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  1. kevinj


    At 14# ya don't wanna carry it to far!!!! I think my competition AR in .223 is around 13# too. I think the M1A is about 10#??
  2. kevinj


    I remember that now!!!!!!!!!!! Yer updates are too fer apart. A .270 is abusive??? What does that thing weigh??? Man our old military guys shot 30.06 buy the hundreds!!! But I think 50 at a CMP match is enough these days!!
  3. kevinj


    And what be dis critter???????
  4. kevinj

    Corona virus

    Being so called essential I have been out and about for most of this crap. So after 4 months I do not see how the mask will protect me going forward. I already sent my ballot in or I would go vote without a mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was making a delivery this week, MASKS REQUIRED FOR ENTRY. My load was strapped so I had to go in anyway. All the employees were were wearing them as chin guards!!!!!!!!! Of course it was hot & humid, masks were all soaked.........
  5. kevinj

    Corona virus

    Ya, it seems strange that the covid went down without masks before...... It still only affects a very small percentage of the population.
  6. kevinj

    Corona virus

    It just keeps getting worse, now the mask BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asking business to be the police????????
  7. kevinj

    Corona virus

    Better get another haircut, I think that Whitler will be trying to shut us down again.
  8. Hey Runner, the thermo in my semi only read bout 92° here. Still a bit humid & miserable outside. Supposed to be this way fer about a week.
  9. Col Cooper has explained it many times....... The safety blocks the internals & hammer so it is quite safe.
  10. I often run with a Colt Defender in a strong side belt holster. If that is 2 much I may drop to the Bersa .380 or even the little Ruger 380. Out on the farm I often carry the XD-9.
  11. The FL60 I ran had full size rubber and I believe a 35.000# hook lift on it.
  12. Seems odd, I drove what was at least badged an FL60 roll off truck last summer with the 8.3 & 9 speed.
  13. kevinj


    I run a similar setup pulling Michigan trains, ain't no breaking it. Yer right about heavy stuff in them.
  14. I have a bunch of OLD SK from when the local hardware was a dealer, good stuff.
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