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  1. plugged return in the injection pump from broken down flex ring. It is a very common issue, but once properly rebuilt, they will outlast the machine and you and me lol! Knocking out the ball is a temporary crutch, just allows the particles to flow freely to the tank, where they may start plugging the inlet side eventually.
  2. I would imagine overseas somewhere. Might be made by mahle, or ? Wherever they find someone to make them. I know some of their products are made in the US. It's nearly impossible to find all USA made engine parts these days!
  3. I sell Interstate-McBee parts, and they surely have parts for this. I'd think someone in your area would be a dealer for them. Quality parts that we've dealt with.
  4. Thanks for posting! This is the first I've read on why he passed away! He was still out being active and doing things! That is great! Not withering away in a hospital dying of cancer, or covid or some other man made ailment! RIP to a great pioneer in the sport!
  5. just to clarify, the seals are in the drive adapter on all 361/407 pump mounting drive adapters, whether it is an RD conversion drive, or one originally equipped with a Roosa. The drives and shafts are slightly different between the 2, but the seals are the same. Anyone with common mechanical skill can replace the 2 seals, but the real problem is the pump issue mentioned.
  6. If the pump shaft seals are leaking, it's likely got a plugged return, and putting extra stress on those 2 seals in the drive assy. It is likely due for a pump and drive rebuild, but if you're swapping it to an RD later on, I'd knock out the ball in the return fitting if it has one, otherwise drill the old style fitting out. Many of those have the return on the back side timing window, line goes back to inlet. That was Roosa Master Bypass system, or Filter Saver. Return fuel went back to inlet since it's already been filtered. We do away with them now. The top fitting on those setups was an orifice with a wire in it, simply to let air out.
  7. sounds like it's so far out of time it won't run right, which you are finding while trying to time it. Try correcting the timing, it may run good.
  8. The injectors in a 236/282 will flow way more fuel than it can burn. I set up pumps for pulling this type of class a lot. Not every pump shop understands how to set up the load sensing advance along with turning the fuel delivery up some. Those 2 things are kind of a delicate balance lol!
  9. not out anything but your time lol! But, anytime I try to save money it costs me twice as much lol!
  10. AC turbos are kind of unique being on center turbine style. Better off just using a stock T04 for a 1066.
  11. tighten it up, 5/16 gr8 bolt, about 25ft lbs
  12. These are a good place for an H1C for a 5.9 cummins in a tractor. The 3LD has been tough to get in the last few years.
  13. I use 2 stroke oil in my chainsaw and weedeaters, and diesel fuel additives in my diesel tanks! The old days thinking was the ATF was a very high detergent oil that could be used at oil change or once a year type intervals, and it would clean it up inside. The down side to ATF is it is a friction enhanced oil, for the clutches to grab so to speak, plus it's red so the dot thinks you're running off road fuel in your pickups lol! I use oil additives in my oil too by the way. Back when the atf was used, there wasn't the quality fuel additives we have today. Stanadyne, Alliant, Primrose, Schaffer, Archoil, RevEx are some I carry, and use myself.
  14. The problem comes when they rust in the cups in the cylinder head. If someone has had them out in the past and put anti seize on them, it helps a lot. Which is another good reason to get them out and serviced on a semi regular basis. Old manuals said at 1000 hrs have injectors serviced properly. Nobody messes with them until one or more have failed lol! Getting them out often involves violent force which can remove the cup itself with the injector. This is why if run into difficulty removing them, drain cooling system before getting violent removing them. When a cup comes out all the coolant goes into the cylinder.
  15. An injector can have the needle gall, seize and stick, thus not allowing the fuel from the pump to be injected, so resulting in a dead end to the injection event. Bad news on an injection pump, especially one you cannot buy hard parts for lol! But hey, what do I know lol!
  16. Run good, clean fuel in it, and get it and the injectors serviced at some point before they fail. Typically neglected injectors is what leads to failures of the VA pump. The VA pumps typically just need resealed, which is good they don't take many parts, because not many are even available anymore lol! Just did a 574 pump here a week ago and was under 700 with shipping. Want to stay ahead on a preventive maintenance schedule, get the injectors serviced, but they can be tough to remove which can lead to opening Pandora's box lol! If you haven't had to work on it, you must be running good fuel & filters, just keep it up! The best time to have this stuff serviced is when an engine is all apart for a rebuild.
  17. due to the flex ring plugging up the return fitting. Unless someone has recently installed the pump, and accidentally rolled the seal, the seal has blown because of the plugged return. This is a pretty common thing. Those seals never just fail by themselves. After looking up what pump would be on it, it does indeed use a DB2, which will have the cup seals and very likely the broken down flex ring as mentioned above.
  18. That little kink isn't hurting anything as far as fuel flow on that tractor.
  19. Those aren't custom built housings, the whole pump is for a Renault or Peugeot application. A local customer of mine bought one thinking it was a direct bolt on, (wasn't from the place listed) and he immediately had it seize up. So he had me fix it all back up, a brand new pump lol! And I then calibrated it to be like the VA he replaced. The new pump was only set for about half the fuel output. The reason his locked up is the CAV DPA pump being a different shape than the VA, was hitting the block, and he didn't notice, and that caused a misalignment of the drive, thus the seizure. His was a small crawler, thinking was a 3 cyl. His VA had a crack in the head leaking fuel. The guy listed above may be correcting the settings on them.
  20. good to know, I was also under the impression the dimensions were the same on the V as the inline. So that puts the 3408 at 1099 CID, and the 3412 at 1649CID, still large engines.
  21. simple test is see if it runs with the timing window off.
  22. very common on Roosa pumps that sit a long time. things get gummed up inside, and they don't want to work right. I rebuild a lot of them for this very reason. Now, hopefully it's not seized! If the pump turns inside and the marks come up, then it's not seized.
  23. Looks like the valve cover has IHC V800 written on it. Interesting topic. Was the Big Mack V8 the 998 cid? Also the 3408 is a much larger engine than the others being discussed at 1190cid. I think it's advantage is it is the same bore and stroke as the 3406, just configured in a V8. It is hard for these really large cid engines to not make torque. The 2255 was a good horse, and it could be said the 2-180 eventually replaced it, with 30 more hp. The 2255 uses the same rear end as the G1355, with the outboard planetaries. The 2-135, 2-155, & 2-180 were all a completely redesigned drivetrain, with inboard planetaries. A 2-180 with a 636 cid na Cat 3208 is actually a torque monster. Once again, large cubes and no turbo makes a lug monster.
  24. Odd are many more seals will start leaking. The Bosch VA is not a pump for the weekend do it your selfer to work on. Take it off and take it to your local fuel injection shop that knows how to work on VA pumps. Not many of us left lol! Parts are non existent, and many diy jobs end up damaging irreplaceable parts.
  25. The Deere 8850 is a 955. Technically Massey Ferguson and Perkins were owned by the same company for a while, that is how they were able to claim as their own engines. BTW, did the V8 tractors have a slower ring & pinion due to the higher rpm of the DV550? So putting in a 6 cyl, leave you with a slower ground speed than a standard 1466 or even an already slow 1566?
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