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  1. 11 hours ago, IHKeith said:

    Mallory dual point distributor

    The thought on them was to increase the dwell and coil saturation, something just not needed on a stovebolt 6. I ran one years ago on a 327 that would rev really high. Any more modern electronic system would work better.

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  2. As Dirt Poor said: If you're breaking multiple grade 8 bolts there's something else going on. Grade 9 may fix it but...........There's no such thing as a grade 12. There is a 12.9 metric, roughly equivalent to a grade 9.

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  3. I used to carry a Colt Mustang Pocket Lite,, in my pocket! I haven't carried in years and probably should. I stopped because ME didn't honor a NH carry and I live pretty much on the border. It doesn't matter anymore but I never started carrying again. When I lived in MA I did carry a 9mm S&W which would be way more effective than the .380. The .380 in such a short barrel is of questionable use but perhaps better than nothing.

  4. We fed the pigs Pepperidge Farm from the day old store, many boxes of all their products that were past sell by date and then went to the day old store and still didn't sell. Stored in a barn the rats would invade, chewing through the bottom boxes. I'd turn on the lights and they'd scatter out and I'd get them with a manure fork. I decided it was no sport with all those tines so I switched to a pitch fork, with only three tines it gave them a sporting chance.

    We'd poison them with an anticoagulant and they'd die by the hundreds only to return a couple of months later in similar numbers. They reproduce in amazing numbers.


  5. 17 hours ago, td9inidaho said:

    Wow, something similar happened to me too. 2 pulleys stripped out centers, shaft splines are half missing, so I farmer fixed it. I might be dangerous with a torch or welder around 😁



    That's the kind of pulley it should have - two halves riveted together with the bearing in the middle. This one was a single piece of stamped steel with the bearing pressed in a recess. I was going to farmer fix but as soon as I lightly tacked it together the heat made the bearing fall out, so I gave up and ordered the proper pulley and found something else to do.

  6. Grade 8 is grade 8 no matter where you buy them. I'm lucky to have Fastener Supply Co. just a few miles away. I can wander the aisles and pick what I need.

    Here's McMaster's listing:


    Edit: As others have said, it takes a lot of torque to properly stretch a 3/4" bolt - 283 lb ft for a grade 8.

    McMaster Carr also has grade 9 bolts in that size in stock, about $19 each. As VT said order and have the next day or two.

  7. We go through plenty of Tom Kat bait.

    We also have good luck with those clear ant bait things. Once discovered they come by the hundreds, until they don't. We just put the first out the other day and it was fast acting. They came for a day then stopped. Squirrels get shot on sight anywhere near the barn or trucks.

    Mice got into our boat years ago and turned a whole roll of paper towel into a huge nest in a locker. The good thing was the PT absorbed all the piss so no smell once cleaned out. Bounty, the quicker picker upper.

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  8. 1 hour ago, oleman said:

    I (won't call it a design) fabbed up a 28 VDC current limiting charger (trickle charger) so our smart charger will actually charge a very low state of charge  28 VDC battery. The GHOST-TRICKLE  charger is much safer than jumpering a good battery to a dead battery. Years ago I had a dead battery blow up in my face when I jumper-ed a battery for some one in a parking lot. 

    The battery that blew up was probably frozen. After seeing it happen to another guy I always checked before putting the cables on. This was over 50 years ago working for ALA, which was absorbed into AAA. I drove  a wrecker and on cold mornings would do many no starts; got $3. each and sometimes a tip!

    Guy who had the frozen battery blow up on him changed his jacket. Next day it was full of holes.

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  9. 5 hours ago, IHKeith said:

    As the picture of VT’s Interstate shows, it looks like it’s been leaking acid onto the terminals and corroding them, maybe I’m wrong but I think that is common for Interstates made lately.

    Another good reason for a sealed battery.

  10. 5 hours ago, Cattech said:

    fill the filter

    If the filters are vertical I pre-fill them, even on an oil change. Can't do it if they're horizontal or upside down.

  11. 6 hours ago, lotsaIHCs said:

    AGM is harder to charge than flooded

    I found that if one is down to a few volts you can connect a good battery in parallel to trick the charger and they'll charge fine - disconnect the good battery after a while.

    Gotta have more coffee  the morning!

  12. I've put a little pressure in the sump with an air hose while cranking for stubborn priming engines and it works pretty well. Don't get crazy, just use some paper  towels to block the escaping air around the fill so you don't blow any gasket's or seals. You'd have to put a lot of pressure to do that but be careful. It's always worked for me and is pretty easy to pick up the air hose while someone cranks.

  13. 1 hour ago, Rawleigh99 said:

    Walmart batteries

    I've bought a few and had good luck too. On a Sunday night they may be the only show in town. I prefer Delco AGMs but usually consider what it's going to be used in, how long I'm going to keep it, and if it fails at an inopportune time what the consequences are.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Binderoid said:

    Not too many years ago the union was all anti Walmart. About this time I saw an Ever-Start battery in a union man’s lawnmower. 
       Even those guys hate spending money. Protocol didn’t seem to concern him.

    I was union at Eastern Airlines, it left a bad taste. I've been non-union for the past 40 years. My friends at the airlines are pretty much all aged out now as under FAR Part 21 commercial rules you're done at 65. I worked both FAR part 135 commercial and FAR Part 91 private flights. Under 135 once I hit 65 I could continue to fly under those rules but only in the 48 contiguous states. Under 91 I continued to fly world-wide until I just retired this past January at 72. I'd had enough of crossing the oceans at night and working on the back side of the clock. I still fill in a bit and will until November when my currency will expire.

    Airline flying sucks in my opinion. Yeah, the pay is good but you just drive the bus. There's no more 3 day layovers and pass riding is impossible as the planes are jammed full. I got to see lots of sights all over the world, often staying several days.

    Yep, the pay was good in the later years. In the early years it was "Will fly for food" 😃. It's a good time to be a pilot now.

    Some of my airline friends lost their retirement during the bad years and weren't able to make it back before ageing out.

  15. 55 minutes ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    I have used Delco's for years

    I've recently bought two from Amazon with no core charge. Now up to $177. but still not bad as things go.

    ACDelco silver, calcium Gold 48AGM 36 Month Warranty AGM BCI Group 48 Battery For Truck


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  16. 11 minutes ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    We don't all make an airline pilots salary would be why. I've bought whole cars (and drove them) for less than either battery your showing. 

    The last battery I put in the wife's car was an interstate. I see the other day I had scratched 2018 on the top. It's probably due to be replaced. From what you guys are saying I probably won't go interstate again....

    Moms car had a delco, thought it was cranking a bit slow in the cold weather.  Yup 7 or 8 years old. Replaced it and no noticeable difference in cold weather cranking. The old battery is still starting one of my cubbies 2 or more years later....

    Yep, 30% premium but better reserve capacity, cold weather performance and no spill. The flooded cell have weights in the caps that are supposed to seal the vent under negative G loads. If they didn't say airplane they'd be 1/3 the price. For 100% + premium you can get a Li-Iron, no thanks.

  17. 7 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    This, and availability. I pick up the phone and they get delivered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, if there is a core it gets picked up. I can’t do that with online suppliers when the customer compares that AGM to a carquest special… who looks like the crook? 

    If I'm smart enough to understand the difference in performance and reliability maybe some of your customers can as well. No new cars come with flooded cell batteries for a reason; they're an economy (cheap, relatively) battery. Of course new cars have smart charging systems now, way more than temperature compensated regulators which seem to work well enough.

  18. Why are you using flooded cell batteries instead of AGM? Size not available?

    Big difference in price for AGM v flooded for my 182:

    Flooded $710. ; AGM $926. But I won't use a flooded cell battery any more.


    182 battery.png

  19. I park my bucket truck with the booms vertical to keep squirrels from nesting in them. No one is crazy enough to want to steal that truck.

    Damned rodents chewed through the upper control hydraulic lines, all 400'+ of air brake tubing snaked through. I found another nest early enough before the babies teethed. Now I don't give them a chance to get near the truck or barn.


    dead squirrel.jpg

  20. On 4/29/2024 at 10:36 AM, yellowrosefarm said:

    i-ion battery I got off eBay for the old ni-cad snap on impact. Works better than it ever did and charges with the original charger.

    Be a little careful of where you charge it. Aftermarket batteries have a higher incidence of fires than OEM while charging. Prices are right, though!

  21. A nice way to keep things handy and hidden!

    A guy I used to fly with was a machine gun dealer so we visited lots of dealers at various places when on a trip. One dealer/collector in Texas had a custom safe any bank would be proud of. It was a room as big as my living room which was a climate controlled vault with temperature and humidity monitors. More impressive than the vault was the collection: It had hundreds of guns, many beautifully engraved presentation models, many presidential, going back a couple of centuries. This was before the days of cell phone cameras so the picture is only captured in my mind. We were there to look at a 1928 overstamp Thompson that my friend was interested in. It was in about 95% condition. The 1928 overstamp guns were 1921 guns that never got sold as they were so expensive. I expect a transferable one is worth over 50 grand today.

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