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  1. New Red Power is out!!

    It finally got to Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. New Red Power is out!!

    THANKS, now I have to wait another week
  3. Forum problems??

    Yup, same here.
  4. 560 steering column housing broke

    Maybe been rolled.
  5. 656 d282 cooling

    Are you sure the rad is not frozen?
  6. Positive ground question

    Most of what I remember was braided for ground and black otherwise. Some were black & black.
  7. Favorite Truck Ever?

    Autocar constructor, put miles on a General, nice truck, I liked it better than the KW we had.
  8. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    Since I have been in the HVAC trades for many years I will go opposite of the Smoker. I have a PVC vented tank model in my house. The burners are large so you may not even have enough gas. We have seen many fail by 5 years & water quality is a big factor.
  9. Got my Red Power Today

    Hey! finally made it to Michigan!!
  10. M or SM, based on ID plate

    That would be a good idea, not sure when I will have more made up. Sales have been slow this winter.
  11. M or SM, based on ID plate

    There is a guy on ebay selling the leather boot.
  12. M or SM, based on ID plate

    Sure looks strange to me. I have had both and they are quite different in mounting to the tractor. I wonder how the all the internals fit up let alone trying to get that cover aligned and properly drilled. I have never seen that style M&W on a super so it will be interesting to see the internals when that cover is removed.
  13. M or SM, based on ID plate

    I agree with splitting, it is much easier unless you have a loader or such to deal with.
  14. M or SM, based on ID plate

    I don't think the bigger clutch will come out the bottom, others will know for sure. I can't see the backer plate for your M&W. It looks like the cover bolts directly to the transmission case like a standard M.
  15. Got my Red Power Today

    It will take another week to get to Michigan
  16. Block heater 560!

    Well, if they can't look it up they don't deserve the sale.
  17. Block heater 560!

    If you google something like - d282 block heater - you will find several I think mine came from Bates
  18. Devon's Tractor Parts - Awesome Customer Service

    Yep, great place to deal with.
  19. Changing ta unit!

    I don't think it will much matter, either dropped on yer toe is gonna leave a mark!!!!!!!!!!!!! One has to be sure and use some type of proper rigging. If that part is not understood then the work should be hired out.
  20. Changing ta unit!

    Sound like yer good ta go!!! Done my 560 some time back, easy job in the shop. I got a rebuilt unit from Devons, with gaskets, seals and such.
  21. Good muffler

    Thats what I have on my tractors, so far so good plus they sound proper compared to a Stanley.
  22. Might want to check the trans oil level, looks real dry in there too.
  23. Any of you guys heating boiler experts?

    You need to find the leak!!!! You are damaging the system. Also the low water control MUST be in working order for safety. You really need a good qualified professional to work on the boilers and be sure they are safe.
  24. MD not starting

    You do have the throttle closed when on gas, right???? Throttle only controls diesel. If open it will pump diesel.