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  1. Brian yes, that is one I started on track/idler/idler restore got a bit lost, rebuilt a lot, now have a bunch of uc stuff etc and even a pto to go with it. I just have to many other projects, I have to move on. Love the new loader project
  2. maybe grafting in your old TD340 engine? parting that machine out soon, just no time to get all the u/c stuff I got to go back in
  3. 15k lbs i can get it moved for free by friend as long as within state
  4. Yep got it for about 6 delivered, 80 miles. i haven’t seen much in that price for the condition. Beat jd350 are well over 10k here (this is jd450 size ) very happy to have new motor/ uc i think your numbers are about right and feel that I got a great machine at a great price
  5. Agree mmi, for farm use and playing, I should be good. U/c is all berco. I will post up the rollers, sprockets, idlers, track/pto/pump/engine/new clutches etc or someone can reach out via pm/email at plastikosmd at yahoo dot com
  6. Ok here is plan b new u/c, new motor t340 and td340 and pto parts for sale soon
  7. looks like moving on, newer machine with new engine/uc etc T340 parts to be posted soon
  8. It isn’t just bearings, just always something rebushed front idlers, good motor and pump, rollers, sprockets and a pto to boot I plan to look at a couple machines this week and make a decision part and scrap or keep moving on
  9. Plan b didn’t work out either I may go back to plan a or move on. This project has stalled for me... on the plus side there will be a lot of t340 parts available to someone!
  10. Well bearings fell though, I have a line on a new set and a “work around” stay tuned
  11. Yes inner and outer are different inner are ok, outer shot pdf was perfect now that idlers are done and I get these bearings in i should be good to go other than hard steer on right track
  12. Ok 2 st223a bearings on order $275 in total will update on installation when they arrive hope to get this project done this year! thx a million mmi
  13. Looking for someone to help with spec to order/ replace something similar to the caged ball set in final drive.
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