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  1. Mike Don't know if you picked it up on the videos in this topic but they only have to chain the machine down to just over half (50%) of the weight of the machine , so a 30,000 pound machine is chained down to just over 15,000 pound. Not like here thats for sure. Here a 30,000 pound machine provided it is up to a headboard, stepdeck or gooseneck would have to be chained for the machines full weight of 30,000 pound. If it was not up against the headboard, stepdeck or gooseneck then it has to be chained to 60,000 pound. Marty,NZ
  2. I hope this explains it a bit better. The Mercedes Benz Arocs Length is 23 metres (75.46 ft). GVW is 58 metric tonne or 58,000kg (127,868 pounds or 63.94 ton) Tare weight (empty weight) is 20,500kg (45,195 pounds or 22.60ton) Net weight (payload) is 37,500kg (82,673 pounds or 41.34 ton). Freightliner Argosy and trailer Length is also 23 metres (75.46 ft). GVW is also 58,000kg (127,868 pounds or 63.94 ton). Tare weight is 18,000kg (39,684 pounds or 19. 94 ton). Net weight (payload) is 40,000 kg (88,184 pounds or 44 ton). Marty,NZ
  3. I have Autolite 3116 in a couple of tractors and Champion D21 in a couple of others. I used to use Champion D16 plugs but they often would fowl if the tractor was not working hard (usually half way through a parade while everyone was watching) so tried a hotter plug and so far no problems. Marty,NZ
  4. You got a great deal there. The W6 is a neat old tractor on tractor rides to ,we normally drive our 45 W6 to a vintage show we support every year (a bit over 10 miles from Dads place). We have also driven it the 50 or so miles between Dads place and mine a couple of times. Most people think we are nuts for driving it so far but it is really nice just to slow down and cruise along. We even get volunteers to drive the tractors to the show and home afterwards. IH Kiwi on way to the vintage show (compulsory refreshment stop). Our 45 W6 and 45 Farmall H can be seen in the reflection in the shop windows35desoto driving the W6 back to Dads after the last show. Marty,NZ
  5. Mike sadly no boating lately. A load of salt water is about as close to being on the water as I have been lately. Have been doing the same as most others ,having to use the so called roads. Although that can be a challenge some days. As for the electric lorry the donkey wants us to have , my euro 6 rated Merc has an alternator and some batteries so with the 13 litre (530hp) diesel generator surely must make it a hybrid🤔😄. Marty,NZ
  6. The main reasons we run so many cabovers is our length laws and for maximum load space. We also run lots of European and Japanese built truck where cabovers are the only choice. The H stickers on some of our trucks are for the heavy permits or over length permits. NZ now has a lot of 9 axle truck and trailer units operating at 58 tonne (almost 128,000 pounds) and 23 metres ( a bit over 75 ft) long to try and improve efficiency and lower the number of trucks on our roads. Mercedes Benz Axor 2643 6x4 and 3 axle semi trailer (43ft long semi trsiler) can go up to 39 tonne and 19 metres long. Sterling 6x4 with the 3 axle trailer can go up to 39 tonne and 19 metres long. With a 4 axle trailer that it normally tows it can go up to 44 tonne. We did not require this truck to be a cabover as length wasn't an issue and was bought because of a light tare weight. Mercedes Benz Arocs 2653 6x4 and 5 axle trailer can go up to 50 tonne and is just over 19 metres long . Without the heavy permit it is able to run at 44 tonne. Mercedes Benz Actros 3244 8x4 and 4 axle trailer can go up to 46 tonne and 20 metres long without any heavy permits. DAF 8x4 and 5 axle trailer (live stock unit) is on a 50 and 54 tonne heavy weight permit and is 23 metres long. The difference is the weight permits is the roads we are allowed to drive on with the increased weight. At 50 tonne we can go nearly anywhere but at 54 or 58 tonne the roads do get limited. Freightliner Argosy 8x4 and 5 axle trailer is on a 50 and 58 tonne heavy weight permit and is 23 metres long. Freightliner Argosy 8x4 with a 5 axle trailer on the left is on a 50 and 58 tonne heavy weight permit and 23 metres long. The older Freightliner Argosy 8x4 with a 4 axle trailer on the right is on a 54 tonne heavy weight permit and 20 metres long. Road tax is a lot higher with the 4 axle trailer compared to a 5 axle trailer. Mercedes Benz Arocs 3253 8x4 with a 5 axle trailer is also on a 50, 54 and 58 tonne heavy weight permit and is 23 metres long. This is the truck I normally pedal. Marty,NZ
  7. Take the head back off and fit a helicoil . Make sure you check all the holes for any damage or stretching. Chances are if one has stripped there will be others that are about to strip too. Dad's Case Dex has eight helicoils in the block now after we had several threads in the block pull when fitting a new head gasket. It has head studs but the original length was a bit short in my opinion ,so we fitted slightly longer head studs from a BTD6 and have had no issues so far. We did use some thread sealer on studs going into a water gallery. Marty,NZ
  8. I would send Sallie a message and see when she posted your magazine ,at least that way you know it's on its way. Marty, NZ
  9. Heath the last RP magazine I received is the November-December issue (with an I4 on the cover). When my subscription was renewed in March there had been alot of magazines that had been returned back to Sallie and Dennis. Someone at USPS had been clever and put a canceled sticker across the names and addresses making it extremely difficult for them to see who had not received theirs. Hopefully the mail situation gets worked out soon. Marty,NZ
  10. Hi guys sadly that was not me , but what a great save. Would have slowly desolved there otherwise. That is at the other end of the island from me. Marty,NZ
  11. Farmall M built February 1947 at Farmall Works. Marty,NZ
  12. Thanks for your help. Still working on other options at this stage. Marty,NZ
  13. I have some of those primer bowls on 15-30's, I am Sure they are the same as 10-20's.  If you give me a postal address there I will find out the postage cost.  The cost of the part will be a lot less than $264 US or whatever that one fellow quoted you.  

    1. Martin Thompson

      Martin Thompson

      Thanks for the reply.

      The original part number is 13106D.

      They were asking $124 US for a pair.  We are only requiring one as ours has a stripped thread.

      Fordson house were $US 28.80 and Devons tractor parts were $25.00 but they didn't have the part in stock.

      How much were you thinking for the parts?

      Postal address is 25 Gordon Terrace ,Gore,Southland ,New Zealand.

      How can we pay you for the parts and shipping?


    2. 7288cdn


      I checked the parts book and it is the same part.  Our post office is closed today but I will look into the cost tomorrow.  $10 CDN for the part which will be in "good used" condition.  I will check with my bank to see if it is possible to e-transfer from New Zealand.  If not a money order will be fine.  About 10 years ago two fellows from NZ loaded Titan 10-20 parts into a seacan at my yard.  I forget both names but one said he was on social media under the name "old Rumely guy" or something similar but I have never been able to find him.  I am not sure which island they were from.  NZ has a lot of people but old tractor guys may narrow it down a bit.  

    3. Martin Thompson

      Martin Thompson

      I still haven't found a suitable way to get to send you a small amount of money. Wire transfer has a limit on how low it has to be but that may be the only option from what I have found. 



  14. Sadly already tried them , Fordson house and Devons tractor parts. Marty,NZ
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