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  1. There is more paperwork for Canadian Customs. When you are a one man shop, and don't ship to Canada very often, it can consume a great deal of time. Alaska being part of the USA, is not as difficult. Canadian gubment wants their cut of everything coming across!
  2. Oh Canada, that changes everything! My supplier has new stock replacements on hand. There should be a tag with a part number on the center section. All those numbers you posted are just casting numbers of the separate components. I don't think I can ship to Canada either from the warehouse. Oh, and you're finding out why most of us small shops don't rebuild turbos, too much time wasted trying to dismantle them.
  3. While the timing looks to be at 16, but my chart shows a 4386 with DTI466 times to 17*, and a later one with DTI466B times at 14*. This problem isn'tstatic timing though, either the intravance failed, or an air leak in the intake tract is losing the boost pressure. The 43 pump does have a puff limiter on the top of the governor housing, boost line goes from intake to this, could have a blown diaphram, leaking boost, and someone may have turned the fuel screw up to compensate. Seems you used this tractor on the same implements last year without issue? Something is definitly wrong this year. Does the turbo spin with fingers? Not excessively loose? Should have a tiny bit of wiggle, but you'll know if it's junk! The TO4 that came on them is adequate, but the upgrades do help, unfortunately, I've had several on backorder for over 6 months, I have quit taking orders for them. First order of diagnosing a low power issue on a turbo diesel is boost pressure test in the intake.
  4. Well, after seeing a few more reports, it seems the shooter was here illegally, and is transgender. Wow! No wonder the news isn't reporting all that bs! I cannot believe he wasn't some sort of supremist lol! Very sad indeed! Lets fix the illegal alien problem, and the mental derangements! Disarming legal citizens does nothing!
  5. Figure out the knock, then go from there. If it's a catastrophic failure, another used engine like Matt said above would be my choice, 715 combine. Yours is a runner, so the pump should not have major problems. I've rebuilt a few VA pumps and they normally just need cleaned up, resealed and recalibrated. The failures to the pumps are typically caused by neglecting the injectors or fuel cleanliness. If you rebuild the existing engine, I suggest getting the pump and injectors done at a competent shop, then the 310 will run another couple of decades lol! Then we'll be discussing electric motor swaps lmfao!
  6. The S200 is a great turbo, and well worth the fab work to fit it on, but the turbine housings for those also have been on backorder.
  7. I've had several on backorder for 6 months, good luck finding one. Borg Warner has been very slow at filling backorders!
  8. combine governor will be fine, very little difference on a Roosa DB, hi idle on my Roosa spec is 2835, 2600 rated, an 856 is 2400 rated, hi idle 2640. It could easily be slowed down, but I'd rework the pump to boost the hp and torque rise up in the 856 so it's not too underpowered. Would be about the same as a 301 gas in it was, wouldn't it?
  9. IH 6.9L started in 83 Ford pickups, evolved to the 7.3L in 88. That evolved into the 7.3L Powerstroke in 94. They were also used in some IH med duty trucks.
  10. The Bus DT360 is a popular choice because it's readily available, came with an inline A pump, and can be had reasonably priced, along with the trans. It's basically the IH equivalent of a 5.9L Cummins.
  11. an hour and a half south of me. But, that is where Club Cabaret is located, and they have some great food there, reasonably priced, and the show is worth it! lmao!
  12. I'm fully aware of the 1896/2096 using Cummins B series engines, actually the first ag application, but the op was about the smaller David Brown tractors 1694 and smaller, which is what I was referencing.
  13. Many people confuse the David Brown engine for a B series Cummins. The 94 series were still David Brown powered, the Cummins engines came with the Maxxum, but not until lol!
  14. the banjos and banjo bolts are steel, and looks like someone put copper washers in them. The washers are also steel, but some older ones with lower opening nozzles may have used copper. Those should take a 9/16" wrench. The small bleeders use a 5/16" wrench. The bleeder body is sealed in the aluminum housing with a copper washer as well.
  15. Just an FYI, the fasteners on a CAV DPA pump like the one pictured in the other thread, should be all standard USA sizes. The CAV DPA was built under license of Hartford Machine Screw, aka Standard Screw, aka Roosa Master, now Stanadyne. I've only seen a couple of the dpa's off IH Neuss engines, but they were just like the Perkins dpa's, all std. The bleeders are supposed to be steel, so makes me think someone put something that doesn't belong there lol!
  16. I know Snap On wrenches are expensive as gold, but the 12 pt on a regular combination snap on wrench will likely work for you, eliminating the need to purchase those clumsy 6 point wrenches. I try to get all my sockets and wrenches in 12 point, a few 6 point around from old sets, but never use them. The flank drive works! I remember when they were the only ones with it, and the mac tool guy would say it's a gimmick lol! Well, as soon as the patent expired, guess what all the wrenches started advertising? You got it, a "flank drive" style rounded corners box end 12 point on their wrenches lol! I have lots of Matco, Snap On, and a few Mac, and while they all work better than the old style, the snap on still grabs better on a stubborn tight fastener.
  17. Biodiesel is more gummy right out of the pump. Want to know how much bio is in the fuel at the station? Look at the dispenser nozzles. The higher the bio content, or poor quality bio, the nastier and stickier the nozzle will be. High quality fuel will leave no residue on the dispenser nozzle. Now, I am no chemist, but I have stayed in a holiday inn lmao! The goo you saw is more like mud than rust, so to speak. It does cause the internals to rust though. The biodiesel draws moisture more than the non bio. Every state uses bio-diesel, just may not be as high a content. There's lots of different sources of the "bio" content. Soy oil, or corn oil seem to be the better end of them, animal fat seems to be the low end, which is why it's cheaper for the fuel co. Animal fat has more glycerin, and I've been told that is the biggest part of the problem.
  18. And forgot to add, E85 makes a great cleaning solvent to flush the tank, lines and filter bases. You don't want to try to run it through the injection pump or injectors though lol!
  19. That is a bio diesel gone bad issue. Higher animal fat and glycerin levels. I see pumps in here that are clean as can be and ones that look like that. It is the higher level of biodiesel that causes this when they sit not used. The fuel is like a jug of milk, it goes sour over time. It is all ultra low sulfer, so that isn't the issue, though may lead to it. Sadly your pump and injectors will need attention sometime, that stuff attacks the seals, it will be leaking everywhere if it actually does continue to run properly. CAV and Roosa pumps do not like this sour sticky fuel, even more so than the other pump types.
  20. I don't think you have a pump problem. The bleeder you need to focus on is the one by the name tag. The top one just fills the housing with fuel, so it will take a few minutes running before you'll get it full if it's dry. CAV DPA pumps are some of the tougher ones to bleed. Make sure you put the filter seals in the right place. lol!
  21. You hate diesels because you had a 6.5L! lol!
  22. If both pushrods are tight, then you are on tdc exh stroke, and the pump mark should not be in the window, so sounds like it is correct to me. Now, maybe the pump was put together wrong, or marked in the wrong position. If pump was done by a competent shop, it should be fine, but if "rebuilt" by some fly by night outfit, who knows!
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