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  1. Update on cage. Just have to finish seat and d then take cage off tractor to weld up. Then grinding and painting starts.
  2. When I installed my gun safe in garage the safe company gave me 4 hockey pucks to drill holes through and place between the bottom of the safe and concrete floor to eliminate any moisture coming from the floor. Cheap insurance.
  3. twood1954


    As I get older it seems like I need a shot of JD ether to get started on theses cold morning. I stepped out of the shop on south side yesterday afternoon and notices that snow against the junk pile was starting to melt. I believe we are winning sun getting some heat back into. Yea.
  4. dom chrome moly was over $17 per foot if you can find it. Should still be over 100 lbs. ligther than old cage and in my opinon much stronger.
  5. Thanks for Birthday wishes. How I plan on spending my 68th year on earth.
  6. Update on new cage project, a couple braces to tack in and then build new seat and weld and paint and it will be done.
  7. After much discussion it was determined that either the tractor or the driver had to go on diet so would have more front-end weight. It seemed easier for the tractor to lose weight. New cage should be 100 lbs. lighter. Gun drilling axles and drilled brake rotors should lose over 250 lbs. Sorry for pictures being sideways. I can't seem to get the right way.
  8. Here is video of combine converted into snow blower looks pretty coo.
  9. 2" Crome molly 0.95 wall 2 inch pipe $15.00 per foot up from $3.00 per foot fall of 20.
  10. We are talking about going retro look like the late 70'ies or 80'ies when the SS ran 12000 and most of the used rear wheel weights. a
  11. It depends on a lot of things in how the pump is built. I wouldn't go less than 32 degrees before TDC,. I run more than 40 degrees before TDC.
  12. Does anyone know someone that makes IH rear wheel weights out of plastic or fiber glass. Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Thanks for all the answers. I running 656 rear end in LLSS with good part in it. The bet came about as another guy is starting to build a LLSS and he was thinking about using 560. I told him that he would not have enough front end weight. I am working on getting more front end weight. On good track I can't run draw bar at 20 inches.
  14. Trying to find out approximate weight difference between a 560 and 460 rear end and transmission and a 460. Thanks
  15. I just found this video of first pull of this year. Still had small pump and old turbo.
  16. I am running a p pump and 3x4 turbo. If you are running 100 pump I would talk to a pump shop. I don't know much about 100 pumps and there internal timing. fire ring might be over kill but I recommend doing it right once is better that re doing it.
  17. I would fire ring it with hiremax (sp) fire rings and head gasket. I am running over 90+ boost on stock head bolts. A rich motor runs cooler than lean one. You can go more on timing. I have run over 40 degrees advance just makes tractor harder starting. good luck Are you restricted to stock looking pump?
  18. Your correct larger exhaust housing slows the turbo down buy can makes it harder to light depending on how big the turbo is. Have you tried changing your timing. More advance can lower EGTS. More fuel may help too. If you can I would inject water. How high are you EGTS. I try not to go over 1700 on my tractor..
  19. Good luck at the pull. Love the looks of the 650.
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