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  1. I read articles about them on line. Sounds like in and out of bankruptcy and used parts from other companies
  2. Require a half spool. Can anyone direct me to a supply source? The full spool is labelled as “109”
  3. Hey guys. I replaced the zerk but I think the real problem was my grease gun. Pumped it up and all good now
  4. I will be back at farm tomorrow and have a look. The diagram in service manual shows a relief valve on underside rather than next to zerk
  5. I think there is. I will follow up on this
  6. Maybe the valve is open now. I’ll have to figure out. Didn’t know such a thing was there
  7. So it sounds like I’m supposed to open a relief valve at same time I pump grease in
  8. What does it mean to makes sure bolt valve is tight
  9. How many shots of grease do they need and when I grease it do I park it such that the track is tightened
  10. Bought it from heavy duty mechanic who said that it needs grease behind front idler Thee is a cover with two bolts that u remove and grease it. Hi did that but it didn’t tighten the track. Any suggestions.
  11. How hard expensive go change head gasket on 650
  12. I talked to my tire guy and he says that I can put 20.8 on 18.4.
  13. I’m not surprised. After all they’re Steiger not real ih
  14. Someone in string provided chart that 4586 axle is 1|2 in bigger
  15. 4586 has 8 good tires on it. Looks like not gonna work on 1066
  16. Thanks for help. These tires at on a 4586. Will the rims from that tractor fit on 1066 axle
  17. How big of a job to replace head gasket on 650 or is there an easier fix
  18. Millet. My dozer is open station and I stayed warm all day
  19. Last week was minus 30f but yesterday was above freezing. So cold not an issue.
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