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  1. I just got in from 14 hours in a 2020 corn picker, 400hp, 12 sp auto, air cab, air suspension, sucky radio. They have came a long way from the Emeryville..... While this new truck is nice I think I liked the 4300 long nose back in 70s better.
  2. Why don't we split the difference and drop in a 400 big cam Cummins? Tho a 250 with a hair dryer is a pretty good horse.
  3. kevinj

    Gun Storage

    The best place is on your belt...... And a vault of some sort if it is not being carried.
  4. kevinj


    I won an XD 9mm at an NRA raffle a few years back. It is one ugly SOB but it runs good!! I still like a good 1911 that makes a big hole.............
  5. kevinj


    Annd........................the problem is?????????????????
  6. It should be on the ground side as far as I know. Mine are on the ground side for the following reason. It keeps the them big connection safe from shorting out since you cannot always mount the thing in a box.
  7. I have this one on my tractors, be careful you get one with enough amps for the application. The one sledge shows looks to be for light duty stuff. https://www.littelfuse.com/products/switches/manual-battery-disconnect-switches/75908-single-pole/75908.aspx
  8. I have been doing that for years, it is easy and tastes very good!!!
  9. kevinj


    The trouts in Michigan are pretty tasty!!!!!!!
  10. THIS, you need a manual anyway.
  11. Ya, and they are all shown in the operators manual.
  12. kevinj


    Looks like time fer more samizch!!!
  13. Where do they get 45 minutes for a pre-trip??? I have taken guys in for testing and it seems like about 15 minutes is all it took them. (it has been a few years)
  14. kevinj


    Ya, but is it functional????
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