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  1. The oil drain plug is on the left side down by the wheel if you are standing behind the machine. The first one is the oil and the other one closest to wheel is for gear case under the seat. Unless some one changed them. Just follow the hoses.
  2. No, I am afraid not. I have at times though just taken the top radiator hose off and the nuts and tilted the radiator back enough to get to the belts and fan. You lose a little fliud but not a bunch. Also I ran into a problem a couple years ago of the same thing of it running rough. I changed every thing you are going to but it ended up being a bad carburetor.
  3. I currently have a IH 4140 and it has the chrysler 4 cylinder gas. Parts are still around just takes some searching. I just got done rebuilding mine. New driver gears,hoses, water pump ,govenor, starter ECT. As far as I know a 12c is the same size just different motors.
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