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  1. 9 hours ago, jeeper61 said:

    I think a lot of the issues have to do with improper manufacturing of the cam blanks

    In 2019 I replaced all the lifters in my airplane engine due to spalling. It was likely caused by disuse as the plane is really low time. Oil analysis doesn't catch it as the pieces that come off the lifter face get caught in the oil filter, where I spotted them. Fortunately Continental engines have barrel lifters like automotive and can be changed without splitting the case.

    The product of research and actual approval for use in aircraft engines, which is hard to do, is Camguard. I just changed one of the cylinders as the exhaust valve was leaking so got a good look at the lifters on that and the opposite side and they're looking like new. I did borescope the cam when I changed the full set and there was some sign of wear but not enough to catch a pick so Continental says that's OK. Cam is harder than the lifters in that engine.

    Anyway, I'm quite sold on Camguard as all the trade publications like it and Continental actually approves. $24/qt aircraft half that for automotive, probably same stuff.

    I'm not a believer in snake oil supplements but this is actually FAA and manufacturer accepted and tested by independent aviation labs in addition to the anecdotal evidence.

    EDIT: Continental has a blanket disapproval of any additives as they're afraid of automotive snake oil.

    Lycoming has an approved additive of their own brand which is rumored to be the same stuff.


    What some of my lifters looked like, not actual pic but truly representative:




    Spalled lifter.jpg

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  2. I wish I'd had a camera with a good flash ready the other morning. Driving to our maintenance hangar in Rifle, CO at 03:30 I first came across Mule Deere in the road and expected that as they're always around the airport. What I didn't expect was the herd of Elk standing in the access road. There must have been 50 of them that I could see! Huge buck stood his ground in the headlights and simply snorted at me. He eventually yielded. Good thing the airport is well fenced as hitting one could really ruin your day. I70 is well fenced but they still make their was onto the road. The other pilot was coming from the east on 70 and the road signs were warning of Elk in the road.

    Juicy Lucy's restaurant in Glenwood Springs always has Elk on the menu. It's farmed and quite good.

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  3. Just now, vtfireman85 said:

    My father talks about their old work trucks were just AM radio, my grandfather would drive for miles listening intently to the Boston traffic reports… as they lived and worked 4 hours from Boston, the traffic rarely had much effect on their travel. 

    Traffic and weather on the 3s!

    One of my jobs driving a wrecker was the WBZ rush hour rescue. Joe Greene in the BZ Greene Machine helicopter would direct us to traffic issues,breakdowns, flat tires, out of gas, wrecks, etc. and the radio station would report on it. We had green lights on the top of the two wreckers patrolling the Southeast Expressway so he could spot us and radio instructions.

    One morning after a hard night I was hiding out under a bridge. I started to notice the there was no traffic followed by a helicopter hovering above the roadway with Joe radioing "I see you". I drove back up the expressway the wrong way and started untangling a wreck.

    One day I was attending a broken down van full of boy scouts. We were way off the road and Joe put on an airshow for the kids.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Art From Coleman said:

    And that is just how the MEDIA manipulates the 'facts' for the gullible.

    I agree! Often too the "alternative" news sites  will omit parts of a story to appease their audience. If I am concerned enough about anything I'll do my own due diligence and will never take "I heard", social media post, or similar as fact. For medical issues there are good sources such as the aforementioned Mayo or Johns Hopkins.

    I think most here will agree the MSM leans quite left. I personally read the WSJ as the hard news is center reporting while the editorial page is certainly right leaning, which suits me quite well.

    The Boston center right radio station story I referenced above:



  5. 39 minutes ago, searcyfarms said:

    Shhhhhhhh probably wasnt supposed to post it

    Always post it!

    WBZ news just reported that of the recent covid hospitalizations, the number I didn't catch, is further broken down. 51% were admitted due to covid symptoms and the other 49% were admitted for something else - routine, accident, injury or sickness, but were routinely tested under their safety protocol and turned up positive.

    Just think of how that could be spun one way or another without the complete story.

  6. 41 minutes ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    I don't know what the original source is, it was sent as a screenshot of where someone wrote it out. I've been asked to provide sources for years on many subjects, and it's a waste of time because the questioner usually comes back by saying that they don't approve of that source.   If i see more, I'll try and share it. from the original source.

    Thanks for that.

    I'm always happy to quote my source or else I won't post it. That way there someone can decide if it's what they consider a trusted source. For instance: I've quoted a widely respected medical institution many times. That same institution has had many accolades here. I believe them even if it's not what I'm inclined/want to believe because of their reputation for knowledge and integrity. The Mayo Clinic.

  7. 34 minutes ago, Farmall Doctor said:

    Recent stats that I saw were out of Quebec, who has the tightest lockdowns, curfews, etc. Out of all the hospitalizations, 90% plus are double vaxxed, and many are boosted.

    I can't find that information. Can you quote the source?

    It's not that I doubt what you've heard but rather lots of times things get kinda left out or taken out of context.

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  8. 43 minutes ago, jeeper61 said:

    I hope you get over it soon 

    And then you will have better defense from any other variants 

    Maybe. My niece, a nurse in a nursing home has had it, fully vaxed and boosted, and has it again, the gift that keeps on giving!

    First time it kicked her butt, that was early on before any vax was available. They lost many of their patients, the fragile one dropping like flies but even the otherwise healthy but demented ones went down as well. This time she's asymptomatic except for a slight headache, which she did not connect as a symptom. The nurses get regular PCR tests and that's where it showed up. All of her patients are fully vaxed and they've lost none.

    I don't claim this as anything, I wait for responsible controlled studies but perhaps as an anecdote it has some validity, or, it just may be this is a milder infection. Some reporting suggests that.


  9. 54 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

    Semi trailers full of bodies really has nothing to do with anything. Not saying it isn’t or hasn’t been done in places but putting it like that is just another scare tactic used to push a certain thought process.  That has been done many times in history after natural disasters and freak events where exceedingly high death rates have happened in a short period of time. 

    Respectfully....It all depends on which end of the narrative you lean towards. Doesn’t make you wrong but it doesn’t make others wrong either. Please allow others to have a fact based opinion just like you have.  


  10. 8 minutes ago, Sledgehammer said:

    Lots of it going around in this area. Glad your symptoms weren’t too bad. Many people dealing with it say this variant is not as harsh which is a blessing.  People with the shots’s’s’s are getting it right alongside people who don’t. 

    Seems to break through but:

    Preliminary data from an Israeli trial involving 154 health workers—released Monday, just two weeks after that study began—showed that a fourth dose of Pfizer’s shot didn’t prevent infection with Omicron. Still, those in the trial had mild symptoms or none at all.

    Data from the U.K. have also shown a significant rise in protection against symptomatic infection and hospitalizations after a booster shot but suggest there may be a need for a fourth shot for those over 65, according to a report by Bloomberg Intelligence.

    One takeaway is that those of us who are vaccinated may have it with no symptoms and are spreading it around!

  11. When it comes to tests speed comes with an accuracy penalty. Home tests/rapid tests are pretty good but a PCR is better but takes much more time for results. It seems that if you have the symptoms assume you've got it and don't rely on a single test.

    If there's any good news it's the latest variant is peaking and less deadly, especially for the immunized. I'm amazed that with my travel and my wife in the germ factory that we haven't got it or maybe the immunization is working against the Omicron.


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  12. While waiting for the butter to melt I thought I'd point out that multi grade oils don't actually get thicker with temperature rather they can be thought of as not getting thinner due to the modifier additives. A multi with the second number of 50, such as a 20W50 will have the same viscosity at 100C or 212f as a straight weight 50 oil.

    Microwave just beeped and the corn is popped. Carry on! 😁

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