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  1. A work of art Mike! What kind of low temps do you see? -20c or more around 0c ?
  2. Neighbor just lost a tractor due fire. I went right out and bought 3 fire extinguishers. I feel really badly for him as it was his big horse.
  3. That may be the one I have. I'm pretty sure that I bought it years ago from SC. I used it to run a backhoe and it worked fine. I saved it because I was going to build a splitter but found one that just needed an engine repair.
  4. Yeah, I figured I was over doing it but it was the only wrench out of several that actually was, in a terribly limited space, in a position to actually move the nut. It moved it, but was forever after jumping when it got to that spot. In retrospect I should have heated and bent a cheap box end. Oh well, got it done and Lowes didn't ask any questions.
  5. My FIL tells the story: When he was in boot camp they were asked "who can drive a tractor?" So all the country boys dutifully stepped forward. They were all given those weed cutting scythe things and got to all cut the ditches. The light went on! Never volunteer!
  6. I've got Cobalt in fractional inch and metric. They're ok but I learned they're not for putting a pipe on for extra leverage as they won't take that kind of abuse. Warranty covered it. I'll use a regular box end to break something loose then switch to the ratcheting wrench to run it. They're certainly handy.
  7. The passenger on that Twilight Zone flight was a young William Shatner, later to become James T. Kirk on Star Trek.
  8. I've got an airless. I used it successfully to paint my shop then tried it in the house. The heat was off and it was too cold so I got some runs and sags. The pros make it look easy when they do a whole house and I may use it yet to paint the inside of my small garage but I won't ever use it again for an inside room. My general comment on painting is buy the best paint you can. My go-to is Sherwin Williams Duration. It's very expensive but you get what you pay for. I have it on the exterior of my house and the south wall looks like new after more than 10 years. As I re-side I use wes
  9. When I wake up in the middle of the night I'll sit rather than peeing on my feet. Once I fell back asleep on the throne! Male plumbing is definitely more convenient than female for outdoor use. My wife says "you don't have to hang your a$$ out in the cold!" Of course when it's really cold I have a hard time encouraging the plumbing to venture out!
  10. Rim Guard is beet juice. It came in my backhoe tires, they were new take-offs. There was a sticker on the rims. I saved it and gave it to a friend as the backhoe is plenty of weight. I wouldn't want to use ethylene glycol as it's poisonous. Nothing like running over a hidden fence post and having it spray all over the place. Any spilled Rim Guard/beet juice , the molasses left over from making sugar, will rinse right off with water. Salvaging the liquid out of my backhoe tires I spilled some and got on my hands as well and it simply rinsed off.
  11. It's all about sentence structure. Sister Mary Elephant would have given you an F. Funny nun story: One of my teachers was commenting on the use of gender, common now in the PC world, instead of sex when referring to an individual. A little upset at the student, she said "words have gender, people have sex", committing a syntax error and getting a huge laugh at the same time. Her red face was reflected in the white of her Wimple (the white bib).
  12. Ha! You have to consider the wording. Are there any collectors out there that happen to be girls/women?
  13. I never liked Explorer so have used Firefox for years. The only thing I've ever run into that didn't like Firefox was one of our online training sites which would only run on Explorer. Edge is MS's new browser and I expect that's backwards compatible to anything that would only run on Explorer.
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