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  1. I been getting taps from McMaster Carr
  2. I have one off those for my match rifle. His fired cases should be snug if re-chambered, if not they may have been pushed back too far or loaded too light.
  3. It is also possible the loads are too light.
  4. How bout the Super XL??? I had an XL400 a few years back but mostly use the newer Stihl stuff. I had the old Super out last week just for fun, still a nice handling saw.
  5. Lap it a little more, it has to seal or you will have problems. Are the valve guides real loose? I think you said ex clearance was a bit tight so lapping it in and get the valves set right may help it.
  6. No, ya grind the valve stem if too tight
  7. I really do not see much wrong. If the valves come up about 1/8" you should be good. Again - if it you had it running good by dumping gas in You prolly have carb or spark issues.
  8. They don't say anything about a gauge, re-read what I posted. Pretty much if you feel compression when pulling the rope that engine should start.
  9. Looks like .007 & .011, I assume aluminum cylinder. Briggs say to check compression - spin counter clockwise from flywheel side, a sharp rebound indicates satisfactory compression. I would say if it run good without a lot of blue smoke, yer starting issue is either spark or fuel.
  10. Well, Check the valve lift, a little flat on the lobe may be normal Them are some pretty good engines and start well. You may only need a carb cleaning & diaphragm. If it has an auto choke, be sure is closes fully. Be sure is has good spark too. If ya post the model - serial- type, I can see if it is in my old books.
  11. Ya fer sure should lap the valves and check clearance.
  12. Rings have prolly lost tension. I just rebuilt the one on my edger & the fins were dirty so it got hot. I was able to find all the parts needed on ebay. I do have an older briggs parts book so I had all the old numbers. Post a pic of the cam & lifters. I am not sure if easy spin means compression release.
  13. I don't know but with the deluxe seat ya can't open the tool box door anyway!
  14. Got a pic of the bracket??? Mine came down between the case & rockshaft putting the couplers over the pto guard I mounted a straight set up off the platform like an M had..
  15. We had one of them when I started. 318 detoilet with a 13 speed. Hendrickson 44k rears and ran just over 100k gross. It was not fast but it always got the job done.
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