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  1. Ihcubguy

    Music thread

    Yes we have had this discussion recently. To me besides Strait out of the box his best album is the Pure Country soundtrack. I've refrained on this thread from posting too many songs as my previous post here should show why. My mix of music is quite extensive. I think it's because my parents listened to country and my sister was a rock/pop fan when we ere kids in the 80's. Later I worked at a place where the people in control of the radio listened to pop in the late 90's to early 2000's. My mother in law is a HUGE Beatles fan and my wife listened to things like Seal and Bonnie Raitt when we met and then was into pop up till about 6 years ago so I have been around a wide variety over my life. Plus I will listen to instrumental from time to time as well (probably because I was in the band in middle and high school).
  2. Ihcubguy

    Music thread

    If I posted the variety of music I listen to we would be here all day long. I will listen to things from the 60's like The Beatles. The Bee Gee's. Almost any country from the 70's to the present. Queen, Journey, Toto, Hall and Oate's, Foreigner, Some Aerosmith and Metallica, (basically most 80's and 90's pop and rock). Some late 90's to early 2000's pop like N'Sync, Matchbox 20, One Republic, Nickleback, Maroon 5, Adele ect, ect...... I also listen to Contemporary Christian music as well. Almost anything really with the exception of rap and really Heavy metal.
  3. Ihcubguy

    Music thread

    I've always liked this Junior Brown song.
  4. Ihcubguy

    Music thread

    George is my all time favorite singer hands Down. Never heard him sing a bad song. I listen to that Jerry Reed song pretty frequently as well.
  5. Ihcubguy

    Music thread

    Church is good. He don't sing too much I don't like. Springsteen, Round here buzz, Desperate man, Creepin, Talladega.
  6. Ihcubguy

    Combative Forum Members

    double post. woops
  7. Ihcubguy

    Combative Forum Members

    You know I didn't even think about it when I posted that they got the New Holland's from Farnsworth.
  8. Ihcubguy

    Combative Forum Members

    Never been any closer to that one than on I-180. I think that one is a Kirovets version though from what I can see from the road.
  9. Ihcubguy

    Garth brooks concert

    Saw Garth over 20 years ago at Syracuse University when my brother in law was a student there. It was a great show and he is without a doubt a great entertainer. For me though the best concert I have ever attended was a George Strait concert. No muss or fuss. he just stands there and sings.
  10. Ihcubguy

    Combative Forum Members

    Was it the one based on the Kirovets 700A? I know Belarus rebadged those tractors. They at least sound cool. Used to be a dealer of the things here, I'm sure TP and Bitty know the dealer I mean. They woke up and switched to New Holland.
  11. Ihcubguy

    H hood

    I have yet to get rid of the H I that I had told you about last year. It has an extra starting tank with it, no fuel cap but the tank is there. Thought I had the tractor sold back in September but have not been contacted back since by the person. If you're interested in a starting tank I got one.
  12. Ihcubguy

    Swapping a 436 combine engine into a 966

    ^^^^^^^this. When the one sleeve cavitated through on our BC3 Cummins in our KW we left it set just 2 weeks till we could get it around and to a shop to get it fixed. In that short time the coolant had already started to do its magic of "tarnishing" all the polished surfaces of the crank and cam. Luckily it all cleaned off as it was not bad yet.
  13. Ihcubguy

    Interesting 1420

    Like the others have said. Common sight in central Pa and New York. We have Pa State highways around here that have grooves worn in the road transversely because they drive that equipment out of their field lanes and across the roads to the fields on the other side. Powered equipment like tractors or combines have steel wheels but the equipment hooked behind it many times has rubber tires. One farm will have a setup like this and the next will be horses with old equipment hooked to them with a Wisconsin or Honda engine powering the towed implement. Next place down the road might live just the same as the rest of us do with vehicles and modern equipment. Local weld shop (about the best one around) can be interesting to go in sometimes. They will stand around talking Pa Dutch right in front of you. Sometimes laughing and joking, makes ya wonder if they're talking about you.
  14. Ihcubguy

    So Walmart is good for something.

    I found parts at mom and dads a few months ago to a white Chevy Stomper bully I had. I also had the small Stompers with the Devil mountain playset track. Good times.
  15. Ihcubguy

    Mini Scout build

    Thanks guys. Actually we have a Micheals craft store about 4 miles from home and they sell Testors paints. I could really get into this again given the opportunity. Sitting here thinking of the models I had back in the day. Testors kit #584 SR71 Blackbird- This model is gone, not sure what became of it. Testors kit #594 C-130 E/H Hercules- This kit is still at mom and dads unfinished but has missing and broken pieces unfortunately Revell kit #7245 37 Ford convertible with trailer- This kit was finished in my mother in laws cellar while my wife worked on a doll house whiie we were still dating. Then it was left in the box for the past 25 years. I know it has some damage and attention needs given to it. Should I dig them out too eventually? Hmmmmmmm..................