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  1. 2 years ago we replaced a stream pipe that runs under one of our roads at work. We replaced 100 ft of 4 ft concrete pipe 20 ft under the road. The Case 470 excavator that the contractor used had it's hands full lifting the pipe and the endwalls down to the bottom of the trench. A few weeks after we put it in we had a hard rain event. That pipe was running full bore with water shooting out the down stream end and chucking R8 rock 100ft down the creek. Water's power truly is amazing.
  2. Saw on radar it was red up you guys way. Just a passing shower here, not too awful heavy.
  3. Power washed the decks in prep for painting. Mowed the grass and weed whacked here at home and edged the sidewalk. Finished a picture frame for the misses and put up some door trim for her in her project room. Church in the a.m. and then a ride on the local rail trail with the family and some friends followed by supper out to eat. Monday is supposed to be nice so hopefully get the decks painted.
  4. Just something about the ole Radio Flyer red wagon. Like a staple of being a kid. I had a Radio Flyer 9A when I was a kid. The handle would come back much farther into the bed and I sat in that thing many a trip down hill whilst steering it from inside. It may have crashed into things once or twice doing that...........
  5. How do them big ole cleared tires work in the mud? Never used it anywhere muddy in the few hours I drove it.
  6. Thanks Tyler but it's not mine anymore it's yours. She looks good.
  7. Here's a few more from about 2005 before dad went no till.
  8. Since our ground is now rented I cant post anything current so I will go back a few years to about 2007 for the combining picture with the M hauling the beans away.
  9. 47 M and the 51 H my great uncle bought new. Mom and dad did the the farming for my aunt and uncle back in the early to late 80's. Mom and dad helped till 87 when dads 24/7 on call power company job took precedence over the farm as the work load was getting to great. Uncle told mom and dad that the M was theirs for helping the years they did. That tractor has lived at our farm ever since and is BY FAR my favorite tractor on the farm. I've done a lot of field work over the years with it. Great uncle was run over by his TO30 Ferguson in July of 1990 and passed away 2 days later in ICU from a crushed chest and internal injuries. Mom and dad bought the H at auction early that fall. Paid $1600.00 for it which was an unheard of price at the time around here. Mom and dad knew they wanted to keep the pair together and would have paid whatever was required to get it. I remember at the auction someone made the remark that the H only had a wheel weight on one side of the tractor and they wondered where the other was. Having overheard him I told him that it was at our farm on the land wheel side of our M where it had been for many years prior as it was needed to pull the 555H 4-14 JD plow my uncle had used behind it. When we brought the M home it lived under the 33A loader we had for a number of years until dad started using it to help my grandfather on his farm and then renting ground later on. It's been living the retired life now for about 10 years. The H when it came to live here was used 1 time in front of paps 5ft Lilliston rotary mower before having the engine taken out and dad putting in a pulling motor and using the H for pulling for about 10 years. It was competitive at first but quickly was outmatched by tractors that were built up more. We have left the pulling engine in all these years and just bring it out to play at antique tractor pulls a few times a year. Since we have 2 other H's it is not needed for anything around the farm. So with the exception of a brief 3 year period between 87 and 90 these 2 tractors have been shed buddies in the same zipcode the past 68 years since 1951 occasionally going to antique shows and the 2 roundups in bloomsburg. My uncles farm was about 3 miles from our farm but in a different township so I can't claim the same township. The picture is from a local antique show about 2010 with dad on the H and me on the M in a double tree pull. They make a good pair with them both being right around 50hp.
  10. Looks like from some reading that it is slated to be the next one in line and returned to service by 2021 or 2022 now that #4014 is restored. That would be a truly awesome sight to see both of them running together. Maybe even double heading a consist.
  11. Like jordi 1455 mentioned this is the ONLY remaining operational U.P. Big Boy. However if you want to see one on static display they have #4012 at Steamtown. Not as far of a drive for you as it would be to see #4014. I too would LOVE to see this beast in action. I have always loved trains and well being the biggest steam engine ever made the Big Boy is just a train fans steam loco dream.
  12. As a kid I got to spend many miles riding with my gram in their 67 Pontiac Executive. Still at pap's place but my aunt owns it now. Was a nice car but unfortunately it now sits outside.
  13. Really neat setup. That whole setup just dropped right out of the late 80's early 90's.
  14. Just came across this video on Youtube this afternoon. Really cool to see that it made it to completion and is operational. A true american legend.
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