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  1. In that case they should have attacked racine wisconsin to get the ih factories
  2. What kid of hp would a western tractor of that size put ouy
  3. I thought made in minsk i dont know if ukr or russia. Could be hard to get parts given that part of world. I bought tractor at lloydminstrr sk
  4. So when i took out the filter to clean it i got lucky. It was obvious i misread the oil level in the lense. The oil level was reallly really low. Added a bunch of oil and its steering great
  5. Wonder if there are instructions in operator manual or if i need a shop manual? Anyone have instructions from manual?
  6. Any id a how hard to replace
  7. Left pedal pushes back but no brakes and thankyou for first reply
  8. Right brake works but pedal doesnt return have to manually pull back. Left brake doesnt work at all. How do i start on this. What parts will i need
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