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  1. You'll have to find a used one, new ones are no longer available.
  2. This is exactly how I always viewed it to be there. They just roll the dice on so many, it's sickening! They send it out knowing it's got issues, but they don't really care, because it's assembly line type work, no pride in workmanship at all. This is what their injection pumps are like as well. I just cringe when one comes in my door! Besides every small screw being covered in red loctite, there's things wrong with them I'd never dreamed of! They build the products to last 13 months with a 12 month warranty!
  3. Might be worth the trip, at least my plow is an IH lol!
  4. Sounds to me like this poor ole Allis is only fragile because of neglect! Those are tough old little tractors. It's sad people label something a "pile of junk" when it's not the machine's fault it is a piece of junk, it's the lack of care and maintenance over the last few decades that puts it in that shape. I've worked on nearly every color tractor there is, and they all have their weak ones and strong ones too. My mentality is pull it, if it breaks, fix it. Take it out and enjoy it. Letting them sit is about the worse thing on them. Flame away lol!
  5. If the 5088 is just tired, you'd be better off overhauling it's 436. If it had a ventilated block or rod knocking meaning crank will be junk, the "running" engine swap may be a little easier. Like said above, there's a lot of parts to swap across. Basically you'd strip down to the log block. Then you start using the tractor after swapped, only to find it was more worn out than you though lol!
  6. Those are some of the best 120hp tractors ever built! Parts shouldn't be much issue since you'll not need many lol! Great tractors!
  7. The black film on the bottom of an oil bottle or bucket is the additive package fallout. Seems like higher end oils have more additives and more fallout. Shake it up good and use it! lol!
  8. everything is still the same as a tractor fuel stop, except there is a second sliding piston that moves the main one back and forth. So the aneroid pushes the whole thing to a normal position once it gets about 10 psi of boost. If it doesn't get boost to it or has a blown diaphragm it will be in the "no boost" fuel condition and be a big dog! Turn it up same as a tractor. The aneroid no air will change with it to some extent, but the rate is not adjustable. Confused yet?
  9. I think that is the engine used in the B (and C) tractors, many of those power units were used in amusement rides for years. It seems to me they are called B125?
  10. pump specs are nearly identical between the 986 and the 3688. Not sure how the hp went from 105 to 110, unless most 9's actually put out 110? Many times factory ratings are just that, a rating, and most diesel tractors I've been around on dynos (especially turbocharged) slightly exceed the factory rating, or Neb test result.
  11. broken spring in the return fitting causing low fuel pressure at low rpms causes one cylinder in the pump to drop out.
  12. I always laugh at these fuel additive "oil threads" and always hesitate to chime in lol! The reason ATF was popular back in the 70's is because it was a very high detergent oil, so it would clean varnish buildup. ATF is very different today also. Now there are many readily available fuel additives designed for that purpose. Believe what you want, but I've been inside of pumps that are from users of quality additives and those who do not, and there is a very noticeable difference! Stanadyne has been the go to for years, but after they sold that division off to Claircor (Baldwin's parent company) some people got let go of and Alliant Power picked them up and developed their own fuel additive, very similar to Stanadyne. To me the lack of lubricity isn't affecting the metal to metal parts as much as it dries out the seals and orings, then they begin to leak everywhere. I use oil additives in the oil, and fuel additives in my fuel.
  13. funny how the news reports him having the virus, but they fail to mention he had the poke. Maybe his poke was different than the one for the general public?
  14. I send RD pumps to DK Fort Dodge.
  15. The RSV governor has a start spring that pulls the rack to start fuel as soon as the solenoid kicks it on. The RQV governor has to have the throttle moved to about 1/2 throttle to get it to start fuel position.
  16. Might be normal on one with an RQV governor.
  17. The return fittings on the 5.9 and 8.3 P pumps are a problem area. 'usually they miss at idle in gear, but the tractor idles faster so may not show up. The return fitting has been revised many times to it's current form which lasts now. It has a smaller hole in the center. (about .100")
  18. One thing to keep in mind, is the 8950 had P pump with an RQV-K (automotive style) governor. If the idle is set too slow, it may not be going to start fuel without moving the throttle lever to about 1/2 way up. The tapered shaft should not require loctite, but they need to be torqued to 150ft lbs when they have the 30mm shaft, 30 mm socket size.
  19. They actually had 2 different tornado hits on 2 different buildings in totally different areas I was told.
  20. well, a TO4 IS a Garrett. The S2E is a great alternative to the popular 3LM466, but unfortunately they have both been on backorder most of the last year. As soon as they get a couple, they sell right away. Borg Warner has been my worst supplier during the whole plandemic.
  21. Being a Mustang guy, I have a few, a 67 coupe 390/4spd car, a 78 King Cobra drag car, and a 93 Saleen (one and only Casper), it disturbs me to see them apply the mustang name to this car that isn't even a mustang platform. At least they aren't replacing the real Mustang with this Mach E, are they lol? The II are a red headed step child, but those cars got the Mustang through a tough time in the auto business. The ones I care the least for are the 71-73. Have had a 65, 66, 99, and an 06 also. Also have a couple of other Ford drag cars in the garage too lol! I take these moves by Fomoco kinda personal lol! Never have owned one, but favorite has always been the 69 Fastback!
  22. I'm confused on this, isn't a "completely stock" 856 natural aspirated? Add a turbo at it will be 115hp without any other adjustments!
  23. The early 30 series had the mousetrap start fuel linkage, later 30 series redesigned to a piston activated by oil pressure, same design used on the Magnums with aneroids. I've converted many over. Now I just eliminate the aneroid action lol!
  24. that was a cool evolution video. The rack has a magnet that holds it in start fuel until it gets enough rpm and heat to speed up to about 1200 rpm. The 404 gutless issue was also related to the fuel settings. Many, many new JD tractors had the pumps removed and recalibrated for a torque rise. Deere pumps never had torque rise in their settings until the 40 series, and stronger as each new series came out.
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