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  1. Well I will be at Penns Cave for the antique show so I'm out Tyler. We should just have a day where we have a pull for redpower forum members and their red machines.
  2. At work one of our lift stations has a wet well that is almost 40 ft deep. When it needs cleaned the guy that goes down in hangs from a boat type cable winch and is lowered down a little at a time with a pressure washer wand in his hand. He scrubs the whole way down and when he gets to the bottom he is standing in the raw sewage with the inlet pipe over his head. One of the other stations has a wet well that regularly gets a crust of food oil and grease in it that they can stand on when they get in it. I'm glad that they have the confined space clearance and proper safety gear and I can just watch from above.
  3. x2 One of these years
  4. Very sad indeed! I have many of his books and am just as amazed as the rest how much knowledge he had on the old equipment manufacturers.
  5. Everyone around our area just calls it beet juice.
  6. In Machinery Pete's video on his Youtube channel John Kinzenbaw is sitting in the truck right next to the Auctioneer.
  7. This is a great thread. That Power Wagon is AWESOME!!!!
  8. An Interstater setup would stink for slope work always having that downhill mower. I can get away with some pretty steep slope mowing at work with the 6105D JD we have but that has a cable lift Tiger 5ft extreme duty side flail and a 96inch HD Alamo offset 3pt mower so we don't have a downhill mower to worry about. I can always keep the Tiger mower uphill to counteract and balance. I know the guy I work with has radioed me while mowing that I had it steep enough that the downhill tire was about to roll off the rim. That would suck as they are loaded with Beet juice.
  9. Ihcubguy

    RPRU how many?

    All 3 in Bloomsburg, Mansfield Oh, Lebanon Tn, Mt Pleasant Ia. Mansfield was the most memorable. Wife's Taurus left us set literally pulling out of the fairgrounds. Left it sit and 6 people climbed in mom and dad's 05 chevy with tractors in tow and we got home at 2am. Got up at 6am and headed 7 hours back to Mansfield and loaded up the car on the gooseneck and drove another 7 hours home again. Got home a little before 9pm Sunday and we were all BEAT!!! But it was one to remember.
  10. I must be a gluten for punishment but I have my deck painted a Clay color to match the house. Did 3 good coats on the front porch 2 years ago and it still looks like I just painted it. The other deck which is bigger I redid this year and did 3 coats on that as well. The wood looked like yours or a bit worse and it now looks really nice. I use Sherwin Williams "Super Paint" exterior acrylic latex.
  11. It's all good. I always make the fair because it's a tradition. Haven't missed many pulls at it over the years since dad grew up less than 2 miles from it.
  12. Double tree is fun to participate in. Two well matched tractors and operators paying attention can be impressive to watch.
  13. WHY WHY WHY???????? Does it have to be the same weekend as the Union County West end fair??? I would come Tyler but I already committed to going to the fair with my pop and my buddy Dan that has the A. One of these years I will get to it but it won't be this year.
  14. Got a 2011 L175 and it has been a great loader so far. Dad bought it new to replace a lx665 that we had. So far it has been trouble free and does all we as and more.
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