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  1. You think you are having a bad day?

    Well, I've been finger printed and background checked so many times that it would be pointless to ever try to be anonymous.
  2. You think you are having a bad day?

    Our state has the real ID system in place. My wife renewed her license and opted for the real ID. They gave her a paper copy and clipped a corner from her expired license to use whilst waiting for the new one, which arrived in about 3 weeks. I had renewed just before the new system was in place so don't have it. It's not a problem for me as I always travel with at least one of my passports. I used to worry about having a national ID card but realized that I've been documented in so many ways already that it's pointless to resist.
  3. US olympic gold medal winner my butt

    Google the flag code. In peace time all nation's flags are displayed at the same height. The US flag is displayed higher than state or other flags. There's a lot of flag etiquette such as not draping it over a car hood, which fender it's attached to ,etc. It's always best to refer to the code when you have a question. In fact, here it is:
  4. When AM was all we had

    I grew up with Arnie Ginsberg. Here's the ad he did for Adventure Car Hop:
  5. When AM was all we had

    Had a regular run to Bermuda. Our long range NAV was a VLF Omega which went DR if there was a cloud anywhere in the atmosphere. We were always on course when we picked up the VOR but I kept the commercial broadcast AM station frequency penned on the Jepp binder, just in case. Nice to have a needle pointed to where you think you're going.
  6. When AM was all we had

    I grew up listening to rock on WMEX in Boston. They went off the air at 22:00 and then the only good music was a skip from WPTR Albany. FM at the time was what was called long hair - Mozart and the like then all of a sudden all the music went FM. Nice and clean, no static, just limited range. Flying with the old ADF receivers with a regular tuner you could find a descent AM rock station. Get one with the needle pointed in front of you so you'd have it for a while. Eventually the AM station went country then talk and sports and the ADF receivers went digital so unless you know the frequency you can't search easily. Now have the internet on board......
  7. No Serial Number C301

    Ahha! Thank you!
  8. No Serial Number C301

    Not a big deal but I picked up the operator's manual for my loader and the engine model and serial number is filled out on the first page. I have changed that motor and decided I should update it. Well, the C301 I put in doesn't seem to have a number. There's the pad but nothing's stamped. Could that mean the block has been replaced or did the combine engines not have serials? It's just a curiosity thing as I'm pretty sure there's just one flavor of C301s anyway so not a parts issue.
  9. Touchy subject

    I only ever got it a few times but my mom had a shaving strop that made a fearsome noise. She'd slap it when I was in a different room and the noise raised a fear in me like what a burglar must feel when he hears an old Mossberg pump gun cycle. That noise would put me on my BEST behavior! Worse than that would be to be told "wait "til dad gets home"! My kids only got it a few times, just enough to know that I WOULD do it. After that the threat was real. My kids turned out great and I hope they apply a little bit of the same to theirs - no beating but a little bit of real discipline. My wife works in the school system in a neighboring town. The kids there who have no respect for anyone, when brought in for a conference with their parents, demonstrate they have no respect for their parents. Middle school kids who will tell a teacher to f___ off will say the same to their parents right in the dean's office! Often those families are single parent or somehow mixed up - dad's incarcerated or otherwise gone but sometimes intact but with no clue or determined to never spank. By middle school it's too late anyway, that has to be done way before. By middle school its loss of something or privilege - give me your phone! but these parents never established the discipline and the kids just tell them to F___ off! The parents don't have the balls then to simply shut off the service. Sorry, I could go on and on but I hear it every night.
  10. thread locker for electrical connection

    Can you replace the stud? Perhaps with one out of a GM solenoid repair kit or with a copper bolt?
  11. thread locker for electrical connection

    Metal self locking nut?
  12. Has the flu bug been around?

    Good reason to get the pneumonia jab as well. It killed my father at only 50. He got himself run down, got it, ignored it, died from it.
  13. Has the flu bug been around?

    It's not too late to get the shot. Yes, it takes some time to become effective and may be less than 100%, it IS likely to at least make your suffering less if you do contract the flu and that may make the difference between life and death. People die from influenza. You can be an otherwise healthy individual and not make it. It's not just a bad cold.
  14. Life in Alaska

    I don't know how you take it. I'm in Anchorage now and it's zero. We get a few negative numbers in coastal NH but AK interior numbers are just breathtaking! Do even gasoline engines start?
  15. Hot pressure washer questions.

    I stored mine in the barn last year after pumping 3 or 4 gallons of RV antifreeze through with no problems, it's just that I found I needed it and didn't want to take it out of hibernation so now it lives in the shop.