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  1. How much engine life is left at 1800 hrs??? I got my Trailblazer real cheap with 1600 on the clock. The onan in mine runs good but uses a little oil. A new one is prolly around 6k so if you can get it under a thou assuming it works good......
  2. kevinj

    Help please

    Ya prolly got to pull the frame rail off to get to it.
  3. And the e-logs......
  4. Sounds like a new harem is forming?
  5. For this work be sure the clamp is both ac & dc
  6. My preferred method is to use an amp meter, that gives the real picture. It seems like they are about 8 amps each? It takes good wiring(2 #10 to feed them)
  7. Ya need to ohm it out, looks mean nothing.
  8. Look hard at the time and material to build your own......
  9. That looks high. Get with injpumped on this forum. Maybe even buy a proper wiring harness, as said above the glow plugs need lots of amps and proper wiring!
  10. I see a few turbans but there are a lot of range cowboys that ain't any better. Most of the old school teamster professional types are gone around here.
  11. And if it is a D282 it has glow plugs that must be working. Pre cup properly installed etc. A D282 in decent shape should start pretty easy.
  12. Just poured a cocktail, spent 10 hours in a semi today......
  13. Thanks ya'all!!!
  14. Maybe ya need better coffee so ya can have it straight up!!!?
  15. I have 4 on the truck I drive, ten would not help. They want to go around!!!! Some need that education......I am telling you, not asking for permission!!!
  16. They just don't get that blinky thing!!!
  17. I don't know of anyone but Deka making batteries here. I think the NAPA may be Deka also. The local genny shop sells Deka, never heard anyone say they had warranty issues. I been getting about 10 years on these high end NAPA batteries so I am good so far!! I have about 6 to 8 of them from 2 years to about 12.
  18. That is a good price. I did not know cummins sold batteries. The closest one is a 70 mile round trip tho.
  19. I recently replaced my battery, was just shy of $150.00
  20. He does a lot of the older stuff, he went thru my injectors for me a couple years back. He goes by injpumped on some of the forums.
  21. Don't ya have a napa nearby?????? Them big 31 size with ss studs are sold eveywhere around here. I run diesel rx glow plugs from Gunther Heritage Diesel but you can get them other places. The trick is to got off the button when the engine fire if you have an alternator on it. The plugs are good for about 11 volts so the alt will cook them.
  22. I run one 950 amp grp 31 with stud posts Napa Bat 7236
  23. They are on ebay
  24. Someone was looking for these a while back. They are available again.
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