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  1. I tend to overbuild things a bit myself. I do not have to fix it a second time either!!
  2. This is a bearing on my shingle mill. For those that do not know this is a vertical bearing, oil pipe at the top.
  3. I work with high pressure boilers up to about 300# It is real scary when something lets go at 100# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow them be some bearings. I think the biggest I fit were about 2.5" x 8" in an old planer. Them long straight ones I got might work on a bigger bearing.
  5. A few Babbitt tool minus the bluing!! and melting stuff.
  6. They are bearing scrapers, I have several sizes here.
  7. I have no issues with lock ring wheels if everything is in good shape. You can see that they go together properly, them old firestones have some little alignment dimples but you cannot see if they are mated up inside. I fixed a few flats back in the day and never trusted that old R series wheel.
  8. Are you saying that 20" rim is a drop center??? I think I saw some farm implement rim like that back in the 70's Most all 20" have to come came apart somehow.
  9. That looks like the super dangerous outlawed R3 or some such Firestone rim. If so it is a 2 piece and separates in the middle behind that hump.
  10. Then drop back to a 115gr load. Also the +p itself may be an issue. If the Ruger is the issue they will prolly take care of it for you. I had a GP100 in .357 that shot poorly, sent it in and it would drive tacks when it returned.
  11. We went kind of middle of the road on our second sleep number. The first lasted about 25 years so the cost per year was way less than mattresses. The ability to set each side as needed is great.
  12. Yep it will but 15 seconds on the plugs make a huge difference!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Prolly alright if ya still have the generator. Diesel RX told me max voltage is 11vdc so if there is an alternator it makes 14 to 15 vdc instantly. The load from the plugs reduces battery voltage to about 11 as the plugs draw about 56 amps. Mine had the alternator when I got it and I burned thru a few before I got that figured out. I heat them up good depending on the temp and let go the instant it fires, no more burned out plugs.... If cold out I may have to start over tho!!!!!!!!!
  14. Si9nce it is a homelite check put Leons Chainsaw, he has many vids and a lot of parts.
  15. Inserts are removable and typically have Babbitt over a steel shell. So I think you are just looking at a difference in terminology.
  16. kevinj


    Welcome back buddy!
  17. There is some nice museums, a lot of food joints..... Not sure what you are into??? Or what part of town you are in.
  18. Alligator wrench
  19. Thanks to everyone for the leads. He ordered a housing from someone today!!! I have no idea if it was new or used.....
  20. I switched to Delo 400 SDE 15-40 a few years back since my fuel supplier is a full line Chevron dealer. All the oils and lube I have used seem to be as good as the Shell I used for many years.
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