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    I own a 57-F cub, IH 274, F-560, F-SC LP, F-A , Ford 4000, Ford 2000, JD M, corn pickers, hay equipment, Cub cadets, AC mowers and hay equipment. Sweet Potatoe equipment. Lots of Vegetable planters, plows etc. Ford F600,and two Scouts diesel.

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  1. James Wilson

    The Human Race

    We are just bad animal, we kill for sport.
  2. James Wilson

    International 404

    Looking for the 404 guy in Wisconsin.
  3. James Wilson

    C-135 in the 404-What's Available?

    Parts or available only for the first serial number. That is where International change the pistons, and the company that made those are no longer making them.
  4. James Wilson

    Farmall Cub

    No Sleeves, there are kits.
  5. James Wilson

    IH 240

    Just buy you a wide front off CL. They say the wide front off a C,SC,200,230 will fit the 240. I see them from $300 to $600.
  6. James Wilson

    IH 240 Fast Hitch troubles

    Here is one, was running last fall. Has been in his family since 70s, $700 OBO. In Miss, PM me for his number, and if you need help getting it I have a winch, I will help.
  7. James Wilson

    IH 240 Fast Hitch troubles

    Nice tractor David, I have a farmall 240. What part of AL or you in?
  8. James Wilson

    Florence Hurricane

  9. James Wilson

    Florence Hurricane

    Just wondering, I see people and dogs and cats rescued from the flood. Did this flood not reach some livestock? My wife said she read that NC is a large hog state, and that the flood got in the lagoons and hog manure is every where. I wanted to see what the flood looked like on the farms. If any one on this forum live there please show some damage on the farms.
  10. James Wilson

    Fast Hitch Sickle Bar Mower

    I see lots of fast hitch mowers for sale for a SC with the rod on one side and a axle brace on the other. Will that mower work on a 230 ? I assume it will but where does that long rod hook up to? I would buy one but I do not have a SC, I have a 230 and a 240. My 240 has large prongs.
  11. James Wilson

    Making Loose Hay

    This was better than TV.
  12. James Wilson

    606 and 656

    If you can put a 301 in a 606, will a 301 fit in a 656 Utility?
  13. James Wilson

    Nike's Getting Burned... Literally

    And burning shoes, they better wear them out, and then decide what brand to buy. If you want to say something, speak. People say and do for worst things to us than take a nee at a game. And we say nothing, and some time when we speak, it is like pouring gas on a fire.
  14. James Wilson

    Nike's Getting Burned... Literally

    Good Cop, Bad Cop. I was a good cop back in 76, I works with a few bad cops, but bad cops in 76 would be a good cop today. Bad Cops now days are like new tractors. They look good, but they are not made out of any thing, that will last.