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  1. Ya, and they are all shown in the operators manual.
  2. kevinj


    Looks like time fer more samizch!!!
  3. Where do they get 45 minutes for a pre-trip??? I have taken guys in for testing and it seems like about 15 minutes is all it took them. (it has been a few years)
  4. kevinj


    Ya, but is it functional????
  5. Start over fer a missed gear????? Ya should be able ta recover from that.
  6. kevinj

    No spark

    Fer sure, troubleshooting before throwing parts.
  7. kevinj


    You must have a special relationship with them critters!!!!!!!!!!!😁
  8. kevinj


    I'm thinkin the "delicate critters" do not read this site?????😕
  9. kevinj


    I never thought of Dae as fat?????? Now yer guy friend.......... Of course I am a bit too heavy myself.............
  10. kevinj


    This is when it was new back in about 09
  11. kevinj


    Maybe ya need a better table???? Mine has never blew around, of course it take 2 guys or better yet, a tractor ta move it!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Put another 6 years on and let me know how it is going!!!
  13. I looked in my guide and it contradicts itself. 13.1.2 intersections says pretty much nothing about shifting but a later paragraph called 13.1.11 gear usage, manual trans do not shift in intersections or turns. I do not see anything about an auto??? I am still going to shift when it is time to shift!!! I do not haul hazmat anymore. Now if you are a couple cars back you could catch 3 or 4 gears then go thru, it would be painful to get thru in low with a big load on a 5 lane intersection. If the drivers did not shift with the big tankers and gravel trains in an intersection the backups would be long!
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