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  1. That’s a long time. Is it fluids other than motor fluids that need the warm up
  2. My td15c is operating perfectly. How long does it have to warm up when: 1. It’s warm outside 2 it’s about the freezing point 3 when it’s say 0 degrees fehrenheit
  3. I have a feeling that it’s a later boded like a td9-91 or 92 and that they started the serial number over again. I’ll attach a pic of unit and I think you will agree that it’s a later model
  4. There’s a latching system for cylinder. Sounds doable
  5. Cylinder is leaking. I’ve ordered seal kit. The cylinder looks really heavy to remove Can I just remove the insides and take to hydraulic shop
  6. I replaced the valve with the grease zerk. On the first go around as I filled it with grease, grease came out between the valve and the body of the tightened. I checked that I had tightened it enough and I think I did so I removed it and put an oring on the valve and reinstalled it. I don’t think it leaked grease this time. Any thoughts on this. The manual doesn’t show an o ring
  7. If I remove the gland will the piston just slide out
  8. Td15c blade lift cylinder leaking. Does anyone know part number for seal kit or where to get. Mine is a 1974 serial no 1971
  9. Sounds a little bit less ke using bale wire for other fixes. But I can see on flatter surfaces that it would work
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