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  1. Amazing. Here we think of them as pullling tractors. I’ve had self doubts about why I put a loader on it as I think of it as pulling cultivators in the field. But they are nimble so a loader makes sense
  2. not On the plains in Canada. They’re field tractors I’ve never seen 3 point on a 1066
  3. Brakes and ps work fine Loader is plugged into rear remotes
  4. I hope it’s that simple. Thanks
  5. 1066 sitting since last fall. Topped up hydraulic fluid. Took 5 gals but now loader only lifts half way and likewise with bucket. The hydraulics have always been strong
  6. So take the caps off each end squirt penetrating oil. Put decompression lever in gas mode put vice grip on shaft and wiggle back and forth do have it correct
  7. Hi Vic. So I think you’re saying that I can lubricate them by taking the end plates off the intake manifold. And then pull the decompresssion lever down and back into the gas position on the operators platform then reach behind manifold and flip lever
  8. I’m going to remove intake manifold to make sure butterflies are not seized. It looks fairly straightforward. Any suggestions? Wonder if I’ll need new gaskets if I’m careful when I remove the old ones
  9. Thanks for suggestion. The reason I’m posted here was that Td9 was designed as agricultural tractor rather than construction
  10. I’m having trouble keeping gas engine running. I would like to make sure the flipper thingy is working correctly by taking off the intake and inspecting it. It looks straight forward. Are there any tricks or suggestions that u have
  11. Don’t know tractor data website probably says
  12. They’re very interesting tractors. Mine is a 1984. When I compare it to western tractors made in 1984 there are many aspects that are primitive but it’s cheap 4wd power
  13. Thanks guys for all the help We bled all injectors but finally got action when bled the pump itself. So much for following the manual. Manual is nonsense Have to go step by step bleeding each area Runs like a top. Other big story is I had it stuck in slough. Hooke on a versatile 945 and yanked that sucker right outta there
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