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  1. Pulled with WTPA nice run but not enough HP ended up in back half of class. I was still very happy because the tractor ran and did not break.
  2. Thanks I was happy that it ran. Still waiting my good pump. I am down on HP and was in back of the pack of LLSS in WI. Hopefully parts for pump will show up this week. have good one.
  3. Yes, the princess dethroned the King. I talked to him yesterday and I think he figure out what was wrong.
  4. After much work and waiting on parts got back on track Friday, ran against HSS tractors. Was like taking hickory stick to gun fight. I used it as testing opportunity. https://youtu.be/K4roRzx5tp4
  5. Here is why I am so anal about proper wheelie bars. One accident could end pulling when insurance gets too expense to buy. Be careful and have fun.
  6. I understand you thinking, but the way they measure area is the area that first contacts the surface. If you get a tough Tec. person you may not be able to pull. The main thing is being safe and having fun.
  7. Here is close up of my hitch. There is brace that goes up to hitch point on transmission housing. I would be careful about using pipe for foot. Below is NTPA requirements a lot of association follow them. I would just roll front edge up. I would hate to see not allowed to pull because your wheelie bars are not correct. Minimum requirements for the wheelie bars are as follows - A: 10"maximum above ground. B: The back of the wheelie bar is to extend 5" behind the tire radius. Pads - 5" square minimum, spaced minimum of 20" from outside each pad.
  8. My hitch uses pto cover and hitch anchor point on transmission case. Will try to get better picture next time I at the shop.
  9. Great run and great for you helping young puller get started. If the sport of pulling is going to continue, we need the next generation involve.
  10. When across certified scale last Saturday, the good news is total weight loss was 300 lbs. Tractor 285 lbs. and driver 15 lbs. so far.
  11. One think that has not been mentioned is if you have accident even if not your fault if don't have proper license your insurance company can refuse to cover you. I know some horse people that found out the hard way. Just something to think about. Do you want to lose the farm over not have correct driver's license?
  12. Good luck, be safe and have fun.
  13. EXProduct ST3314 HAUST GAS TEMP, PRO STEPPER MOTOR, 52MM, BLK, 0-2000 °F Product ST3314 . I have probe installed under turbo is standard position. Have you checked timing on the pump more timing less exhaust heat. You all would not want to know how high my EGT's run ever with water injection. Good luck.
  14. I only use auto meter EGT Gauge rated to 2000-degree F. My opinion if you are going to run any gauge make sure it's accurate.
  15. Just let me know. You will see some neat engineering.
  16. Dale, next time you're coming to the twin cities area, I would be willing to arrange for you to tour and meet the King of Smoke. Let me know. Travel safely.
  17. I use RTV gasket maker and never have had leak on my 400 series engine.
  18. Looks like we lost 200 lbs off the rear end. That's what we were hoping for.
  19. I don't know. I have pressure lube rear end so only run 2 to 3 gallons of hy tran. I have heard of issues long term with foam. My tractor has run this system since 94. Good luck.
  20. Cage is done and mounted on tractor. Will be interesting to see how much total weight was lost.
  21. Check your grounds. I have seen poor ground cause all lights to blink.
  22. I am hoping someone has the bearing and seal # for outer end of rear axle of a 656. Thanks in advance for the help.
  23. Yes give the King a call and he may tell you want he up to.
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