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  1. The early 30 series had the mousetrap start fuel linkage, later 30 series redesigned to a piston activated by oil pressure, same design used on the Magnums with aneroids. I've converted many over. Now I just eliminate the aneroid action lol!
  2. that was a cool evolution video. The rack has a magnet that holds it in start fuel until it gets enough rpm and heat to speed up to about 1200 rpm. The 404 gutless issue was also related to the fuel settings. Many, many new JD tractors had the pumps removed and recalibrated for a torque rise. Deere pumps never had torque rise in their settings until the 40 series, and stronger as each new series came out.
  3. You should get ahold of your local fuel injection shop with the Bosch pump number. The OEM part numbers rarely can be crossed. I'm not sure why someone would think they need DV springs for a VA, and nothing else? As Danny said, BK may help. Nearly everything for VA pumps is obsolete. My guess is someone is trying to fix a problem like a miss by changing parts like grasping for straws. There should be plenty of used ones around with as many of those pumps that have seized in the past.
  4. There were a few Gasoline 4230's built, remember seeing two on tractor house for sale about 10 years ago. These were open station and narrow front maybe. Been too long lol!
  5. the first 1066's rated at 2400 rpm replaced the 1256 sort of, same power class, even though there was a couple of year gap. The tweaking of rated speed to 2600 rpm 1066's bumped the hp up.
  6. The 504 JI Case engine is a brute, but other than displacement & being diesel, has very little in common with the Cummins/CDC C Series 8.3L. The AC 426 should have been increased in CID to go over the 7040/7045 150hp class tractors.
  7. Don't forget that darned old injector pump going out all the time! lmao!
  8. Spend the money for the FelPro head gasket from AGCO on an AC 426, that gasket will not last if it's worked hard at all. I sell some interstate McBee IH 466 kits and they seem to be pretty good quality parts, including the head gaskets. But they don't make 414/436 parts. We just pick the earliest serial number range DT466 truck engine they offer.
  9. The 856 keeps getting brought up, but is technically a higher class, and newer, so that is expected. Like comparing a bone stock 806 to an bone stock 856, the 407 just has more guts! Upgrading from an 1850 to a 1066 is a heck of an upgrade for the tillage tractor! I too always wonder why the big ballast differences at Neb. Possibly the mfg max rated weight?
  10. not as well, too many places inside the Roosa since it's all fuel. An inline is only fuel lubed at top.
  11. No flex ring in a DM pump, and that is what would be on the 404 in a 6600, same as a 4230 engine. You need to take top off pump and see what is wrong, and see if it can be cleaned up like cedar says. Otherwise, plan to get it off and have it serviced. When they get sticky, the old fuel can gum up the weights, so that could be the issue. I personally would not run it anymore without servicing it. I see too many come in my door that they miraculously got to run, then it seized the head. Other things are gummed up, transfer pressure regulating piston sticks and lets pressure spike, causing instant seizure. Don't wanna spend much money? Fix it while it still runs. Once they seize, you're buying a head & rotor now too. Driveshaft doesn't break in DM, only DB and DB2. Used heads are getting harder to find, as everyone seems to be seizing them up. New ones are available for some pumps, many being discontinued, but $1400, on top of an already expensive $700-900 rebuild. Choose wisely!
  12. It will be a little less gutsy than an 856, the 856 is more comparable to a 966 & 986, which replaced the 856 technically. The 886 replaced the 826 so to speak. All within 10 pto hp.
  13. Just remember the brakleen is to free it up and clean it, not to run it on, leave lines off at injectors. You'll start seeing them spit when it starts pumping fuel again. On a severe case, even this won't work. Good luck!
  14. I am pretty sure those have a Diesel Kiki/ZEXEL A pump, which as mentioned above is a Japanese copy of a Bosch, which ironically now owned by Bosch. Inline pumps like rotaries do NOT store well with any kind of bio-diesel. The rack is very likely stuck in the shut-off position, or if bad enough the plungers are all stuck up, and the springs can't pull them back down. Good thing, or it would be a runaway. I've freed up inline pumps by taking the inlet and return fittings out of the pump itself, blow out the old fuel and fill that fuel galley with brakleen, and screw some plugs back in and let it sit. Take the side cover off so you can watch what is happening. I've not ever worked on one of the Scout Diesel pumps though, never had one come in the shop. I think it's a Nissan engine. Good luck and hopefully you can get it working without removal.
  15. Need to see what other tractors are running in that class you want to pull in. Like mentioned above, guys will strip down a 1206 or 1066 lol! If you'd be pulling against 4010's 190's, 1750's and 560's it will be fun. If you have to run against 1066's and 4430's it'll be a whippin you wont like lol!
  16. That is Rich Bergeson's load, and his family farm is AC and IH, his brother Bill is an IH guy. Their late father Burnell worked in an IH dealer or shop years ago, and they farm with AC/Agco and IH/CaseIH now. He has posted on some of the FB pages, the other truck I think is being driven by Luke Gehris by the posts I saw. Great guys, great friends of mine! Oh, and that is indeed a 220! lol!
  17. Yes, to some extent. He did say it was used for pulling and was turned up. I've seen so many turn these old N/A Precup engines way too far. That may be why the glow plugs weren't working, because they found it easier to start with small amount of ether, and holding the fuel shut-off out some to cut down on excess fuel drowning it. Ether on indirect injection engines is not a good deal though, unless very experienced with it, it's easy to lock them up. Indirect injection engines typically do need to be glowed every time it's started, just the nature of the design. Lanova cell engines would start better if they had glow plugs too lol! Try cranking it with the shut-off out still and slowly go in until you just start getting smoke. Cranked up injection pumps can easily flood the cylinders.
  18. thanks, but he has already ordered his, mine aren't much less at 16 each, so 96 plus about $10 shipping.
  19. A good quality fuel additive is essential for these older systems, but lack of it is not what wears out the plunger in the head, it is simply poor fuel quality and filtration. Dirt is what wears the head out.
  20. right, good flow to the tank, but what about INTO the tank? Many have a return fitting in the bottom of the tank, that gets rusty and catches all sorts of crud. Let the return just run into a small bucket as a test. This has bitten a lot of people on these 282's.
  21. When checking fuel lines, make sure to check the return, I'm betting it is plugged where it goes into the tank. The housing pressure is getting high enough that it messes with the advance.
  22. Obviously it's good to make sure all filters are fresh, but the fact that it starts cold, tells me once the fuel gets hot and thin, and the pump gets heat soaked, so clearances increase, it simply will not pop the injectors when hot. This is actually very common on the M100 pumps. In a pinch to get it started when hot, many times people do get the pump cooled down by dumping cool water on it, and it will then start. I'm not saying to do this, but if it helps get it restarted...do what you have to do. The problem comes when hitting the pump head with cool water while it is running, and that indeed can cause a seizure. Have heard of one a guy was crossing a creek, and enough splashed up on the pump causing it to seize, and there it sat in the water lol! Make this last through the busy work season, and get it rebuilt in the winter/off season. It won't hurt anything, just will progressively get worse, and harder to start.
  23. Head in pump is worn out. Start saving for a pump rebuild, until then, just leave it running if you can lol!
  24. The turbo on those are about as good as any that will be a direct replacement. What you're talking about on the older IH is going from a little T04 to a 3LM466 which in that case made a big difference. Your H1E on there is a pretty good unit.
  25. Most diesel injection shops like myself are dealers for turbos. I will pm with options I can offer, and just drop ship to you.
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