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  1. Sadly all that would be heard is the N word and the fact that the black sheriff is the hero and the smartest of the bunch will be ignored. Oh well......
  2. Never any good. I came home one day to see my neighbor's 1486 burned to a crisp. I can't imagine having my shop burn and trying to replace a lifetime collection of tools, equipment, and whatever parked in addition to my TF, Commando, and Triumph. My condolences for your neighbor's loss.
  3. Young Frankenstein; Blazing Saddles; A Wonderful Life; Airplane; Casablanca in no particular order.
  4. Because of the out of the way places we go and the fact that in the air emergencies we can be hours away from professional care we carry a huge kit that includes prescription meds, BP, EKG, AED, satellite link, etc. But that's not the point. On the last recurrent the woman demonstrating the things you can make out of a triangle bandage was amazing us with all the things you can do with one and how quickly she could do it. She then went on to make animal toy creatures out of the same bandage! She'd been a pediatric nurse and cheered little kids with her skills. I might be able to make a sling...........
  5. I remember MA as buck or slug only. Woods too small.
  6. This is what we just removed or rather an earlier version that dated back to 1970. It worked well enough but was getting very tired at 50.
  7. I guess someone will have to position a go-pro on the compressor side while trailering one down the highway😁
  8. Early Sky King show used a T50 before the tuna tank 310. I remember seeing a couple when I was a kid but there can't be too many left. Funny how those early TV show characters always wore the same clothes so they could use stock footage for other shows. I remember my sister saying Penny always wore the same dress.
  9. We had them in the Air Force flying club. Under powered but lots of fun.
  10. Ha! If it was government they'd have to do a study, draw it up, put it out to bid.
  11. Thanks, I looked for it and found it. He came up with pretty much the same conclusion I did - plane pitches up due loss of elevator control and aft CG. I disagree with him a bit. Sky dive operations have been using the same technique for years. I knew a guy who flew twin Beeches the same way - just above stall speed with asymmetric thrust so as not to beat up the jumpers. Anyway, done right it's safe, if you can call anything about jumping out of planes safe. I would think a T tail plane would be better with the elevator up in clean air rather than right behind the door. Probably too expensive to buy; older King Airs are relatively inexpensive and the PT6 engines are pretty bullet proof. Interesting that Brown found the report and the pilot stated the plane reacted well! Twins are rarely spin tested. The only one I know of was the Beech Duchess 76, which turned out to be so predictable it probably could have bee certified for spins! I enjoyed flying the Duchess when I worked for a Beechcraft dealer and I'd like to have one instead of my 182. It only burns a little more fuel than my 182, goes faster, and is quite comfortable. But they've all been turned into trainers and beat to crap. I just found a video!:
  12. I looked for coal grates but the only ones I found were at a stove restoration shop and they wanted a fortune for them. Too bad, probably thousands were just thrown away. I thought coal may have been better/easier/cleaner. I have no experience on a small stove. We heated with coal as a kid into the early '60s. My father was clever. He told my mom that she made a better fire that he.
  13. So my wife sometimes says "It's nice, let's take the plane up for a spin" to which I reply "let's take it up for a ride". She finally asked why I say that and I went looking for a spin video and found this one. The King Air is being flown just above stall speed with the power way back on the left engine and up on the right to hold altitude - a common operation but it takes lots of rudder to counteract the yaw. Well, when the 6th guy gets out it not only moves the CG too far aft it blocks the airflow over the tail, so you can see the plane pitch up and stall. With all the yaw it snaps into a spin. It looks like a couple of secondary stalls and spin entries on the recovery, possibly attempting to pull out too fast after stopping the spin. In the spin the plane is stalled and not building speed but once you break the stall/stop the rotation it's very nose low and builds speed rapidly. Anyway, after seeing the video she says let's go for a ride😁
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