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  1. I want to thank everyone for information. Will let know what I do. Thanks again.
  2. I am in the process starting shop build after first of the year if everything goes as planned. I wonder if anyone has set a couple length of I-beams in concrete floor as point to tie to straight things. When I was kid the old black smith had beams in floor and would weld fasten hooks to it and uses jack to bend things. Just looking for suggestion and maybe pictures. Thanks in advance for help.
  3. I agree we need to thank God for all blessing we have received.
  4. I went to school at Aledo, Suzy was freshman when I was senior. Great voice and very nice lady who was fun to talk to. She was lifeguard at the local pool. Not hard to look. at. Thanks
  5. Tomorrow, we start the project to build a shop We are excited. Grandson Calvin wanted to run the grader.
  6. Alton Brown has good video on frying turkeys.
  7. thanks for advice. I picked up oil for first oil change yesterday. I will change it this weekend after I finish mowing.
  8. So I can mow the grass at tractor graveyard. Thinking about building an electric pulling tractor. That way I can mess with boozers and smokers in one pass. Do you have a heavy duty drop cord I can borrow?
  9. At least turbo charger and cut tires. LOL
  10. I had so much fun I mowed the neighbors' yards.
  11. I finally bought zero turn mower. It's Exmark E series. It great fun to run. Hopefully will have big announcement that will make soon
  12. No about 6 hooks or tries. Lots of little issues and rain. How about you.
  13. I would suggest eliminating the alternator and use weight saving to run a bigger battery. Alternators take HP to turn. I don't run one and I have electric fan, water pump and rearend pump that I run on mine on the 12v side. I have 3 batteries to supply the 36 volts start. I have never had single 12-volt battery run dead after up to two pulls on same night. Just make sure they are charged up. On side note use battery weight to your advance. If you light on front move it there etc.
  14. I agree with brahamfireman narrow will help with duck walking. It also helps keep the axle housing from breaking. I would not worry about piling dirt up in front of sled as I would guess you will not be spinning that much until the sled stops you.
  15. Cool pictures, if those pullers had new turbos, they would have been tough. My engine builder says they were under 1200 horsepower until early 80'ies. I am making a lot more HP with single turbo now. Thanks for sharing the picture.
  16. Had good night at Benton County fair. I beat 4 tough tractors. Enjoy.
  17. Needs more water to keep from burning the turbo up LOL. Amazing power steam engines make. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Pulled with WTPA nice run but not enough HP ended up in back half of class. I was still very happy because the tractor ran and did not break.
  19. Thanks I was happy that it ran. Still waiting my good pump. I am down on HP and was in back of the pack of LLSS in WI. Hopefully parts for pump will show up this week. have good one.
  20. Yes, the princess dethroned the King. I talked to him yesterday and I think he figure out what was wrong.
  21. After much work and waiting on parts got back on track Friday, ran against HSS tractors. Was like taking hickory stick to gun fight. I used it as testing opportunity. https://youtu.be/K4roRzx5tp4
  22. Here is why I am so anal about proper wheelie bars. One accident could end pulling when insurance gets too expense to buy. Be careful and have fun.
  23. I understand you thinking, but the way they measure area is the area that first contacts the surface. If you get a tough Tec. person you may not be able to pull. The main thing is being safe and having fun.
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