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  1. Mr. Hansen had that Dain at the Nittany Antique Machinery Association show at Penns Cave in I believe 2001. Somewhere I have pictures of it and I remember him starting and running it during the show. There is another person just recently that has got the blueprints for the Dain from Deere and is rebuilding one with not much of the original unit. The guy doing the work is Wendell Kelch. It's on his Facebook page, the two cylinder Facebook page and a Dain Facebook page. Looks like a daunting task.
  2. I would love to do this sometime. Have friends that did it once. As I understand they check over your tractor and it has to meet certain criteria?
  3. Not a fan but if you watch his latest video he makes the remark "tune in next week when we point out sensitive older folks on Facebook." When he says it the 1206 is deliberately displayed on their trailer behind him. I have seen comments that he and his dad do have a collection of old tractors. Would hate to see him destroy it if that's his intentions but in the scheme of life it's just an old farm tractor. There's SO MANY more important things to worry about in life than 1 tractor getting destroyed. I am not endorsing or condoning it if he does. Just the thoughts of 1 guy looking at the broader picture of life and what truly has value on this rock.
  4. We have had 2 over the course of time. The first one I wish was still around. 18.4 38 rear rubber and 10.00-15 front rubber with a 2 post rops and canopy it was a sharp machine. Dad bought this one back in 97 at a local farm auction. It's been good to us over the years. Thankfully I convinced dad to get the annoying sounding straight pipe off and get the muffler back on to hear that sweet music it makes.
  5. Thanks. I need to see who the closest Bush hog dealer is. Would be nice to know where he bought it originally. I'll have to see if he has the book around yet for it.
  6. I have my grandfather's 5ft pull type Lilliston "flyin clipper" rotary mower. I used it last fall and broke one of the mower blades. Trying to find a new one is not as easy I had figured. After a call to 2 different blade suppliers they have no listing but can come "close" on size. Anyone ever deal with one or know where parts can be obtained? The odd thing is it doesn't use a blade bolt like most newer mowers. It just has a regular 3/4" bolt with a bushing up to 1 1/2" to allow the blade to swing free. Thinking that part may end up becoming a custom made piece.
  7. I get what OT is saying. But I had a productive day yesterday with my M with live hydraulics and power steering clearing brush around the farm. We have had a magnum and a 1270 case when we farmed and still have a 766 but I still go for one of the M's for small jobs around. I find them handy and they do what I need them to do. Guess it just depends on where you are and how your operation is set up. We used an H on a 50ft auger for many years.
  8. Reeses are good but nothing beats a homemade peanut butter egg.
  9. SMTA equipped to burn "tractor fuel"? I know there was one at the 2nd roundup in Bloomsburg and they said it was quite rare.
  10. We had a year between about 92 and 96 where the summer and fall were very wet. It was before my dad had bought our current 766 and that came in 97. We were picking corn at the time yet and we had a 327 NI 2 row we pulled with our M. Even with new 14.9 tires on it at the time the M just could not pull that picker and the 150 bushel gravity wagons we have thru that muck by itself. I spent my time keeping the chain tight on the front with our 43 H providing just enough tug to get us thru. There were times it was a struggle for both and there may have been one or two times that there were backups and some jerks of he chain. A yank em rope would have been awesome back then.
  11. Danny has the answer to a T. Scarifier the potholes to the bottom and then rip up the whole road with the blade, add whatever material is needed, regrade it and compact it right away. If they make too many passes trying to grade they will work the fines out of the bigger stones and it will unravel much quicker. Another question is the road loer than the shoulder in any spots where the road can act like the ditchline? Water is the number 1 enemy of a road.
  12. Yeah a bit different than our operation. LOL
  13. For the most part I cannot complain about our local Penndot shed. They do a decent job honestly. I know one of the plow drivers as he lives within the township I work for and he said in our storm last week that they were down 4 trucks at one point. At work when they do the yearly budget the first thing on roads is to figure what is needed for salt and anti skid for the year. Summer roadwork is then figured after that as to what can be done every year. Salt we can only take so much as we are locked into a set amount that is based on past use. We have to use at least 60% of that amount each year but if needed we can go to 20% over our contracted amount. We do 60 lanes miles for a full winter on roughly 120 tons of salt and the roads we salt are bare by the end of a storm and kept clean. Normally we mix our salt with a mix of anti skid in the trucks to stretch the salt, usually a 'hot' mix is 40% salt and 60% anti skid. Usually a load is 25-30% salt and the rest anti skid. When we could get it and use it we also used fly ash but the demise of coal fired power plants is ending that. How we do roads at work is we take care of steep hills onto bigger state roads first with one truck and the route I run with the other truck is priority routes for school buses and emergency vehicles. Once those are done at least once the other truck moves to the many residential areas and developments while I switch from salt to plain anti skid and run over all our non salted chipped roads and dirt roads. Once we are around everything at least once then its back to what needs it the most and start over.
  14. Pretty cool. We have an 11 shank 3 point mounted 55 on our farm. I'm going to have to study pictures now because ours has a different setup for the toplink mount. Maybe because ours is only a 2 beam model instead of 3?
  15. I am away plowing roads for work and my wife has to do the shoveling. Since she has issues with her back this year I bought her a Toro power shovel to clean our walks. It is like a 12" snowthrower on a stick. Works pretty slick if you keep after it and don't let it get any deeper than 6".
  16. Looks excellent! Will you will be able to get it dirty now that it is all shined up?
  17. In my part of Pa the ash is all but gone. What hasn't already come down is emanate at this point. Deal with it every week at work. Some of the roads in the township I work for are in hollows and the roads are lined with them ready to fall or already have.
  18. Got it in my left ear. Have had it for around 15 years. Mine is the constant 24/7/365 ringing. Most days I don't even notice anymore unless I really think about it. I do tend to turn my head to listen to people when they talk to me and sometimes I think it makes people feel I am uninterested in what they have to say. Mine came from target shooting with a 30.06 on an aluminum scaffold plank with no ear protection next to a steel building. Besides the ringing and reduction in hearing in the left ear the other thing I notice is certain pitches I cannot hear. Crickets outside a window at night are one of them. Lay on my left side I can hear them, lay on the right side and no crickets outside. Hopefully your issue is short term and it subsides.
  19. James May from BBC's Top Gear had a side show a few ago called James May's toy stories. He built a full size house out of Lego's Pretty cool show to watch actually. He also did stuff with toy trains and slot cars on other episodes. Lot of videos on youtube of him building things.
  20. Good luck and hopefully you come out good in the end. I rode in the work truck with my coworker up until the day before he got sick and was out of work for 6 weeks. I never changed my habits and went on with life as usual. Never got anything or had any symptoms.
  21. Ihcubguy


    Hard to choose which one they have listed for safe on their website is the best. The 966 looks nice but if funds were unlimited it would be the narrow front 10.
  22. Here I was expecting to see some special paint scheme on a Steiger. This was much better though, at least for a laugh.
  23. While not in a squadron on a plane my now 95 year old grandfather was an infantryman in WW2. He was in hospital for 3 months from shell shock and when he got out was in the MP's. His mind on things today are blurry but from his days in France he is sharp as a tack. He does not share much about it though and what he saw. Hard to imagine what every service member endured in that war.
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    Sorry double post
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