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  1. HD PTO clutch packs in older tractors.

    Biggest problem I see is people not setting the pressure after doing a PTO job. These tractors are old and we just do a complete rebuild on any PTO we do not know has been done before. We use the HD kits.....
  2. 806

    The rear ends on all these tractors have 3 plugs. One under the drawbar that is 1/2 square drive, and one on each Axel housing that are both 3/8 square drive. Oil can get into the Axel housing from the center section, but can not get back out on the lower half. So if not drained you have old oil trapped in each Axel housing.....
  3. 1086 mcv gauge help

    for lube pressure, i have a 60lb gauge. normal pressure is around 20lbs regulator pressure is a 600 lb gauge, normal just under 300 lbs.
  4. 1086 mcv gauge help

    I have a hose made so I can see lube pressure while in the seat..... No big deal just go to a place that makes hyd hoses.
  5. Ih 1466 hard shifting

    Go through and adjust clutch, ta, dump valve and tranny brake per the manual.
  6. K&M door cylinder

    I just put a set on my 1086 a couple of months ago. I had a set on another 1086 I sold, and when I got this 1086 it's the first thing I noticed was how much harder it is to get in and out of the tractor without them. They open the door for you and hold it open .... World of difference.....
  7. 1086 mcv gauge help

    Take out the plugs and go to your nearest hyd shop. Grease gun hose is the same as the lube pressure threads.
  8. 756 clutch

    Hy cap or AG parts are both excellent
  9. 1456 mcv

    Put the mcv back on. Still have 320 at the relief valve and 15 at lube. Steering seems fine now. Brakes work and ta shifts. Pressures don't change when going from love to high on the ta. Steering to the stops I thought the pressures were supposed to drop but nothing changes there either, but maybe it's different for the older series vrs the 66-86 as they have different steering setups. Probably will pull out the springs and put the old ones back in to get that pressure down. I just hope it doesn't drop my lube pressure.
  10. 1456 mcv

    Not the regulator, the relief valve that is in that port.. should it be in place or pull it out to test that lower pressure??
  11. 1456 mcv

    Another question, should I be checking the lower pressure with the regulator in or out???????
  12. 1456 mcv

    I checked all that last night. Will pull everything and check again after lunch..
  13. 1456 mcv

    I guess I'll make sure that check valve is ok. Maybe test it with the plug in. Probably put the old regulator springs in. The kit is from Ag parts, covers all models from 06-86
  14. 1456 mcv

    No it pretty much stays the same. Drops a little in the middle. Jim
  15. 1456 mcv