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  1. 9 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    I have a date with an adjuster tomorrow.. we shall see how that goes, i will be very agreeable as long as I get new Ford parts and no argument 

    Our local high quality body shop is dead set against aftermarket parts and has a display or OEM and aftermarket side by side. Of course not all aftermarket are bad but some are just dangerous.

    Anyway, the shop's website has this guide to rights in NH:


  2. It seems in general that Ford trucks sit higher than GM. My K2500 sits high enough, I wouldn't want any higher. I get a kick out of lifted trucks with all sorts of off-road gear, most of which never get any farther off road than the driveway.

    Don't forget to check the front!


    Tall PU view angle.png

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  3. During our first one's delivery the nurse said "You're fully dilated , you can start pushing" my wife said  "is the doctor coming?" Nurse said "oh you'll be pushing for hours, no rush" My wife said "Bullship!"  and popped out all 10lb in short order. She blew the blood vessels in her face with the effort.

  4. 6 hours ago, dale560 said:

    placenta privea

    My wife had Placenta Previa as well. She had multiple hemorrhaging events and was on bed rest for months. The company I flew for was great and I flew day trips and finally just stayed home. I made lots of trips to the hospital where she'd stay usually overnight then back home on bed rest. We never asked the sex of our kids during ultra sound but I knew it was a boy this time as they were giving injections to speed lung development which happens more slowly for boys. One morning around 30 something weeks she hemorrhaged badly, filling a few of those huge blue hospital pads while I bundled her up for the ride. I didn't speed but ran every light which got her attention. Arriving at the ER I commanded the first person I saw for a wheel chair. I knew we we having a baby soon but my wife, probably due blood loss, was still a bit clueless. The short story is i got to watch the emergency C section and the delivery of our 5lb son. After watching our 10lb daughter's natural delivery, it was a bit of a shock to see how small he was. He spent a few days in the NICU but soon grew strong and healthy. At his first  checkup he was behind from starting early and the doc said he was only likely to grow to 5'8" or so. He grew up to be the 6'2" star athlete in HS and on the the track team at the USCG Academy.

    I'm amazed at just how much blood my wife lost at those events, especially at the last one. At the OR I was quizzed about watching. I'm not squeamish and told them so. My wife said she didn't want any faces while watching and since I'm not squeamish I told her they were drawing faces on her belly when they were already in. Pretty amazing to watch the doc put her uterus on her chest!

  5. Power Step Pro Tech full length. I bought my first pair from the podiatrist when I had Plantar Fascitis. $100+ from them, online for half that. I've been using them in every shoe and boot since and no return of the Plantar Fascitis. They usually last as long as the shoe but sometimes wear out before under the ball of my foot.

  6. Probably should get it on the bottom. Water seal sprays out of a pump can pretty well. My FIL is using it on his deck with good results. My deck is Trex. My trailer is looking sad. I'm going to bleach it and try some water seal on it. It ends up parked under a tree in the shade so gets mildew looking.

  7. Carhart stopped making my favorite winter jacket. I must have bought more than a dozen over the years and always kept three: one for good, one for working, one for crawling under dirty stuff. The only thing similar has an attached hood and I detest hoods. Turn your head and look at the inside of the hood.

    I've been buying Merrill gortex hiking boots and low cuts for years, always have a spare pair and new orthotics for them. I hope they never stop making them. Carhart jeans still work for me.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Are they being irritated for pearl production or dining purposes? 

    Ha! Strictly for eating.

    I just did a 4 day trip for my old company just providing coverage in New Orleans. Sitting at an oyster house bar watching them shuck I noticed those oysters were huge compared with the local ones. Restaurants here won't buy them when they're that big.

    Pearl oysters: While in Japan I picked up some Mikimoto pearls for my wife. They're cultured pearls made by inserting a polished sphere of fresh water mussel shell into the host oyster. The oysters themselves are a hybrid variety. There's a lot of technology involved to make nice pearls. Natural pearls are pretty rare requiring the oyster to have some sort of injury to form the pearl around.

    Local Oysters are yummy!

  9. T&G wall looks good!

    Wiring in our house is a little sketchy. When we bought the place the only thing we squawked was the electric panel, which had some burning also the outlets had a 50/50 chance on polarity.

    I've got one of those interlocks to install but I need to shuffle some breakers around to do it. It's on the list.

  10. 8 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Is that fresh water? 

    It's a shallow fire pond the town created with a dam in the '20s before they ran a water main through. Connecting to that main would be expensive so the house doesn't have town water. Since it's on an old shallow well I'm in the process of adding a filter and UV sterilizer system.

    Great bay is just to the west of us on the other side of the road visible seasonally from the house. Great Bay is a tidal estuary with a some oyster farms, three of which happen to be owned by women.

  11. I take mine out. The truck is long enough as it is and some of the spots I need to park are too short, so every inch counts. If I happen to touch the vehicle behind me with the bumper there's no damage while the ball or pintle will make a hole in the guy's plastic before I can even feel it. Besides, I hate busting my shins on it. I don't know if there's a statute here.

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  12. 9 hours ago, vtfireman85 said:

    Maybe those are yellow jacket bees? 

    A bunch of yellow jacket wasps got into the house last year. They got in through a spot where the flashing was not quite down on the roof. Wasp spray was useless and only killed with a direct hit. I got some insecticide powder that I built a long reach applicator powered with a portable air tank and blew it into the house. Many stumbled out and tumbled down the roof and I suppose thousands more died in place. A few days later I hit it again for the newly emerged. The stuff worked great.

  13. Cursive writing, AKA Millennial code, just like the auto anti-theft manual transmission.

    The National Park Service and the National Archives and Records Administration are looking for people who can read cursive to help transcribe the pension records of more than 800,000 soldiers and their widows from the Revolutionary War.

    The agencies say the volunteers will become "citizen archivists" who help uncover new stories to mark the 250th anniversary of the country's founding.

  14. My wife was working in the administration in a school system. It was not unusual for kids in that middle school to approach her and ask the time. She'd point to the clock over her head only to get the same question again because they could not read an analogue clock! She's since moved to Portsmouth HS where our kids attended. Those kids can all read a clock, the rich kids from Rye can read their Rolex. Portsmouth HS draws from middle class towns like our and upper middle class ++ Rye. Her former school drew from some poorer towns and some of those kids had two or three strikes against them from the start. Mom's a drug addict and dad's incarcerated.

  15. A friend of mine plays with the car warranty guys. Asks them questions like which car? They'll dance around that for a while with answers like "the one about to run out of warranty". He'll keep them going until he'll finally say "I had nothing to do so I've wasted your time so you'll have less time to scam someone else".  I wouldn't have that kind of patience but he gets a perverse fun out of it.

    I realize that if you search something the search engine will then start targeting you with similar item but sometimes it seems all you have to do is talk about it and you get target emails. We don't have Alexa and the computer mics are all muted.

  16. 4 hours ago, barkerwc4362 said:

    how cute little pigs are

    Ha! That reminds me of the time i brought my then girlfriend by the farm where I worked. We shared the farm with another operator who had let some pigs and sows get well beyond market size and they just wandered the place freely. They resembled hippos and my girl, a city girl, thought pigs looked like the cartoon Porky Pig. Shattered that illusion. When I saw her reaction I took her to see a boar for a really great reaction!

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  17. California has spent over 24 Billion over the last five years to combat homelessness. Rather than address the underlying causes like mental illness and drug addiction they spent it on expensive housing, so those folks are still on the street attacking centenarians for their phones. Brilliant!

    Good that the Camfather is OK>

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  18. I remember years ago people bringing their Easter Chicks to the farm after they grew up to be annoying roosters. Some just kicked out of the car on the road. I don't think Easter chicks is a thing anymore.

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