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  1. What is a FARMER?

    I don't have much to add to this thread, nothing substantial anyhow, because I'm pretty sure I'm not a farmer, but... I have a small plastic on a stand between the front door and the bathroom, that bucket is full of change, rusty nails, lock washers, the occasional socket and whatever ends up in the pocket of my Wranglers. My IH hat sits on top of that bucket and my pocket knife sits beside it. I have cousins who can grow anything, I just fix stuff, I'm just an amateur mechanic who's family owns a small farm. I think more people need to embrace the country mindset though.
  2. Hey B.B.! Pretty good looking fencerow tractor! +1 pull the injectors and get it soaking. Also agree on the general condition of the wire, my fencerow 706 is going to get every single wire replaced.
  3. What's Your Heritage?

    Pretty much a mutt, French Canadian, Scottish and German on Dad's side. (Gonya/Gagne ancestors were just about the first white folks in Canada.) German,Scottish,English,Welsh & Belgian on Mom's side. Interestingly all my ancestors were really good at getting tossed out of whatever country they came from, so everyone was here or in Canada by 1815. Being mostly a mix of German, Scottish and French, I'm usually at odds with myself.
  4. National Threshers reunion 2017

    Plan on it, although not bringing any equipment beside a Camera. I had an IH push mower there back in the year of way too much water.
  5. Couple of IH Prototype Buildings Still In Use

    I stopped by Hull Bro's last Wednesday, really a neat store and nice folks. There is a storefront downtown in Fort Recovery that is marked "Hull Bro's" in the stone on the fascia, pretty sure it's their pre-Prototype building location.
  6. old sweet corn seed

    Same here, my sweetcorn was from a 2015 dated bag, but the Co-Op guy swore it would be ok.
  7. H belly pump drive

    If it's drained it's no more than 100lbs, I lifted mine off the workbench alone and I'm about half worn out.
  8. Serious question, Farmall H lift all driver removal.

    Thanks John, Got it off today finally. I locked the brakes and put the H in gear, as I was going to get the '6 pipe my friend, (who is all of 180lbs, popped it off with a breaker bar. Kinda surprised, but grateful it finally came off.
  9. I'm at a crossroads on the H and I need some clarification. Over the winter the H went through a fairly comprehensive rear-end rebuild to replace the inner axle bearings. Top cover came off, brake housings off, bull gears and differential removed. Replaced all of the bearings, gaskets and seals. Along with a few other parts that were damaged when the bearings failed. Top cover went back on, tractor back together and filled her with gear oil. Then the input seals started leaking. carefully took out the input assembly, yoke, both bearings, gears, and rebuilt/replaced. Bearings had a lot of wear. All that is left is the output drive for the lift all pump, it leaks, the seal is shot. I have tried every combination of ideas to remove it. Spent multiple hours on google and reading threads. We made the socket/barstock tool for the impact. Still stuck. In the end I still don't know for sure. Is the Transmission side drive/nut threaded like a conventional nut? Do I remove it by turning counter clockwise? Is the drive/nut on the belly pump reverse threaded? After reading multiple threads on various forums I am left with conflicting information. My next step (Tomorrow) is to lock the brakes, put it in gear, block the tires and try again. I need any ideas/suggestions I can get
  10. Lost my dad

    So sorry for your loss, prayers to you and your family.
  11. Fast Hitch plow ID help needed.

    OK, From what I can tell I think I can make it work, I think the former owner probably did use it on his S.C. One, it looks like the points have been cut down, good news for me, I have zero interest in 300U's. Two, it looks like the major difference is the rockshaft, but there is a provision to keep the rockshaft from turning, which should allow the spring mechanism to work just like a C20 plow. It has the big compression spring mechanism like the other FH plows I have seen. Thanks for all the help gents, it is very much appreciated. Will let you know if it works. If I had to do it over again, I would probably just have bought another 2-14 #8 pull behind.
  12. Kay update

    That's a shame, prayers from us.
  13. Fast Hitch plow ID help needed.

    Thanks, I kind of hope someone did, if I can make it work I will. Feeling pretty damn stupid right now. Thought my search was over and I jumped too quick.
  14. Fast Hitch plow ID help needed.

    Swell... Previous owner said it was small point, he has a S.C and said he used it on it. Guess all I can do is take some measurements. Never had a fast hitch implement and bought on impulse.
  15. Fast Hitch plow ID help needed.

    2-14" I think.