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  1. 3788 plowing

    looks like I need to get the cylinder rebuilt Thanks
  2. 3788 plowing

    I hear you with the leaking. My thing is when it's under load it or pulls harder is the packed ground it when it really kicks in. is there a way to have it stop doing that and just stay in the ground? Or is this all because of the leaking? Thanks!
  3. 3788 plowing

  4. 3788 plowing

    Okay here's my deal. I'm plowing with my 3788 it's only a 4 x 18 plow so should be very easy pulling even though my dirt is heavy black dirt. When I'm plowing it keeps wanting to lift and drop lift then drop constantly. I assume that is the draft sensitivity I have that all the way too heavy and still doing it Any ideas how I can get this to stop doing this?
  5. J.I. Case 400 need help with pictures

    I noticed that now that I looked
  6. J.I. Case 400 need help with pictures

    Awesome! Any idea on the side plugs? they are on the right side
  7. I'm needing to change the rear end fluid on my 400 Gas. It was my Dad's and he can't remember how to do it. Could someone help me out and tell me whats what on these pictures? What one is the fill? what one is the check on the second picture What fluid do I use? Thanks
  8. Cab leaking 88 series

    I'm at work wanting to pick this up on the way how. How many feet does it take?
  9. 3788 lights not working

    Here is a update. Last fall I just worked with the field lights and did not have my two front and two back lights but got the field work done. So this spring I decided to dig into it again. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I looked at the connector on the back of the switch and i had it connected but not the top row of blades on the switch. So I'm assuming by cleaning everything up and making the connectors engage better last fall would have worked except one major issue. If you don't put it it back together right you can't expect magic to happen. I figured I owed you guys for all your help some closer on what happened. Some days I tell you....... Thanks again for all your help this forum is awesome.
  10. Alternator Issue

    I put a meter on it and the reading jumps around 14 to over 15. Same thing right off the alternator
  11. Alternator Issue

    Sorry Guys I have a 5088. I cleaned the 2 blade connector and I cleaned where the cable attaches to the alternator. I also cleaned the battery post and where the battery cables connect to the starter.
  12. Alternator Issue

    Hello Here is what I have. When I start my tractor on my gauge on the dash the needle starts at 12 volts then moves slowly to almost to 15 but stays in the green. then it start so move back and forth in the green on the right side of the gauge. What is going on? is it the voltage regulator? Or is the Alternator bad? Thanks
  13. 3788 lights not working

    Thanks for the schematic it helped. But still not working here is where i'm at I have power to the Green wire in the connector. I checked it with my Multi-meter red on the connector and black on a screw on the tractor. So I tried to jump it with a piece of wire from the green connector to the flashers and nothing. I jumpered the yellow wire (which has always worked) to the flashers and it worked. I also jumped to to the HL (Ref your schematic) and the front lights came on. So what is going on? Bad ground is all I can think of. looking for some ideas. I'm getting real sick of chasing my tail on this one. Thanks for all your help so far.
  14. 3788 lights not working

    Ok so the inline fuses are factory? I just thought the previous owner hot wires this thing some how. so from what I ccould tell the upper right is a yellow wire it it had power. are you saying that the other power wire is green and that powers all the other lights? Also by looking at fuse panel the bottom fuse is not there. there is a wire attached to the right side of the fuse holder but no wire attache to the left side. does someone have a picture of what theirs looks like? I'm at work so I will be looking at it tonight again.
  15. 3788 lights not working

    ok I worked on it again tonight. I took the connector off the switch to see if there is power to the switch.There was power to the yellow wire. So I took the switch out and check with my multi-meter ohms of I had between it blade on the back of the connector so as I rotated the switch through the only spot I was getting a connection was one blade and that must be the one that runs the flashers.. So i'm assuming the switch is bad. Can they go bad that fast? and all the spots except the flashers?....seems strange to me.