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  1. How hard expensive go change head gasket on 650
  2. I talked to my tire guy and he says that I can put 20.8 on 18.4.
  3. I’m not surprised. After all they’re Steiger not real ih
  4. Someone in string provided chart that 4586 axle is 1|2 in bigger
  5. 4586 has 8 good tires on it. Looks like not gonna work on 1066
  6. Thanks for help. These tires at on a 4586. Will the rims from that tractor fit on 1066 axle
  7. How big of a job to replace head gasket on 650 or is there an easier fix
  8. Millet. My dozer is open station and I stayed warm all day
  9. Last week was minus 30f but yesterday was above freezing. So cold not an issue.
  10. I’ll try to get. This machine is amazing after struggling with my td9
  11. I can’t see a vent in cap. Yes I will change the filters
  12. There was a lot of dust today. Amazingly middle of winter in canada My face was dirty like I was harrowing. Dust came from willlows and poplars I was clearing
  13. I’ll look for that. Don’t know if I have
  14. I was out clearing brush today and 2 hours into job motor stops. I thought out of fuel so I opened fuel cap. There was a vacuum air suck. Any way it started right up again but after another hour motor stopped. Opened fuel cap No vacuum suck. It started up again. I can’t see air vent in cap. Is there another one? Is it fuel filter issue? Help
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