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  1. IH kiwi brought one home to NZ from our good friends down in Alabama when we were there last. He had it in his carry on bag ,had all the security at the airports on high alert. They had no idea on what it was but thought it might be a weapon. Somehow he was allowed to keep it.
  2. How many Horses will you get out of the old dozer ? I am sure you can get it running to its full potential. Nice old Cabover. It will come up nice. You guys still get away with steel inners and aluminum outers? We are not allowed to do that here . We must have all aluminum or all steel on an axle. Marty,NZ
  3. It sounds like you may have a friction disc that is sticking on the splines or to the flywheel or possibly a worn pressure plate or seized pilot bearing. With the how easy it is to remove the clutch I would be inclined to remove it and inspect it. You don't need to split the tractor to do this. It requires the removal of the fuel tank and front mounting bracket with the air cleaner and gauges attached , belt pulley drive and then the top clutch cover should be able to be removed. Then undo the coupling on the transmission input shaft and the release bearing holder. Remove 3 clutch retaini
  4. That is an I4 not a W4 or a Farmall H. They were not built in the UK. They were exported from USA. They were built at Farmall works. Someone has added the wrong decals as that is not a Farmall H hood. It has different rear wheels, the wrong fenders and foot plates to be a W4. Also the drawbar has been changed. The difference in hood between a W4 and Farmall H can be seen here. Marty,NZ
  5. Try precision tractor parts. They sell the Rochester gauges that OEM tractor parts used to sell.
  6. That serial number makes your W6 a 1945 built in May. The W3 means kerosene fueled. Dad and I have WBK10994W3 built in April of 1945, here in the southern end of New Zealand. IH Kiwi also has a 1945 W6 that if I remember correctly is not to far from your serial number. Marty,NZ
  7. Definitely the wrong color but mine isn't 😁, once again red vs green. My one is the special dust collecting version. Marty,NZ
  8. I would cut off any damaged cable get the cable crimped again. I would not recommend using the u bolt type clamps except as a last resort. When I had a new wire winch rope fitted to the PTO winch on my Toyota the local supplier of the wire rope recommended crimping as it is meant to be stronger than splicing the rope. I had a small moment of brain fade on a four wheel drive trip, where I forgot to put the PTO out of gear and snapped the winch rope , bending the winch mounts and damaging part of the winch and it didn't even stress the crimp. I also run a rope that is rated about 2 times
  9. Heath and I drove two tractors (W6 and Farmall H while the rest were trailered) from Gore to Edendale ( just over an hour on the tractors ). Some people who live in Michigan had suggested pie and ice cream is always needed on such special occasions, so very reluctantly we were forced to stop for a Jimmy's mince and cheese pie and a ice cream. Brett ,trust you and your wife had a good trip home and glad you had a blast down here in the deep south. See ya next year unless we get lost and end up on that other island before then. Marty,NZ
  10. I had the pleasure of meeting 35desoto (Brett) yesterday at the Edendale Vintage Club's Crank Up. He comes from up in the north island of NZ and comes south for the show and a look around. Hopefully he enjoyed driving my W4 in the all makes tractor parade. Also had the pleasure of meeting a Case collector from Iowa who is on a farm collector magazine tour. The group are from all over the US. He has about 80 Case tractors in his collection. Meeting RPF members has always been a awesome experience for us Kiwi's when visiting the US and have made some good friends there. Bi
  11. Had the pleasure today of meeting 35desoto (Brett) at Crank Up. Really cool to meet another NZ forum member (He comes from up closer the other end of our small country). I even entrusted my W4 into his care for the all makes parade, hopefully he enjoyed his cruise around the main ring. There was a group from farm collector magazine. They came from all over the USA and seemed to enjoy the day there today and seeing what our country has to offer. The line up Dad and I have at Edendale this year. 1947 Case DEX ,1945 W6,1947 W4, 1945 Farmall H and 1941 Farmall A.
  12. All of the Freightliner Argosy's we have in the fleet at work were built in the US. Always made me laugh when they had a for export only sticker on the window ,would have thought the right hand drive would have confirmed that.
  13. Hi Brett As Heath has said I will be at Crank Up this weekend and managed to talk him into coming down for it too. I don't have any European tractors but will have some American tractors on display. Last saturday the first tractor was driven to Gore ready to go to Edendale. It was a nice day for a cruise in the country and most importantly an ice cream. Hopefully we manage to catch you this year Marty,NZ
  14. Freightliner have stopped selling cabovers ( Argosy)here in New Zealand with last last of them going on the road in the next few months. The Argosy was still being built in the US until recently for export only. The Cascadia is going to replace the Argosy in Freightliners offerings. The International 9800 is built in NZ. International is the only vehicle manufacturer in NZ now everything else is imported built up. Kenworth still build a cabover ,the K200 in Australia. A lot of the cabovers in NZ now are European. or Japanese
  15. Merry Christmas from the deep south of New Zealand. Hope everyone has a safe and very enjoyable festive season. Hopefully you guys in the north don't have too much snow and ice and can have a relaxing time. We normally line up the trucks at work for the Christmas break and this year is no exception. This is the Mossburn yard. The trucks are 11 Mercedes Benz ( + 3 that didn't make the line up ), 3 Volvos , 1 Daf and 1 Freightliner. The other yards will also have similar line ups. Marty,NZ
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