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  1. I saved this 504 from scrap guy. Story was it ran, but cows ate wires off and family didn't want it anymore so scrap guy got it. Brought home, along with another Super C and H, fixed wires, cleaned out oil pan, rebuilt carb, put some new hydraulic lines on. All lights needed to work was new light switch. The TA even seems to work. I put paint on it didn't come that way. I can't get zenith 12685 carb right. When I redid carb I just put new gaskets and jet. Everything internal to carb seemed fine and I didn't tear it all about and replace bushings. When its given full throttle and it dies. It can get to wide open throttle by gradually, real slow, moving to wide open. At wide open it will run fine. At idle it will run fine. When driving if governor kicks in asking for more fuel it dies. I've checked fuel flow and it seems fine. I've checked for vacuum leaks and found none. I've had carb apart multiple times cleaning and checking things. It will run down road wide open fine, but will die if I idle down and need to open throttle fast or if running half throttle and governor kicks in. Its a smooth riding easy steering rake tractor when compared to the 300 with no power steering we are using now. We raked with it one time close to home and its a real pain to keep going. The carb seems so basic with no adjustments and I can't seem to find what is wrong with it. Is it time for new carb or is there something else I can try? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. I'm looking at an 806D and owner states that the hydraulics do not work. He said is most likely sheared splines between PTO and drive hub clutch pressure plate. Does that sound reasonable or likely? If so can you access repair by just removing PTO or does tractor need splitting? Thanks for any help.
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