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  1. Dad did not want holes in the forks for our skid steer. Not sure the reason why but he has bent more than one set moving logs and other things so.... Anyway what we did was weld a reciever tube into the frame of the backrest for the forks and we can slide in any hitch we want to use. Can use the skid steer to move a snow mobile trailer, gooseneck or even our lowboy with a lunette eye hitch with the right hitch slid in the receiver tube.
  2. You found a creek around here with water in it? All the ditches and little creeks are dried up or really low down this end of the valley.
  3. My favorite thing was moldboard plowing and working the ground after that with a disk. Now the farm is rented and it is all no till.
  4. Liner is in good shape and held water when it was emptied. We just wanted the added security of a new one in case something happened in the time since it was torn down. Currently it holds about 3 inches of water but I am going to try and fill it this weekend slowly with the garden hose. What scares me is that I think it shrank a little bit since it was taken out. I am afraid it is going to either come off of the bead track or else just rip on a seam. Hopefully I am wrong but time will tell. As for the filter it has a Hayward sand filter.
  5. Back in the days when my great grandparents owned our farm and we had the 15-30 on the farm there was also a 3 wheeled Silver King that had the chain in the steering and that one had a Hercules engine in it.
  6. Wife and I refinanced and put up an above ground pool and a deck this year. Pool is used and not very old but in excellent shape. Picking things up is a crap shoot for sure but luckily the only problem we have had is getting a new liner. Want one but they are non existent to get at this point so we are going to cross our fingers and take a chance on the one we have. Things are hard to get like has been said
  7. WOW! That is just sickening to see. If anyone watches Cole the cornstar on youtube he had video of their local coop where the bins were all knocked over but what was amazing to me was that the anchors were pulled right out of the concrete and chunks of the concrete went with it. Sad deal for all involved. Almost makes me glad out little farm is rented out and someone else is taking the risk.
  8. Nick Welker hinted a few months ago on their youtube channel to the fact that this was going to happen. I think it is awesome and glad to hear that the Williams brothers are taking it back to Big Sandy to once again work their farm. I have been fascinated by this beast ever since I first heard about it. Years ago when the Toy Farmer released the models of the 747 I got both versions of it in all 3 scales. Anyone else have them?
  9. For those that like Schulte I completely agree on their quality. They are under the umbrella of Alamo Corporation. Here is a few of Alamo's companies across the globe that make mowers. Alamo, Bomford Turner, Bush Hog, Dutch Power Company, Herder, McConnel, Rhino Ag, Rousseau, Schulte, Terrain King and Tiger. Using a Tiger side flail at work for roadside mowing and a rear Alamo flail on the tractor for the ditchlines I have to say both of them are built like TANKS! Especially the Tiger. Thing that we hit on roadsides are never things you would see in a normal field and they just take it in stride. I would honestly not be afraid of any of the brands made by Alamo but saying that I do not have personal experience with Terrain King or the oversea's companies under their umbrella.
  10. No not at all. I have a buddy that's looking for a haying tractor and he sent it to me that's how I seen it
  11. Posted for sale on Facebook yardsale in central Pa. Listing for sale by WR equipment from bloomsburg pa. No serial number in the listing. Phone for them is 570-234-8888
  12. No CC but I do have a 36 RC and a 52 DC.
  13. Ihcubguy


    Local guy near me runs 4 or 5 Autocar 10 wheeler dump trucks. They are out everyday running with the modern trucks on construction jobs.
  14. Subway is a good place to get a Hoagie. Buddy and I eat there every wednesday night in the summer usually when we are done with our mowing jobs for the night. I think people like the fact that they can get their hoagie almost any way they want it. They cannot outdo the local authentic Italian places here though
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