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  1. Ihcubguy

    Maybe This Sale Has Been Posted Previously

    LOT'S of cool old stuff there. Why are the good auctions always far away......
  2. Ihcubguy

    Another 8” rain sinks another NW Iowa train

    Bet the people in that house along the tracks were scared hearing that happen outside their windows.
  3. Ihcubguy

    Massey Harris fans

    That 33 is delivering quite the ride at the 23:32 mark.
  4. Ihcubguy

    Cub cadet good one?

    Looks like a 127 with a 42" deck. Good tractors. I have a 107 and love that tractor. Here are pictures of it at a local plowday two different years. One before I redid it and one after.
  5. Ihcubguy

    Massey Harris fans

    Neve had one, but always have wanted one. Had the chance to buy a 44-6 once but turned it down. Wanted the 4 cylinder more at the time. I love the throaty sound of them continental built 4 cylinder engines.
  6. Ihcubguy

    Pulled my with a M&W hand clutch

    The M that my pap gave me last fall had an M&W hand clutch on it for years. He only used the M&W clutch when he picked corn. That tractor was worked HARD in the field! He didn't believe in multiple passes over the field so he hooked up behind it a 10ft Pittsburgh disk followed by a 12ft Ezee Flow fertilizer spreader. Then a 12ft pittsburgh drag harrow and finally a 12ft drag he had made. All that in one pass across the field and it would pull it in 4th gear. I would think if the M&W clutch can hold up to that it should be fine for pulling as well. I wish that there was pictures of that outfit around but unfortunatley there's not. Only in my head anymore.
  7. Ihcubguy

    What you bid for the H and M ❓

    x2 Donor machines. The H in the auction link with the cultivators has all the shutter equipment on it and it looks to have the stating tank on it too. Be a good parts machine.
  8. Ihcubguy

    Are these IH power Units?

    The older ones with regular Gradall controls take a little bit to get used too because they are not standard. The newer ones you can just switch around a couple color coded hoses and switch them back and forth from Gradall to John Deere style controls. SOOO much easier to run set up for JD controls.
  9. Ihcubguy

    Follow up MF65

    My Great aunt and uncle had an MF 50 on the farm where our H and M came from. That was a nice handy tractor. Did the rotary mowing with a 6ft MF mower. Pulled hay wagons and ran the sickle bar and crimper together. It and the TO30 did hay raking as well and plowed the garden. Wish I had it on our farm actually.
  10. Ihcubguy

    Road Construction

    Them and we have a company here called "Traffic Plan". They are a joke. I don't believe they send them to a Penndot approved flagger training. I would be surprised if a lot of them had their certification. Makes me cringe all the things I see them doing wrong that endanger themselves and the motoring public.
  11. Ihcubguy

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    From what I have read the big downfall of the 150 was that they wore out to quickly. Had to do with the quality of metals and engineering they had back then. I saw somewhere that Kory made certain changes on the materials he used to build it to keep this from happening.
  12. Ihcubguy

    Road Construction

    Penndot uses pilot cars here in district 3 all the time. Maybe the district you guys are in does not use them so much. I thought it was standard practice for them anymore.
  13. Ihcubguy

    Help with 1066 & Hydraulic Flexwing

    x2 Check all the fluids and make sure its road worthy and drive it home.
  14. Ihcubguy

    150 H.P. CASE 'Road Locomotive'

    8' in diameter so you might not be too far off.
  15. Ihcubguy

    Road Construction

    A small hardly used pat of my job. I've had people ask me "how Da#n stupid are you people?' as well as other "colorful" suggestions. know many who think it's an easy job that they'd "love to get paid to do." I ask them if they want to stand on amesite in the same spot for 8 hours on a 90+ degree day? They're tune usually changes quick.