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  1. Ihcubguy

    Another good oldie came on today

    I had the opportunity to see George in about 2001. What a great concert. Reminded me of his character Dusty from Pure Country. No smoke and lights or a big show. He had a square stage with a mic on each side and the stage sat in the middle of the arena. He would sing a song at one mic and then move on to the next one. Sang nearly 2 1/2 hours without a lot of talking in between. Can't remember for sure who the opening act was. I think Jodi Messina.
  2. Ihcubguy

    Another good oldie came on today

    Wife and I saw Sammy back in the late 90's in Williamsport Pa at the Community Art's Center. We got a bonus when Lorrie Morgan walked out on stage and sang with him! Queen of my double wide trailer was her favorite song of his. I alway's liked "Vidalia" and "yard sale". "King" Geore is my all time favorite singer! If you can find his "Strait out of the box" set I recommend it. I have played it so much I've worn out the cd's. WOW! Here I thought I was the only one that taped the Bob Kingsley top 40 countdown. That was my favorite radio program to listen to. This is a more current song than we are talking about but I have always liked this song. My favorite current country group is Little Big Town. I may get flamed for it but I think they have an awesome harmony together.
  3. Ihcubguy

    Which hitch is bit.... hmmm....

    10 years or so ago the local antique show needed to rip the track for the pulls. Only thing available was my cousin's 1066 (with a little engine work for pulling) and the association's 6ft King Kutter box blade. Well we hooked it up and dropped it in the ground and with 3 people standing on it while I drove it went in the ground and then it flipped forward on its nose because the toplink geometry didn't work and left it go over center. I wouldn't try doing it if it were me. I thought for sure I was going to pull that thing apart at the seams.
  4. Ihcubguy

    Reese Hitch

    What's it attached to? Dad's neighbor who is an expert on Duramax and 2500HD chevies, says that the ones on trucks the vintage of my 05 when they get rusty and flake will collapse. Borrowed his 16ft dump trailer over the summer to haul some sand and he didn't even want me pulling his trailer with mine because of it. He has seen more than one let go and cause problems.
  5. Ihcubguy

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    That's a LOT of truck behind that Fisher. I'd think a truck that size would have a Flink or a Gledhill on it. My truck at work is a 2014 F550 with a 10ft Fisher MC. That one a 10ft or a 9? Good plow that's super nice to take on and off.
  6. Ihcubguy

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Sorry, double post
  7. Ihcubguy

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    I hope ya got a set of chains for that Cub. I tried to use dad's Low Boy here to clean my walks 2 years ago and that thing was helpless even with a set of B weights bolted to the back of it. On a sidewalk that just had a bit of packed snow on it and the front tire in a 1 inch deep rut it WOULD NOT move!
  8. Ihcubguy

    MN auction results. 786YAR cab

    Nice equipment he had there. Very well cared for I'd say.
  9. My thoughts exactly! The operator is buried under all that mess and they are laughing about it. We had racking at the lumber yard i worked at loaded to the gill's with skids of new asphalt roofing shingles. Stacked 3 high and 5 rack sections or 10 skids across. 30 skids in total. One morning I came in to work and the whole racking setup had collapsed over the weekend and made quite the mess out of things. Luckily it happened when no one was around or there would have been injures.
  10. Ihcubguy

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    This is the one we have. The gauge wheel is missing as is the bracket. It does have the park stand or kick stand if you want to call it that with it. That one there is beautiful! Hope ours looks that good when we get it done.
  11. Ihcubguy

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Don't know the exact model number but we have a 2 bottom disc plow for behind the Super C we have.
  12. Ihcubguy

    Duramax issue

    My 05 doesn't use a drop between changes. I would agree it was a regen cycle. Our 08 F550 at work will smoke like a freight train when it does a regen cycle. Sometimes you can't even see the traffic behind you. It's very "eco-friendly" when it does it.
  13. Is anyone running Rice's anymore? Gordon passed away a while back now from what I have been told.
  14. Ihcubguy

    Snowed in, church cancelled, farm pics please!

    My daughter riding the combine with my dad last year we farmed Snowblowing my sidewalk with my 107 The family 15-30 when we got it back in 1996 from the neighbor who had bought it at my great grandparents auction 30 years prior The same tractor years later after we finally got it finished. My grandfather the only one still alive that ever used it on the farm. Our JD A after 8 months of solid work restoring it in 2001. This was the weekend before 9/11. The same A in January of 2001. The magnum we had that we traded our 1270 Case for. It too has been gone a few years now. The lineup of big tractors we had at the time. The 766 is still here and we bought it in 97 from a local organic farm that folded. The M was bought new by my Great uncle and came to our farm right from his. It too is still here. The 560D was mine and I sold it a few years ago to a fellow forum member. The 1270 the day before we traded it for the magnum. The magnum was a great tractor but I really miss the Case. I know many don't like the Case tractor's but we had great luck with it and it believe it or not pulled better than the magnum on the same equipment.
  15. I prefer a nice painted up tractor and I would never paint one that was rusty. However there is a guy local here that took a styled A JD that was in very decent shape and after a bit of crocus cloth work on the rusty spots and a little clean up of the original paint he clear coated the whole tractor. Not my cup of tea normally but it is one sweet looking machine!