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  1. cub- 100- 200- 300- 300 utility-330-400-600-560-1066 hydro hi-clear- super c- H - H with loader -SMTA
  2. Happy New Year every one. Lets for better times ahead
  3. Way back when my brothers kids were in their teens on the farm he had a big old sow that had died. He and his wfe where going on a overnight snowmobile trip. Before they left he gave instructions to have the dead sow draged to road to be picked up. Those boys and their buddies also went sleding that night. When they got home after dark they remembered they had forgotten about dragging the dead sow to the road. That is when one of the lads had a bright idea. There was lots of snow on the sideroads and they were close to town lets take the sow for a ride. So downtown they went with the sow behin
  4. My dad came t Canada from Holland in 1952.I was 7yrs old. the first tractor was a massey 30 then added a farmall sc.traded the 30 for a farmall 300 which I stillown (in the picture) I still have it, bought the massey back.JD 730 JD3020 JD4010 300 utility david brown 950 gas. Combines McoMick 76 Massey 82. Then i startet farming Ford 5000 JD4020 Ford 8600 JD3020 Ford 9600 Ford 7000 NH8770 Ford TW25 JD4650 JD4450 (the 4450 and the 300 Still own). Collecter tractors now own Farmall SC F 200 F560 F-H F-H with loader F SMTA- F-100 F140 F-cub INT- 300U- INT-330 INT-600 JD4020 JD730 JD 80 JD-
  5. Was mainly farrow to finish hog farmer for 40 yrs. Started on a broken down 100 ac farm back in 69 on which the house had burned down so lived in a 10x 40 trailer from aug to Nov. Then moved a house from London On. some 30 miles to said farm. With a lot of hard work and long hrs and along with two sons working on farm enden up owing 500 acres and renting another 500 which the sons eventualy took over. After the hog price crash in 98 we along with another some 300 other farmers purchased uor own pig processing plant known as 3ppp,s Conestoga packers. At first it cost us a checkoff but eventual
  6. You got to know your your limits. Reminds me 50 yrs ago when planting corn in the days of bagged fertilizer and hand balming it into the planter. I had made the mistake of telling my new bride that we probably needed about 3 tons of fertilzer for this field.. I sent her out to get said fertilizer with my new 1/2 ton chevy pickup. When she got back she said ok i got it all but the guys at plant kept giving me a hard time about putting 3 ton on the truck but i got er all. Every body kept looking at me as I was going down the road. I looked at her with wide eyes and said you have
  7. Just a little humor or----not? --son just built a 126 ft silo for high moisture corn like to have it at 19 to 23%. Purchased wallinga blower to fill it months ago and had it in the shed. Got the blower out to start filling the silo, hooked it all up and gave it a test run to see if everything was working as it should. Worked great and the first thing up the silo was a possum. I guess he went to sleep in the pipes when it in the shed. Must of been one **** of a ride though until he hit the floor. It was a non survivable event. . .
  8. Thanks so much guys great pictures shows it perfectly.. Thanks again.πŸ˜€
  9. Does anyone have a picture of where and how the crank is located on a 1948 H that operates de radiator shutters
  10. Dont like to post bad news on the site but since we are on the accident subject I just want to remind every one how quickly someting tragic can happen. We had a local young farmer in our area that was running a skid steer last Saturday. Somehow his 2-1/2 yr old son wandered out to see what dad was doing. The youngster got behind the skid steer dad didn't see him when he backed up ran over him and he died of injuries. Just want to say to the younger generation know where your kids are when running equipment on the farm. You never get over something like that.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™to the family
  11. Does some one have a wiring diagram for a TD-6 that I could copy off this site. My shop manual seems to have that page missing.
  12. Still some of those semi trailer hoists in our area but no longer being used. Probably 20 or more years back farmer was unloading a semi and had forgotten to set the air brakes. when the whole rig was up in the air the gate behind the trailer that kept them from rolling back failed becuase of the exsesive strain on it without the brakes being on, rolled back on the man and killed him. shortly after that they where all shut down.
  13. Had that happen to a mk100 same make auger. Was filling a bin and with auger running full the hydraulic hose developed a bad leak at the coupler behind the shutoff valve. You get that sinking feeling when you see it slowly lowering and finally come to rest with the tube bent all to h**l.
  14. its a diesel but starts on gas as you should know having an older TD -9. Seller just a little short on I-H knowledge.
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