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  1. kevinj

    Farmall 560 Diesel Engine Noise

    You guys made mine drop a cylinder today!!!! Just pulling a water wagon at a show. It broke a rocker a year or so back so I hope it a simple fix.
  2. kevinj

    post hole digger storage

    I built this on a skid, easy to move and do the install in the shop.
  3. kevinj

    oil bath filter

    I use the same Delo or Rotella T in the engine and the filter, dirt seems to settle into the bottom just fine.
  4. kevinj

    oil bath filter

    Use the same oil as the crankcase.
  5. kevinj

    red power magazine

    Finally made it to the mitten
  6. kevinj

    How do I know what refrigerant?

    I have been on jobs where you vacuum a week or more. Small stuff with no leaks an hour will often do. Even on cars & tractors, leaky systems, or systems open for days waiting for parts may need longer vacuum to assure a clean system. However you really should read the vacuum in microns to be sure you have a clean system. Water & air need to be fully removed. Holding low microns also proves that the system is free of moisture and not leaking.
  7. kevinj

    How do I know what refrigerant?

    Ya do not need 134 ports to charge, in the real world only cars had 134 snap on ports. They do make tight 90 adapters too, pics would help.
  8. kevinj

    Red Power Magazine

    Finally in MI
  9. kevinj

    Oil Petcock to Dipstick

    I have an original, works fine and you can see the oil level in between high & low.
  10. kevinj

    M and H hyd belly pumps.

    Not the same, call your local shops & ask.
  11. kevinj

    New Red Power is out!!

    It finally got to Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. kevinj

    New Red Power is out!!

    THANKS, now I have to wait another week
  13. kevinj

    Forum problems??

    Yup, same here.
  14. kevinj

    560 steering column housing broke

    Maybe been rolled.
  15. kevinj

    656 d282 cooling

    Are you sure the rad is not frozen?