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  1. Thanks yes doing more diagnostic tests may save me from removing starter
  2. I used head of ratchet to contact the bolts bot a screwdriver. Im sure head of ratchet is metal like screw driver
  3. Yes 🙌 did that. Each battery tests strong at 12v. In series testat 24v. 24v at starter
  4. Thanks for the help. The manuals are not very helpful. I tried touching the two nuts on the solenoid with a screwdriver. No response soim thinking its the starter not the solenoid. Any diagnostic tips. Sounds like have to remove belly pan to get at bottom of starter
  5. Thanks for that is the sornoid part of the starter. Can it be replaced without removal of starter
  6. I joke mped the starter drive terminals today. Nothin. Im confused. Starter nevetr acted up before. Can it go just like that. No sound no nuthin
  7. I have a td15c that started wonderfully. All of a sudden no start Batteries are charged and test 24v. Took dash apart and held wires tougher on the switch. I get a click sound. Used battery tester to test voltage at starter. It’s 24v. I’m thinkin it’s the solenoid if it is do I have to remove starter. Any home nys on getting it out. Likes like a couple tough bolts to get at
  8. Maybe I’ve got moder numbers wrong. 45 was a chisel plow late 50s. 55 came out in 60s. I thought No 55 was heavier
  9. I’m rigging up a stone rake Want to put shanks on the back beam about 3 inch apart. Are the beams the same size that a 55 assembly would bolt on to 45 beam
  10. Do shanks from 55 chisel plow fit a 45
  11. No i think it’s cause I’m too cheap to fill tank
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