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  1. Letter Series at Work

    More playing than work , but my 1947 W4 still gets put to work from time to time on a friends farm. The plow is a single furrow of an unknown brand and was saved from going on the scrap metal truck. Not the nicest plowing ever done but gives the old tractor a good run. Sure fills the day in, plowing one furrow at a time. Marty,NZ
  2. All Fuel Carbuerators

    Depends on what carburetor you have. Steiner tractor parts had a kit when I rebuilt the zenith carburetor on my Farmall A and the carburetor on my W4. Another one you could try Devon's tractor parts Marty,NZ
  3. Distillate & Kerosene to Gasoline Conversions (?)

    Both my 47 W4 and 41 Farmall A are distillate tractors and run fine on gas. The owner manual says that the heat valve on the manifold should be set to the cold ( lowest) position (if it will move,most are rusted and won't move) for running on gas and the heat shield removed if being worked hard. Marty,NZ
  4. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Those bull haulers would be useless here ,they wouldn't get to half the farms here as they are far to low to the ground. Northern Southland Transport is the company i work for. The fleet photo is of the depot I am based at and is just under a third of the fleet.
  5. Favorite Truck Ever?

    No they are not that bad . They are stock trucks (bull haulers I think you guys call them), dump trucks and fertilizer spreaders. Marty,NZ
  6. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Lined up for the Christmas break. Mercedes Benz and Volvo trucks.
  7. Favorite Truck Ever?

    I found these on the net just for you Danny. Some of the Petey's in NZ
  8. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Danny ,there are some Petey's down here but not many. They have been imported from the US and converted to right hand drive.
  9. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Mainly for stopping stones hitting the glass but does make a mess of the bugs International ACCO 3070 (Cummins 903 V8 ,Roadranger 15 speed) Kenworth K100 International T2650 (T Line) originally powered by a IH DT466 but repowered with a Detroit Diesel 8V71 . International R190 International AR110 International AR130 Marty,NZ
  10. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Because I know you guys like New Zealand truck photos here are some of our trucks Mack Superliner International 9870i (only International builds trucks in NZ now the other are all imported) Mack MC Western Star Sterling ( Mercedes Benz powered 450 horsepower 18 speed autoshift roadranger) Freightliner Argosy (Detroit Diesel powered 560 horsepower 18 speed manual roadranger trans) International T line ( based on the S Line) built in Australia 290 horsepower Cummins ,15 speed roadranger. Bedford TK. All the transport companies had these old Bedfords back in the 1970s and early 1980s. This one has the six cylinder 300 cubic inch gas engine with and 4 speed manual trans. Volvo G88 Another Bedford Tk. This one belongs to my Uncle and he has owned it since new.It was used around the farm Marty,NZ
  11. Favorite Truck Ever?

    First truck (company owned) I drove after training and working as a diesel mechanic , 1984 Mercedes Benz 2628 (one of the last of that model sold here in NZ). 280 horsepower straight six ,13 speed roadranger trans ,Mercedes Benz diffs. Under powered and over loaded but never gave up. Always made it home when I drove it apart from the one time the fan exploded through the radiator. Had to be towed into the shop that one time. This 1998 Mercedes Benz 2544 was the truck I went onto about mid 2003. 440 horsepower V8 ,16 speed Zf trans Mercedes Benz diffs. It always went well and was a nice truck to drive. I currently drive this 2008 Mercedes Benz Actros 3244 (removable side tipper). Mercedes Benz 440 horsepower V6 ,16 speed tiptronic trans (electronic shift manual trans) with Mercedes Benz diffs , I have driven this for the last nine years and has been a good truck ,never had any major repairs and has never been towed back to the shop. Marty,NZ
  12. H gauges and decals

    From the info I have found the standards used the McCormick Deering decals before 1949 when the Deering was dropped. The orchard models replaced the standard decal with orchard. The Industrial version would have used International decals. From the info i have The McCormick Deering Farmall decal was used from 1939 until sometime in 1946- 47 on the Farmalls. The IH McCormick Deering Farmall decal was used from sometime in 1946 - 47 until july 1949 when the Deering was dropped. This is a 1947 Farmall H at RPRU 2016 Union Grove ,WI. It is one of very few I have seen with these decals. 1939 Farmall H at RPRU 2016 showing the pre 46 decals. The decals used after 1949 can be seen on the Farmall M in the background. 1951 Farmall H at RPRU 2016 showing the decals used after 1949. Marty,NZ
  13. H starting tank questions

    I have seen those starting tanks sell for a lot more than US$140 on ebay. I have seen the heat shields sell for over US$270. I was lucky when I picked up a good used distillate manifold and a heat shield when I was in the USA last time as they are just not available here in New Zealand. Like most of the distillate parts no one is making new ones, so if you can find one price is almost a secondary consideration if you want to get your tractor to be as original as possible. The other option is to fill the hole in the hood and leave it as a gas only tractor. The serial tag and engine serial number will still show it as a distillate tractor though. Only the very early Farmall Hs had the fuel bowl under the starting tank, the later ones had the fuel bowl under the main tank and the starting tank connecting to it. The fuel sediment bowls are being reproduced by companies like Steiner Tractor Parts and the fuel line between the two tanks is also available I had to change the fittings at the fuel bowl on my 1947 W4 to get the original fuel line (main tank to the carb ) to fit the new fuel bowl. Someone had fitted an AC fuel bowl in the past and had altered the fuel line as it fitted at a different angle.. I replaced the AC fuel bowl as it wouldn't shut the fuel off and always leaked. As you can see in the first photo of my W4 the starting tank fuel line is the looped pipe hidden behind the fuel line to the carb and has a 90 degree bend in the pipe into the fuel bowl. The distillate fuel bowl and tank on my 1941 Farmall A. the fuel tap was missing and the main tank had been blocked off. I fitted a new dual distillate fuel bowl so i could shut off the main fuel tank and use the either tank when i wanted too. Marty,NZ
  14. H gauges and decals

    My W4 (the Standard version of the Farmall H) was built in January of 1947. It has the one of each logo on the oil pressure and temp gauge. It also has the McCormick Deering decals too.It was painted with the war time paint (yellow iron oxide used to make the red pigment go further) and has faded to this golden color. I have talked with some of the guys who used it cutting chaff and were friends of the original owner and they all say that it has never been repainted. Some of the decals that are on it would support what they say too. It is possible that the IH logo was not used on your Farmall H. Marty,NZ
  15. McCormick-Deering mower

    This is a Big 6 mower ( has the BIG 6 cast into frame) it was restored a few years back by a friend of mine and we towed it with my Farmall A at a few shows. It has now been donated to a local vintage club. Marty,NZ