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    I own a 57-F cub, IH 274, F-560, F-SC LP, F-A , Ford 4000, Ford 2000, JD M, corn pickers, hay equipment, Cub cadets, AC mowers and hay equipment. Sweet Potatoe equipment. Lots of Vegetable planters, plows etc. Ford F600,and two Scouts diesel.

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  1. It would be nice to see some more LP tractors pictures.
  2. I am looking to trade this one for a one row. I have a lp kit on a super C, that I want to put on a SA, or 100,130,140.
  3. I think it is for a 560,460. The 560 tank has four bolt holes for the cover on tank, My 504 have three. I have been looking for that cover for my 504. I think the 706 has three holes like the 504, and is shaped different than the 560.
  4. I have a small one on wheels. Great Disc. 22 in Blades.
  5. The Tank has a three bolt pattern. Fudwayne who made yours for the 404?
  6. I am looking for the cover that goes on the LP Tank. Hard to find.
  7. I want to buy a 140, 100 or 130 and put the LP Tank, and kit off of my SC on one of the tractors I listed. My question is a SC gas tank and the gas Tanks on the 140,100,130 all the same size? I do not want to go and buy one if the LP tank want fit. The LP Tank on the SC mounts in the same place as the Gas Tank would.
  8. I wish I did not have Vertigo, I miss driven those high sitting farmalls.
  9. In my clay ground I will not buy any Disc with out scrappers to clean the blades. I have one like your picture that I can not use unless there is no moister, or it will pack dirt between the blades, and you have to dig it out.
  10. Hit me now and then. I cannot drive high sitting Tractors any more. I had to sale all of them, I feel better on Fords.
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