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  1. I have a feeling that it’s a later boded like a td9-91 or 92 and that they started the serial number over again. I’ll attach a pic of unit and I think you will agree that it’s a later model
  2. There’s a latching system for cylinder. Sounds doable
  3. Cylinder is leaking. I’ve ordered seal kit. The cylinder looks really heavy to remove Can I just remove the insides and take to hydraulic shop
  4. I replaced the valve with the grease zerk. On the first go around as I filled it with grease, grease came out between the valve and the body of the tightened. I checked that I had tightened it enough and I think I did so I removed it and put an oring on the valve and reinstalled it. I don’t think it leaked grease this time. Any thoughts on this. The manual doesn’t show an o ring
  5. If I remove the gland will the piston just slide out
  6. Td15c blade lift cylinder leaking. Does anyone know part number for seal kit or where to get. Mine is a 1974 serial no 1971
  7. Sounds a little bit less ke using bale wire for other fixes. But I can see on flatter surfaces that it would work
  8. Yes I realized what u meant later. I’ve done about 15 acres. I started last summer with my td9 but finishing up with td15c. Td9 didn’t have quite enough to push roots out
  9. Do u mean the site. Oh yea for sure. I find everyone friendly and helpful
  10. Sounds like big job. Maybe I’ll buy more grease. How many hours do u estimate
  11. I have to pump grease in every 4 hours to tighten the track. How big of a job is it to repair/replace the seals that are likely leaking. I would hire a pro
  12. I talked to previous owner today. He put 30 in engine but spirax tmx inhydraulic system. He’s shop foreman in heavy duty equipment place so I have confidence in him.
  13. Thanks for the help. I’m surprised they usedmotor oil in hydraulics
  14. What kind of oil for hydraulic system. The manual specifies something odd when it has tilt without tilt it says 10w motor oil second question does radiator take regular antifreeze in yellow jug. Thanks for ur help
  15. Anyone have a part number for oil filter cartridge for 806
  16. Where could I post an ad in the western us that I’m looking for disc parts for Schafer or allteen. Especially spools. I wonder if Facebook would be any good. Do owners of old heavy discs surf Facebook?
  17. I’m planning to take another half spool off and get some pics and measurements. I’m going to have to get out my dictionary to find the meaning of that big cornucopia word
  18. I will get these measurements. Apparently there’s a local dealer that deals in used tillage parts
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