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  1. The biggest issue is so many are not adjusted properly. They may have been right at the factory which does not account for loading the vehicles & I doubt dealers check them anymore. Adjusting the headlights was part of dealer prep back in the 70's.
  2. I looked at them but went with Rtic for about half the cost. So far I am happy with Rtic.
  3. Keep in mind that the old original genny never put out what a modern alternator does. So if ya still have a genny it may be fine. I have a modern alt on mine and can burn up glow plugs!! After it starts.....no more glow to clean it up. Best to let it die out & start over.
  4. Ya, lots of amps. Our wire welder at the truck shop was 440 amp. It has been a few years but it seem that even 1/4" stock took around 200 amps.
  5. kevinj

    New phone?

    I am not an apple guy but work just updated our old SE to the new 2022 SE, it is MUCH better but still an apple.......
  6. kevinj

    New phone?

    I have had an S21 on Verizon for a couple years with great battery life too.
  7. Look up Engels Coach Shop He seems to work on all types of these things.
  8. Saw vise, I have a couple see link http://www.blackburntools.com/blog/saw-sharpening-series-saw-vises-part-ii/
  9. I don't have it here but SKF has an online cross reference.
  10. I tend to overbuild things a bit myself. I do not have to fix it a second time either!!
  11. This is a bearing on my shingle mill. For those that do not know this is a vertical bearing, oil pipe at the top.
  12. I work with high pressure boilers up to about 300# It is real scary when something lets go at 100# !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wow them be some bearings. I think the biggest I fit were about 2.5" x 8" in an old planer. Them long straight ones I got might work on a bigger bearing.
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