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  1. Thanks for the info. I think I will hold out for ripper from 15c
  2. Yes I’m trying that. Great music nds think alike
  3. That’s a subsoiler rather than a ripper but now that I see it I could probably use one of those too. I was looking for a ripper to teal out roots left after logging
  4. Good to hear. I will measure bolt patters so I’m prepared
  5. If I was lucky enough to get one off a td15c I would think it would be bolt on. I’m wondering how much modification if I find one from a d5 or d6
  6. Seems like ripper for td15c is hard to find. Any chance that a cat ripper will bolt on to td15c
  7. Will blade and hydraulics from a td6 fit on a td9
  8. Is a td15c a suitable size for this. My td9 is a bit small
  9. I have a friend with lots of experience in this who gave the same advice
  10. Yes I mentioned in original post that it runs fine on gas.
  11. Tons of white smoke. Tractor shakes like 2 cup jd. My guess is firing on two or three. This is a tractor I’m consideting buying not something I own and can diagnose
  12. Not really and I don’t have service manual
  13. Engine runs smooth on gas rough on diesel. Bled all injectors diesel pumping out of each so I’m thinking timing. Thoughts and how hard to time
  14. I wondered f getting the coiling to end at the same point it started would also be a good idea
  15. I’ve been thinking about that and concluded that cutting rings rather than coiling makes more sense. Just an update for everyone that helped upon taking apart I found both packing and vseals. Ive ordered packing but I’m also trying split rubber v seals. I think a problem with the old is that there wasn’t enough seal/packing in there. If I was starting from scratch I’d just put in more packing
  16. I took the cap off and yes I can measure. I suppose I could measure the old stuff I took out. Your explanation is very helpful. Thanks
  17. Anyone have suggestions for what size to order for 1949
  18. I’ll take it apart tomorrow. See what I find
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