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  1. decals

    Sounds like a unanimous vote for Maple hunter. I will check them out . Thanks for replies guy's.
  2. decals

    where is the best place to order quality complete decal sets for I-H tractors
  3. WD9 clutch conversion

    Thanks for the replies,I guess it comes down to wheter or not I want to through the trouble of changing it over or not.. thanks Harry.
  4. The Passing of a Forum Member

    Sorry for your loss Kevin. Condolences to you and your family. Will be looking for end results of restoration.
  5. WD9 clutch conversion

    Some -one told me , don't change it because a w9 with hand clutch is worth more than one with foot clutch. Any truth to this or is it just one mans opinion. What are the opinions on this site?.
  6. WD9 clutch conversion

    I would agree with you but the guy that wants the wd9 ,once almost killed some-one backing up to hitch up an implement. He was not used to a hand clutch and when he got in a pinch automaticly went for the foot clutch, which of course was not there and dam near ran over the person hitching him up. He wants nothing to do a hand clutch.
  7. WD9 clutch conversion

    So is the chassis the same, because on the hand clutch being the right side with foot clutch we have to move linkage to the left right side. ??
  8. WD9 clutch conversion

    What is involved in converting a hand clutch on a WD9 to foot clutch, or is it possible to do so at all.
  9. 1066 registry

    I was browsing trough the serial numbers and found when I had origanly posted #9715 back in 2012, I was starting a restoration at that time and never got back to you with a picture of the restoration so i am sending it now. We have moved in the meantime from Watford on. to Strathroy on. if you wish to update your file.
  10. 666 power steering issue

    Okay ,everything working again as it should. All related to crappy dirty oil and water. Replaced filter (filter and that little prescreen was pretty much plugged solid). Cracked steering lines and cleaned out as kuchnoil as i could by rotating steering wheel, and then with front raised moved wheels from side to side getting most of the old oil out. cleaned all crap out of differential case,, put in new oil and good to go. thanks for any advice given . You guys on this site are awesome. Harry.
  11. Canadian healthcare

    We are a smaller center of 20.000 population 30 miles from London On. We have our own hospital witch is quite good at servising the needs of the surounding area. As Goerge stated ,sometimes wait times can be an issue but that is mostly for for non life threatening or elective surgeries. I am 73 had one knee replaced 3yrs ago second one 2yrs ago. Had about a1yr waiting time for each surgery. The local doctor that does knees and hips is well liked and does good work. If you go the other way 30 miles out Sarnia witch is located 30 miles from us also wait times have been as short as 3-4 wks. Some of these wait times are determined by funds being allocated. I know in the case of our hospital the province allocates only so much for hip and knee surgery for any given yr. so that limits them to how many they can do.The cost to me in including after surgery physico therapy $0.00. Our system is not perfect but as a whole any-one that needs hospital care gets it, and waiting times to see a specialist can be much too long,but if it is life threatening you will be looked after.
  12. 666 power steering issue

    Can't say for sure,and the grandson who owns the tractor is now in new zealand. I will enquire.
  13. 666 power steering issue

    Good to know Pete23, I was of the same opinion that there was nothig wrong in the area I was looking at. I will check the two filters next , the one you mentioned on the right side ( main filter), and also the smaller one on the left side at the hydraulic pump. Will check for bad o-ring at pipe also. There was very little oil that was milky , and it drained out the drain plug first. So what in your opiniun is the best way to clean this up. Install a tap in drain hole and every time tractor sits a few days after use drain a little oil off Will this eventually clean it up, this tractor is not going to be doing much work?. Thanks. Harry.
  14. 666 power steering issue

    Yes the coupler on the steel tube is the nut that is just visible at the top of the picture, runs along the bottom of the case then appears to go to rubber hose right under the crown gear.where id the pickup to supply the oil to the hydraulic pump. this pipe going up seems to there to lubricate the differential in case of low oil since it has what appear to be drip pipes across the top of the differential cage. So again where does the hydraulic pump pick up its oil supply?.
  15. 666 power steering issue

    madder656, Is the you meaan attached to this tube . You can just vaguely see the end of it under the top drive shaft, It is about 5/8 or 3/4 inch but then gets quite a bit bigger. could some-one have put a screen on it ?. If I am looking in the right place, can i take that pipe out by disconnecting it at coupling just visible at top of picture to inspect the end Can't see under crown gear to see the end of that tube. I'm not a mechanic so don't want to remove somthing i can't put back on without having to do a major teardown. This tractor comes from a home where maintenance is not on the agenda. Even thou oil was changed there was still a little water in the bottom of case when drain plug was removed and as you can see some of the oil in the bottom of rear end was milky. Looking trough case I-H Parts book I see there is a filter at the hydraulic pump also Have not checked that yet. could not find that pipe in parts book. what is the hose you mentioned attached to?.