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  1. WOW!! You were really heavily into it. That's really cool.
  2. Dad still has his 041av. That thing has to be 40 years old. It was tired 15 years ago and dad replaced it about 10 years ago maybe with an MS390. That saw works great. At work we have a 338xpt and 575xp Husqy. Both of those saws work great as well
  3. My grandfather years ago told me the guys in the operator engineers with him always called JCB'S "John come back"
  4. Yeah my Clod has seen lots of "bashing". I abused it pretty good as a kid but never did major damage. Things broke over time and were replaced as needed. I did upgrade the old manual speed control and 75mhz radio 2 or 3 years ago with a 2.4ghz radio and electronic speed control. After letting my nephews child run it and promptly going under a minivan and busting the chassis the only parts left from the original truck at this point are the wheels, tires and shocks. The rest has all been replaced along the way from damage. The broken chassis is why it had sat for a while. Even though I ha
  5. Yeah some of the new ones are 60+ mph. Crazy speed and the size. They are huge! And crazy capabilities as well. I watched a YouTube video of a guy jumping one at least 15 ft in the air and 40 ft off the end of a skatepark ramp and it lands and keeps going. I am considering a new one but not sure of the route I will go.
  6. Cool! Back in the day I wanted a Lunchbox as well. Ironically they still make that one too.
  7. Good luck with your family tractor. Were it me I would first try and rebuild the original engine. If not doable then I would go with another gas to keep it more close to original. On the topic of d188 engines. We have one on our farm but not in a 504. It replaced the d166 in this girl.
  8. I was wondering if anyone is into R/C cars and if so what do you guys have? I recently dug out my old radio controlled Tamiya Clod Buster from when I was about 12. Hard to believe 31 years later Tamiya is still making that same basic truck. My Chevy body broke when it was new and it has wore a custom painted Bigfoot body it's whole life.
  9. I know I am late to this game but if there is coolant on any of the highly polished surfaces in that engine like the crank or rod journals I would be tearing that thing apart asap! I would want to know exactly where it was coming from and how much was there. We had a liner get a pin hole in it on a Big Cam Cummins in our KW grain truck once hauling corn in the fall. It sat two weeks till we could get it into a shop to get it overhauled. Well in two weeks time the crank, cam and rods all had signs of corrosion on them already. Luckily they were all ok but had it sat over winter till spring
  10. As has been said they will be fine if treated right. We have 2 H's and an M that have all been switched for at least 25 years. The one H probably closer to 35 years. None of them have ever been an issue and work fine to this day.
  11. Sending prayers Bitty. Saturday morning October 17th my coworker started to not feel right. By Sunday afternoon he was burning up with a 103 fever. Went for a test Monday morning the 19th and he had it. He had all the symptoms, fever, lack of taste ect ect... By the end of the second week his wife had it as well. Now with both of them sick at that point they had 20 head of cattle to attend to as well as other animals on their small farm. His wife recovered within a week without to many issues. My coworker on the other hand was hit hard. After getting over it he had a secondary lung in
  12. Nice CC. Do not know if you are on Facebook or not but there are a few really good and active Case groups on there that I belong to. Also you could go to yesterdays tractors and go on the Case forum there. Lots of knowledge in both of those places. Don Livingston and Jon Saeli are good Case guys for parts and frequent both those places as do many other knowledgeable gentleman. Good luck.
  13. I would love to have an LA someday. I am a sucker for them old Case's. I have a DC and an RC. Just need an SC and the LA to have the lineup I want. Never been a fan of the V series.
  14. I love them big standard treads Tyler. Dad and I said a few years ago if we would have thought things through differently 25 years ago we would have amassed a collection of them instead of all the row crop tractors we have.
  15. That Allis picker is interesting with how it gets the corn from the rolls back to the elevator. It all seems very low slung. Cannot say I have ever been around or even seen one. When my grandfather was running our farm he had a single row Woods picker. That actually did not do a half bad job of picking. Was always a little weird to me driving the field what I thought was the wrong direction with it. When dad and I took over before we were combining the corn we had a NI 327 with an 8 roll bed on it. Dad wanted a 12 roll bed but the 8 roll was a local machine that had only ever run 50
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