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  1. For those that like Schulte I completely agree on their quality. They are under the umbrella of Alamo Corporation. Here is a few of Alamo's companies across the globe that make mowers. Alamo, Bomford Turner, Bush Hog, Dutch Power Company, Herder, McConnel, Rhino Ag, Rousseau, Schulte, Terrain King and Tiger. Using a Tiger side flail at work for roadside mowing and a rear Alamo flail on the tractor for the ditchlines I have to say both of them are built like TANKS! Especially the Tiger. Thing that we hit on roadsides are never things you would see in a normal field and they just take it in stride. I would honestly not be afraid of any of the brands made by Alamo but saying that I do not have personal experience with Terrain King or the oversea's companies under their umbrella.
  2. No not at all. I have a buddy that's looking for a haying tractor and he sent it to me that's how I seen it
  3. Posted for sale on Facebook yardsale in central Pa. Listing for sale by WR equipment from bloomsburg pa. No serial number in the listing. Phone for them is 570-234-8888
  4. No CC but I do have a 36 RC and a 52 DC.
  5. Ihcubguy


    Local guy near me runs 4 or 5 Autocar 10 wheeler dump trucks. They are out everyday running with the modern trucks on construction jobs.
  6. Subway is a good place to get a Hoagie. Buddy and I eat there every wednesday night in the summer usually when we are done with our mowing jobs for the night. I think people like the fact that they can get their hoagie almost any way they want it. They cannot outdo the local authentic Italian places here though
  7. That thing is sweet! Glad it got saved. I love all that old construction equipment.
  8. The 436 in our 1440 combine ran 2800 rpm day in and day out from the time we bought it till we sold it 20 + years later. It's still going strong at it's new home to this day.
  9. Interesting to see how things are done differently for different crops than I am used to. I look at those front wheels and my wrist hurts just thinking about hitting a dead furrow with that trying to plow.
  10. Ihcubguy

    Randy Sohn

    Wow! So sad to read. I loved reading his posts and all his stories of flying and training and certifying pilots. We have truly lost a great man. Prayers and condolences to his family.
  11. Ihcubguy


    I have never been around one but I have always thought they were neat. Local municipality just recently sold one. https://municibid.com/Listing/Details/26350321/1984-Mercedes-Unimog-with-Schmidt-Sectional-Snowplow
  12. Binkley & Hurst built us the planter to our specs. Look at it close you see the tongue is a lighter blue color than the planter is. Cannot remember exactly anymore but I believe it was because the tongue was from something Kinze made for Monosem? Or maybe the frame was? I do not remember exactly anymore but that is how it was delivered brand new to us though.
  13. We only farmed 150 acres total of corn and beans. Had the magnum before the planter when we still did tillage.
  14. I just wish the farm was not rented out and we still had equipment to plant it with. What we had at the end was a 2007 Kinze 3000 4 row with inter plant for7 row 15 inch beans that we pulled with the 7120. Hard for me to believe it's been 6 years already that we have rented the farm out. At least the people who rent it use red equipment.
  15. Ihcubguy

    Music thread

    This one has been on my playlist lately for doing treadmill. Good band I have always liked. These guys have been on my playlist as well. Me and the wife's song. And another good one of theirs.
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