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  1. 27 minutes ago, twostepn2001 said:

    Never thought about or heard of a twin engine spray plane. But in the late 60's and early 70's Ag Cat a 600 horse Pratt & Whitney radial with 2 Lycoming 310 horse flat 6's. Here's a story about plus a pic.

    The One, Brief Life of the Twin Cat


    I've never flown AG but it looks kinda blind. No radial in the nose but two 6 cylinder engines on either side exactly where I'd be looking doesn't seem the best.

    PT6 or TPE 331 was the real answer. Turbines have way better power to weight and the increased fuel consumption doesn't really matter for the mission.

    I guess that's why it didn't make it.

  2. 22 minutes ago, new guy said:

    Cleaned the dead branches out of the maple trees nicely🤬

    I thought all the branches were down; nope!

  3. Lights flickered a couple of times. Eversource has been trimming heavily for a few years and power is way more reliable now.  I have plenty of projects in the shop but just don’t want to walk that far so I’m sitting in front of the fireplace writing this 😄

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  4. House is shaking! Airport next door reports 55 MPH gusts. Flag pole has a 5X8 flag plus a USCG flag. I’ve never seen it bend as much and why the halyard hasn’t broken I’ve no idea. Pole also has light on top.

    It’s the best flag I’ve ever bought. Nylon flags tatter in no time. This is heavy polyester fabric with three grommets and triple stitches. 

    There’s no way I’m going to attempt to take it down. It either rides it out, breaks pole, or blows away. 

    I was hoping we were done with snow. 

  5. 22 hours ago, TomH said:

    Humans that live together will also

    So back in school taught by nuns we didn't know why, thought it was something about the phase of the moon maybe, but all the nuns seemed to be cranky at once. Thirty women living together..........


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  6. 7 minutes ago, yellowrosefarm said:

    Virginia doesn't require insurance, but if you don't, you have to pay like $500 additional for your tag.

    I didn't know that. What does that extra $500 get you or where does it go?

  7. We bought my wife's new car from Lannan Chevrolet. I flew with Mr. Lannan, a WWII P38 pilot and also with his son who is my age. The dealership got sold as the kids reached retirement age but they kept the good name, and it's just a name. They had the car we wanted and we put up with the BS and attempted add-ons to get the right car.  My wife got so mad at one point. "We're to pay cash for this car, nothing else!" We'll never be back, even if we need warranty as it's in another state and it's just not the same as when the dad and three sons ran it.

    Steve Lannan had lots of planes. I took care of them and flew with him as he didn't like to fly by himself anymore. I got to use them as much as I wanted and he'd get mad when I put gas in them. Every now and them I'd coax a story out of him. He's been shot down and walked out without being captured. P38s were mostly being used as ground attack during his time and being low and concentrating on the train he was strafing got caught in a bad position.

    My worst experience ever was with Wilmington Ford. I dropped in when I saw a truck on the lot. I expressed an interest in it and the next thing I knew my truck was gone for a trade evaluation and I was subject to the "What's it gonna take to get you into this truck today?" and the "How much do you want to pay a month?" as well as "You're always going to have a car payment". Finally I had to demand my truck back or I was going to call the police. 

    We've mostly bought used from individuals but we had a great experience with Hertz used cars. We bought a Yukon with only about 25,000 0n it that looked and drove like new. Salesman found what we were looking for in RI, had it shipped to Boston and it was the car. Price was way better than any dealer's. He actually delivered to our place in NH. Only downside was it had one bad tire so they put four new ones on. Cheap and very loud tires that I couldn't wait to remove. My wife put maybe 15k on them when I'd had enough and sprung for four Michelin. Ah, quiet, and lasted until she traded it many thousands of miles later.

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  8. The company obviously needed major changes which are difficult to do if public and beholden to shareholders thus making it a target for acquisition by private equity. Often what a good PE company will do is take it private, make all those changes, perhaps give it an infusion of capital if needed, turn it around and make it profitable, then take it public again with an IPO, and make lots of money doing it. It takes a boatload of money to do it but that's what PE has. Having worked for PE  for a couple of decades I've seen a lot of successful turnarounds and a few that didn't work out. I only drove the bus all over the world.


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  9. We have them. They're for your protection when the other guy does something stupid like crossing the center line or running the red light. I thought I might need mine, which only looks forward, when I got rear ended while stopped waiting to turn left. The visual clearly showed I was stopped and the audio clearly had my directional signal clicks. Well the other driver was clearly at fault anyway. I jumped out and asked her if she was Ok and the first thing out of her mouth was "I don't have insurance". I wasn't too worried about that and asked her again if she was OK to which she replied how much insurance would have cost her, a number so high she must have been a terrible driver.

    Anyway, her car was totaled, my uninsured motorist payed me for a new bumper and probably subrogated against her, who probably didn't have any money to get anyway.

    NH is the only state in the union that doesn't have mandatory insurance. Live free or Die! Of course everyone needs to carry uninsured/under insured coverage no matter whee you live.

    A good friend who lives in FL has cameras in his cars. The one in his wife's broke, new one arrived but he hadn't got around to replacing it Of course she got in a crash where the camera would have clearly shown the other guy at fault but it turns out that guy is a scammer, so it's been tied up in court for over a year.

    The one in my wife's car is acting up so I should replace it.

    Get a camera. Yes, you might get some footage for YouTube or it may save your butt in court. I suspect I'm gonna get some footage from all the red light runners I see every day. Red lights and stop signs seem to only be suggestions these days.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, Ian Beale said:

    so he had to contribute to a zero time

    Years ago the insurance companies wouldn't pay for a prop strike inspection unless the shaft was bent or, the owner could elect to have one done and the insurance company would pay IF damage was found. After some big settlements due to fatal crashes when engines came apart after prop strikes and when manufacturers wrote in their maintenance manuals that strike inspections are mandatory that changed. They still won't pay for any betterment so, yeah, they'll pay for part and if you want to contribute you can increase the inspection to a zero time overhaul. Makes sense as it's all apart anyway.

    Many aircraft engines have floating counterweights on the crank and sudden stoppage can make for a future failure. Cracked crankshafts don't make for sustained powered flight.

  11. My kid's BMW was at the dealer for a recall. Of course they did their complimentary inspection looking for work Brakes were all new so they wrote up the oil pan as seeping and offered to fix it for some crazy sum. I looked at it and yes it is slightly damp around the the gasket line but not enough to we the side of the pan. The quote to fix is so high due to the axles passing through on the X-drive. New vehicles are difficult to work on due smaller packaging and efforts to lighten them for fuel economy.

    Same car needed a starter. I had a shop full of plastic before I could actually see the starter.

  12. I tried to send him a PM but it says he's unable to receive them. My daughter is going to be visiting the South Island. They have their itinerary pretty well mapped out but I just wanted to check.

  13. The phones are a problem. When my wife's brother and family would come for Thanksgiving the first thing out of their kid's mouth wasn't hello but rather "what's your wifi password".

    People out at restaurants with their kids and the kids and even some adults don't participate but are glued to their phones. Parents bringing their kids on an airplane don't bring coloring books and crayons and interact with them like my wife did, they give the kid an iPad.

    Sorry, it just hits a nerve.

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  14. 10 hours ago, Ian Beale said:

    Not quite that bad but -

    One son owns a Mooney 201 as part of his business transport.  It was due for a 100 hourly and he flew it to the LAME's he deals with at a regional airport, where it was parked across the taxiway from the shop.

    One night a local got on the turps and descended on the airport for some "circle work", which included running into the Mooney.

    For a while it was a toss-up on write off or fix.  14 months late he has it back, so a very good aeroplane saved..

    So many planes get written off because the parts and labor are so expensive. I watch the salvage listings looking for a core engine for mine and it seems that something that would have easily been repaired in years back gets  totaled.  I did find a 182 with the O470U engine that was pretty well destroyed in a hangar collapse and I must have way under bid it. My mistake. Engine had only 500 hours since overhaul. Prop was bent so would have required a tear down but since it wasn't running it' was highly unlikely there was any damage. Years ago we would have dialed the prop shaft and just run it but now manufacturer says any damage to prop requires a tear down/prop strike inspection.

    Mooney 201 is a nice plane; fast and economical, at least economical as far as planes go.

    Did the donut maker do some time or restitution?

  15. 15 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Had your friend used that part? As in has he ordered from them before? 

    Now that you've dug it out the same website has just the coil for short money.


    EDIT: For $179, if that's the right valve and they have it, I'd go for it rather than the coil. Was the machine used on salty roads? I've heard that salt might cause corrosion😁

  16. I don't think it actually needed the valve. He just said it's got a shift issue, might be wiring, and something like there are after market valve out there as OEM are expensive. That was the extent of the conversation. Machine was gone the next day when I went back to have another vehicle inspected. I remembered that and just got curious and Googledaftermarket when your thread showed up so sorry, I don't know.

  17. RFID theft:

    Since I was curious I started searching it. Although popular on YouTube it turns out it's not a real threat. This about summarizes it:

    Is RFID Theft Real?

    Now this all sounds pretty easy, but RFID theft is actually harder to pull off than those viral Youtube videos would have you believe. 

    First, because it is a radio frequency, the signal from an RFID chip is easily interrupted or distorted. 

    Anyone who was alive when TVs still had big metal antennas or has an old radio knows that what is around the antenna or near it can greatly affect the signal. 

    As discussed more below, this is the principle RFID blocking technology works from. 

    Further, if you have more than one of these cards in your wallet when someone with a reader passes by all the cards will emit information at the same time, confusing the reader with a jumble of unreadable information. 

    Second, and more importantly, there are no documented cases of fraud by way of RFID skimming, and credit card companies have ensured that it is near impossible anyway.

    So it turns out the data on your cards is encrypted. I suppose if someone is determined enough it can be done but it seems no one has actually done it and the blocking devices and wallets are more of a marketing scheme. 

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