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    I own a 57-F cub, IH 274, F-560, F-SC LP, F-A , Ford 4000, Ford 2000, JD M, corn pickers, hay equipment, Cub cadets, AC mowers and hay equipment. Sweet Potatoe equipment. Lots of Vegetable planters, plows etc. Ford F600,and two Scouts diesel.

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  1. The name on the topper is ayFway.
  2. The Terra has the same wheel base as the Travelall.
  3. Yes, 1977 Terra with a shell made for the Terra because they have the long wheel base.
  4. It has been raining all day, so I have this picture of when I brought it home. The strap over the topper was for safety while hauling it. It runs good but I need to find the banjo fittings on the fuel lines from the filter to the pump. If anyone knows where I can get those, please let me know. I'll post more pics one day.
  5. Yes, I will take some Monday and get my wife to post them on this post.
  6. This 77 has a topper, or what I call a camper shell. Never ever saw one for a Scout until this one.
  7. I had a 77 Scout 4x4 diesel I drove until the body was gone. I never got over selling it, so a 77 Scout diesel 4x2 was for sale and I got it. Though about changing it to 4x4, and I really do not know why I would. Every Scout I see is 4x4, I want to drive around in my 4x2. I am not going to be trail riding. When I had the 4x4 it would go where ever I wanted to go in two wheel drive, it had positive rear end. I would put fire wood in the back and go.
  8. I know how to kill it.
  9. If no one on this forum have one but me, that mean there are 8,999 tractors out there, plus the ones at Tractorhouse.
  10. They are nothing great, then I have never seed a International, or any other brand that is. It is all about what one like.
  11. They are not rare, but hard to find. When I got mine in 07. it took me two years to find one that was close. They sale right up there with the tractors you guys like. Mine is not for sale.
  12. Correction, 83 model 274. Wow no one on here has a 274, that makes mine worth the big bucks.
  13. How many International 274 owners on this forum? I have an 84 Int 274 with 653 hrs, and I just met a Kubota Dealer in NC that have one with 200 hrs.
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