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  1. K&M door cylinder

    I just put a set on my 1086 a couple of months ago. I had a set on another 1086 I sold, and when I got this 1086 it's the first thing I noticed was how much harder it is to get in and out of the tractor without them. They open the door for you and hold it open .... World of difference.....
  2. 1086 mcv gauge help

    Take out the plugs and go to your nearest hyd shop. Grease gun hose is the same as the lube pressure threads.
  3. 756 clutch

    Hy cap or AG parts are both excellent
  4. 1456 mcv

    Got a 1456 in the shop, not really familiar with this as we have 66 and 86 models. Anyway guy says steering is slow and no rear Hydraulics. So we got two problems. Rear pump was junk I figured the front pump wasn't far behind and the gear was chucking on the shaft, so I replaced both and re spring the mcv like I always do. Rear hyd are fine, steering is still not right. I only have 5 lbs at lube, had 15 at lube when it came in. Lower regulator pressure is 320 9 gpm pump put in. Took the mcv back out and double checked everything but it all looks ok. No o rings blown, all valves are installed correctly and move freely. Would the power steering control valve cause low lube pressure?? Never dealt with one of these control valves, not sure what it does....
  5. 1456 mcv

    Put the mcv back on. Still have 320 at the relief valve and 15 at lube. Steering seems fine now. Brakes work and ta shifts. Pressures don't change when going from love to high on the ta. Steering to the stops I thought the pressures were supposed to drop but nothing changes there either, but maybe it's different for the older series vrs the 66-86 as they have different steering setups. Probably will pull out the springs and put the old ones back in to get that pressure down. I just hope it doesn't drop my lube pressure.
  6. 1456 mcv

    Not the regulator, the relief valve that is in that port.. should it be in place or pull it out to test that lower pressure??
  7. 1456 mcv

    Another question, should I be checking the lower pressure with the regulator in or out???????
  8. 1456 mcv

    I checked all that last night. Will pull everything and check again after lunch..
  9. 1456 mcv

    I guess I'll make sure that check valve is ok. Maybe test it with the plug in. Probably put the old regulator springs in. The kit is from Ag parts, covers all models from 06-86
  10. 1456 mcv

    No it pretty much stays the same. Drops a little in the middle. Jim
  11. 1456 mcv

  12. 1066 main wiring harness

    I have a 1066 that the main wiring harness shorted out between the starter and the steering column. pretty fried so I'm just gonna get a new one. this tractor originally had a voltage regulator and got switched over to eliminate it. my question is do I need the original main wiring harness, and make the connections. or the later one without the voltage regulator. I am not sure what else they switched on the tractors when they updated the alternators. thanks
  13. NY Auction

  14. NY Auction

    Was not expecting that 1066 with the 466 to go that high... But it only takes 2 bidders... Friend of mine bought the black stripe, he wanted both of them 1066s
  15. 1086 Split Recommendations

    Ag parts or Hy cap. I have to put a ta in my 1086 also. Going with Ag parts as they run a little cheaper at this time. On the HD ta units available ag parts has a 5 yr warranty , Hy cap dropped their warranty to 4 years. I'm a dealer for both companies...... Do the entire ipto assembly including the cage....
  16. Who Rebuilds a TA that will last? 706-1586

    Just had to do a clutch on my 766 ( ipto oil leak) clutch and pp were BMD as well as the TA. All installed around 2002-2003. Ta still has no excessive end play..... I'm really impressed!!!
  17. 856 pto and other issues

    PTO kits and shafts are available from the aftermarket companies. Hy cap, A&I, Ag Parts. Excellent quality at a substantial savings vrs case ih. We have used kits from all 3 with zero problems. You do however need a tool to remove the large spring inside the PTO. A lot of pressure on it and should be left to someone with some experience.
  18. 1086 Door issue

    Bought a used 1086, one of the doors has a loose hinge. Looks like it's sandwiched between the inner and outer shell. Anyway the lower hinge will move in and out between an inch to 1 1/2 inches. Anyone have a good idea of how to repair this??
  19. 1086 Door issue

    I ended up doing it from the front side as I could have the door shut and everything lined up to weld it.
  20. Engine coolant ph

    What should the engine coolant ph be in a 1066 or 1086 tractor??
  21. 1086 Door issue

    Is that hinge welded to the inside or outside piece?? Or both??? Thanks.....
  22. 1086 Door issue

  23. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Helps to put blocks on the forks up to the Axel housing to keep it level.....
  24. 986 rear axel housing removal

    Skid steer or forklift also works well , put forks under tire chain it back. Some like to remove tire and rim. We don't bother....
  25. T/As' and Red Paint

    Ag parts and Hy cap both have solid TA units. We have used both with no problems. Lehman's uses both ag parts and allied units last I knew. I do think the AG Parts units are a little better with a heavier sprag.