my Farmall A (FAA 51133) unless someone has swapped the housing. The long filter should be 7-11/32" length and 3 - 1/2" OD. Steiner tractor parts list them as ABC094. The short filter is 5-19/32" length and 3-9/32" OD. Steiner's number ABC095. My 1941 Farmall A has the tall filter while the 1947 W4 has the short. Marty,NZ
  5. Wow Danny ,Petey is looking sharp with those new fenders and all the shiney stuff polished. I have a small polishing job for ya here in NZ if you get bored. The gravel roads sure don't make it easy to keep it shiney. Marty,NZ
  6. Not a Case CC but a DEX (Dad's current restoration ) and our W6. Both about the same horsepower and similar weight but quite a size difference. The Case is about the same size as my W4. Marty,NZ
  7. No I never got to meet Burt Munro, (he died a few years after I was born) but I did swing wrenches for a truck dealer in Invercargill for several years. I take it you by your question have seen the movie The Worlds Fastest Indian .In the movie when Burt is leaving for USA the guy who says See YA Burt and gives a big wave was Bill Richardson.Sadly it was not long before the movie was released Bill had a heart attack and didn't survive. He owned several trucking companies throughout New Zealand and had his own private truck museum containing over 100 trucks. (Bills favorite truck was a Dodge Airflow fuel tanker he imported from USA as a wreak and he had fully restored). Bill's collection has now been opened as Bill Richardson's Transport World by his family, and is now one of the main attractions in Invercargill along with a motorcycle museum they have now opened. E Hayes and Sons (A hardware store) have some of Burt's bikes on display as well as others in the store and their store also a must visit for anyone who has seen the movie. Marty,NZ
  8. It should be TC12 not TC25 . I have just edited that comment. The Euclid TC12 was recently imported from USA. I am not sure exactly where but think it was one of the eastern states The IH TD25 is still signwritten with the original owners signwriting. Marty,NZ
  9. Hi Mike George sure has a Detroit hidden under the cab of the ACCO. The MW trucks are now privately owned. The IH and the Cat belong to Paul Clarke. Marty,NZ
  10. The first Wheels at Wanaka New Zealand was held Easter Saturday and Sunday . The show is open to all vintage and classic machinery and vehicles. The construction equipment also put on a working display. Sadly it rained on Friday night which stopped the working display on Saturday and because I didn't get back there on Sunday when they did get going, I missed seeing what would have been an impressive display. Here are some photos I did take on the Saturday. Maybe IH Kiwi got some on the Sunday that he can add. 1973 International ACCO 1840 1965 International R190 1966 International F230D 1973 International ACCO A1830 1975 International Paystar 5070 1964 International F1800 1969 International C1300 all wheel drive International Scout 80 (serial number 501) 1961 International AA120 all wheel drive 1950 International AL110 ute 1979 Scout 2 traveller 1941 T6 1945 W6 McCormick Deering IH Kiwi's 1938 Fairway 14 B250 1966 Farmall 656 Farmall M and BM Case DEX Rumley Oil Pull 1973 International ACCO A 1830 International AA160 all wheel drive International Payhauler 95 International Payhaulers l Cat dump truck Cat scraper Cat D9 International TD25 Euclid TC12 1926 Vickers Aussie Special built under licence to McCormick Deering (basically a 15-30) 1950 Chevy pick up 1941 Ford pick up Ford truck Ford truck 1981 International ACCO 1910C 1948 Ford jailbar 1929 Ford A Ford 2017 Mack Trident 1965 Ford Zodiac Mk3 Ford Escort Mk1 Marty,NZ
  11. I have a reproduction muffler on my Farmall A and liked it that much Dad and I have fitted them to our W4 , W6 and the Farmall H. We have found them to be a lot quieter than the stanley mufflers and like the look of reproduction mufflers .We bought our mufflers from Ken Updike at Johnson Tractors and Steiner Tractor Parts. Ken was involved with the making of the reproduction mufflers ,and if I remember correctly so were Steiners .They are not very common here in New Zealand so help make our tractors stand out that little bit more. Marty,NZ
  12. Hi Brett I never even gave it a thought that any red power members might be at crank up. It is a local show for us, just over an hour to drive the W6 to the show. I have put some photos on the coffee shop but lost all the feature vehicle photos I had taken. The old pulling sled did not even make the 3388 start to work hard. They needed to load it up a lot more to really test it lol. I am glad you had the chance to try out a traction engine. It is not often you get the chance to try things like this now. Things have certainly changed since they were built. Marty,NZ
  13. The temp is usually mid 70s to low 90s during January. The weekend of the show it had rained and was a bit colder than normal.It was about 75 during the show so not to hot due to a cool wind blowing. Marty,NZ
  14. I know how much you guys like photos so here are some from Crank Up held the last weekend of January. This years theme was David Brown, Land Rover and Citroen. Somehow I have lost the photos I took of the feature vehicles and tractors but here are some that I haven't lost. We had some guys who were keen to have a drive of our tractors ,so we let them , it was actually nice to watch our tractors being paraded for a change and to get some photos. I know it brought back some memories for a couple of them. I hear they were still talking about it a week later. My 1941 Farmall A driven by my brother in law. Before he had his knees replaced he would not have been able to get on this tractor so was great he wanted to drive it. Our 1945 W6 driven by another brother in law This is the first show we have had this tractor at. Dad's 1945 Farmall H driven by a friends uncle. He grew up driving Farmalls like this and is now 86 years old. It had been a long time since he had last driven one and couldn't get on it fast enough. He even returned on the second day just to drive this tractor again. A good friend driving my 1947 W4. Our line up this year. Dad's 1947 Case Dex is currently getting a new coat of paint so missed the show this year. Now for some other peoples tractors. A Super WD9 A554 A514 706 B414 504 gas B614 Super A Some stickers on the back window of the 3388 3388 (not many of these came to NZ and we only got the 3388) TD5 Some other colors on display Case 4690 A well used Oliver Oliver OC-6 Mack Superliner A couple of the Traction engines that were at the show Marty,NZ
  15. Dad drove the W6 to the Edendale Vintage Club's Crank Up the last weekend of January. It takes just over an hour on our old tractors to drive to the show. The W6 ran great and made it back to his place with no issues. Marty,NZ
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