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  1. prayers desperately needed

    Awesome news! Thank GOD for answered prayers. Very happy for you and your family.
  2. Cool old pics. Like the 12 or 1370 on the sled. Unusual with being an open station.
  3. Back from road trip, met a very nice MM guy

    WOW! I can't imagine owning one of those, let alone having to give it up. That would really stink!
  4. Back from road trip, met a very nice MM guy

    I would LOVE to have an ole MM someday. I've been eyeing up Z's lately.
  5. Back from road trip, met a very nice MM guy

    I've read about Roger Mohr and his collection many times. I think they used to sell toy models of MM tractors and equipment.
  6. McCormick OS6 Restoraton

    I have used these guys and also The Brillman Co. out of Mt Jackson Va. Both have good products. The sets usually come pre-marked with what wire goes where. I use the braided wire sets and they are very nice and just like the originals.
  7. prayers desperately needed

    Picture of him sitting up in a crib bed on Facebook. Prayers have been answered for this little boy and his family.
  8. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Here's some more I found. I like the MTA diesel in the New Idea spreader ad and the home brewed nitrogen setup on the Super M with plow.
  9. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Yes I meant it was for the truck. I reread my original post and see how it could have been misleading. My post wasn't about the product being advertised just the picture in the ad. Just happened the picture of the tractor was in that truck axle ad. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Here's the rest of the ad. I took a bunch more if anyone's interested.
  11. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Yup. I will go through and take more pictures out of the magazine's. Ads for all sorts of stuff in them.
  12. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    I can get another picture but it doesn't show too much more of the baler. I will take some pictures of some other ads from the magazine's that I think people might like.
  13. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    That is cool! I could spend hours leafing through and taking pictures out of the magazines. Most have an ad for IH pickups in them. One even has a 50's vintage 4wd. I cannot remember if its an L or an R series.
  14. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    Wouldn't have guessed that. Not too common around here.
  15. Interesting Super MTA add on.

    My co worker has been bringing in old farm journal magazines from the 50's to show me this week. The ads in them are awesome to look at. I found one today with an interesting picture in it. Can any of you identify what the attachment is on the side of it? I am not sure of it. The ad was for an Eaton 2 speed rear end.