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  1. Good plan. I'm sure I did my lungs no good spraying. No matter the charcoal mask fit it seems you always have leaks and colored snot.
  2. Impressive that it does 1/4" cuts ok. My planner is only a Rigid portable so I never take such a big bite, even in pine. Need a dust collector!
  3. Growing up we had a Lab mix with a very deep voice. I don't know how he did it but a family member's foot step on the porch was ignored but a stranger's elicited a deep bark that put everyone on notice. Once he saw there was no threat he would just be quiet. What an amazing dog! I've wondered about some sort of system too. We're well off the road and other than friends and delivery drivers few people venture up the drive. It seems that's a both a plus and a minus. Police chief lives about 2000' away on the road and we're well armed but my wife, after taking a course at Sig Academy some years back hasn't picked up a gun, so I'm not sure she would.
  4. I'm ALL for stopping drunk drivers as they kill many. Designated driver, cab or Uber. Yes some small towns use speed traps as a revenue source but again, I'm all for stopping the guys swerving through traffic at 90+. Seat belts, well, I feel naked without one. Modern cars are way more survivable in a crash, provided you wear the belt. Those who crash without one end up costing the rest of us, unless, of course they get thrown out and die. Lawyers are paid to defend their clients. It's up to judges or juries to decide innocence or guilt. I'm all for making the guilty pay. I think the public is finally having buyers remorse over turn-'em-loose prosecutors.
  5. Only Shotgun shells here. MEC jr. I've got plenty of shot and some powder on hand but primers are apparently made of unobtainium. My kid is back at Boston base so I have someone to shoot with.
  6. The wife and I try to make it to the local short track a few times in the summer, this Saturday if the weather permits. The big tracks never interested me as I like to follow the action all around. My favorite, years ago, was Stafford Springs, CT. It's about 5/8ths so the speeds would get up on the super modifieds with some exciting passing.
  7. OMG! That's me, and it's all on my window sill!
  8. New Englander


    Ha! The early units in Hertz rental cars seemed to get testy after recalculating several times. I half expected one to say "If you're not going to drive the route I gave you then why did you ask!"
  9. They're already at it. This from the Bridge description: Construction took place from October 1993 to May 1997[5] and cost C$1.3 billion. Before its official naming, Prince Edward Islanders often referred to the bridge as the "Fixed Link". It officially opened to traffic on May 31, 1997.[6] In April 2022, the PEI legislature voted unanimously in favour of renaming the bridge to "Epekwitk Crossing",[7] whereas Epekwitk (/ˈɛbəɡwɪd/ EH-buh-gwihd) is the traditional Mi'kmaq name for Prince Edward Island. The name change would need to be approved by the Canadian federal government in order to take effect.
  10. Wow! I took that round bottomed rolling boat to NS back in the mid '70s. Could it still be running? There's a bridge to PEI from NB now called the Confederation Bridge, so you can drive to PEI now.
  11. Sadly, no. We were planning to go back in early June but the weather forecast for those days was dog crap. There was information on some site that said they were temporarily closed and I didn't think to check again.
  12. Ha! When driving and a truck in the opposite lane kicks up a huge mess of slush that obscures my vision I immediately look at the dashboard like it's an instrument panel to hold a heading and keep my wings level. I laugh at myself every time. Flying in general is not a hazardous occupation; ag flying however certainly is.
  13. To escape the heat and to do something different the wife and I did a quick trip to PEI for a couple of nights. We rented a car and drove through the prettiest farm country ever. All different color tractors, large ones we passed were either CIH or Deere as were the combines. Everything looked real good . Corn, potatoes (naturally), beans, hay, barley and maybe wheat, I'm not good at identifying cereal driving by. Great seafood and gorgeous views. Temps in the 70s, nice folks and not crowded. Any PEI farmers on this forum? They've a beautiful island.
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