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  1. Got the hydraulic problem fixed. We took the screen out of the tank and it was covered in what looked like clothes dryer lint or some type of fabric. How it got there or what it come from I have no idea. I had taken the screen out last time we serviced the dozer and everything was very clean so I did not think it could be the problem. Wrong. Reminds me of a fuel tank our supplier let us use. It was a 500 gal above ground tank with electric pump that worked well the fist year then pretty much quit. They brought a different pump, but no improvement. Finally took a piece of heavy wire with a hook on it and snagged a paint covered sweat shirt from the bottom of the tank. We had a hard enough time getting it out of the tank so it did not just fall in there through a 2" hole. Maybe previous user was unhappy!!
  2. My TD9B has developed a major problem with air in the hydraulic system. The blade hydraulics work fine at first, but after half an hours use they work very slowly and you can hear air coming into the reservoir. I replaced a couple hoses with small leaks and also put a new cap on reservoir. I can see no leaks or bad spots on lines to and from the pump. Pump is engine driven external mount. If there were bad seals on pump drive shaft would that cause air in the system?? Would it also leak oil out those seals?? Any other ideas??
  3. I have a son in law who is a lineman. He spent two weeks in New York restoring power before being called back to Iowa this week. He has been home six hours in the last three weeks to see his five month old daughter and wife.These guys are giving it there best and I wish them all a safe and quick return from a bad situation.
  4. I had a LP grain dryer tank filled one fall to about 90% as the LP guy thought we were still using it, but we had finished a day before. The next summer on a 100 degree day we were near the tank when the relief valve let go. There was a burst of gas at least 50' high and right under power lines and near my brothers house. Scared the crap outta me. Of course it was on the week end and the gas guy did not want to come out. He said just crawl up to the tank and open the valve and let some pressure out. I said no way!! They did finally come and pump some gas out of the tank. Here they always use copper line for LP and was always told never use Galvanized as it flakes??
  5. As said before the stuff is nasty to breathe and won't come off your skin. If you open a can, use it all or reseal it very well in as small a container as it will fit or it will be rock hard.
  6. Treated lumber is very hard to come by. Daughter sells furniture on weekend for a large furniture maker. I f you buy today you might get it in October if it is a popular item. They can still only produce at 80% capacity. Local guy builds trailers and can not get a lot of parts to finish his trailers.
  7. I think I have owned four 22 Hornet rifles over the years. First was a savage K340 I believe, that shot well but left a lot to be desired in other areas. A H&R topper 20 ga-22 hornet came along and was just OK. Then I waited and saved my money up for the newly introduced Ruger 77/22 hornet. This was one of the first produced. Beautiful gun, but it just plain would not shoot and Ruger was absolutely of no help. Either you got one that shot or it didn't. I own a number of Ruger guns, but never again a Ruger bolt rifle. Finally dumped the Ruger at a loss and later bought a Remington 797 I believe, which is an imported Zastavia that Remington sold for a few years. It is a beautiful rifle that shoots very well but Remington has abandoned the gun. If you reload, the hornet is a cheap to shoot, accurate and a very quiet centerfire.
  8. Oldtanker. Don't know if you have been around 560's much,but the older I get the harder I find it to get on and off those models. Lots of stuff to get around and to get caught on. Just not as young as I once was.
  9. Dozer coming up at auction.https://www.hansenandyoung.com/auctions/item/bw50933/3671393
  10. Pete, that seems to be the right number. I googled it and it looks right. Ten to twenty bucks for a nut and ferrule is crazy, but I am going to search around so I have one here if the line leaks again.
  11. I decided today was the day to fix some leaks on the 1486 before getting into heavy field work. Needed to replace both heater shut off valves since they were leaking for way too long and the fuel return line fitting was leaking at the T by the fuel filters. Heater valves went pretty well once I got an impact wrench on them so decided fuel line should be an easy fix. I had not had one apart for a while and was thinking it was just a common compression fitting. When I got the old one off I thought I could see maybe some type of seal inside the old ferrule. None of my standard fittings fit the plastic hose right so I called my dealer to see if they had the right part on hand. My lucky day, I get the new parts guy who really does not have a clue. He tells me I may have to buy the whole tee or new fuel line. The tee is $125 and he does not have the line. Now if my regular parts guy was there, he probably could have helped. I called another guy who works on a lot of these and he said he had a tube nut that might work that was standard on fuel lines on the old M and the likes which is a nut and ferrule in one piece. Part #222-504. I put it on and it does not leak for now, but I think the correct one has a teflon seal inside but I can not find a part # or diagram of the part. Is there a certain way you are supposed to install this nut or just tighten up?
  12. My son used one of those rental reamers from a local guy that sell parts. I believe he had a $1,000 deposit on the reamer.We were not impressed with how it cut. No way could you cut anything with hand power. We were told to put a drill on it. It took a lot of pressure and a lot of cutting fluid and a lot longer time than expected, but did get it done and fit nicely. I would probably just buy a reamer for the next one.
  13. I have a relative in a very bad car accident,as she laid in the muddy field waiting for an ambulance to come, she swears a classmate, killed several years before, came and sat by her and told her everything would be OK.
  14. 95 f250 with 7.3 has about 310,000 and still runs and drives good. Body is shot, but a rust free cab and box sit in the yard. My 2003 Ranger 4.0 just turned 250,000 trouble free miles and still uses no oil, but the rust is taking its toll.
  15. I was a member of Wisconsin National Guard back in the seventies when the state employees went on strike. My unit got called to guard a prison for the criminally insane. There were some very bad people there, murders, rapist and then some not so bad people. I got called one day to help watch as a prisoner in his probably 10' x 12' cell was let out to empty his bucket. I believe there were six of us. There was a large steel door with a small window where his food could be set or opened to see the guy. We were told to stand off to the side as he liked to empty his bucket at this small window. Now you see the bucket was his bathroom and once a day he got let out of his room to empty his bucket and you best have a bunch of people ready when you opened his door. No problems that day, but what a life. Next call was to help with a young man who had got on a bus and slit the throat of a 12 year old girl sitting in front of him. He was there for evaluation in a very small room with a mattress and maybe a blanket, pretty much naked with his hands and feet strapped down. He had been just let up for a bathroom call and they could not find one of the buckles for the restraints. There was talk of a body cavity search until they found the buckle in the mattress. Again there were about six of us again as both were known to be very violent. None of us were ever armed with more than our bare hands and was probably for the best. Quite the shock for a twenty something farm boy one day and guarding violent criminals the next. Was one of the longest weeks of my life and a couple times thought it might be my last.
  16. I bought a new stainless steel 4" back in the day. Great shooter. Still shoots as good as ever and seems almost as good as new. No regrets.
  17. I have the Stihl 170 also. Great little saw. Mine was pretty beat up and began to run like crap. Dealer said for what a new carb costs he couldn't rebuild the old one. Decided to get a new saw and kept the old one. Saw a new carb on ebay for like seven bucks, put it on and the new saw sits. Been running good for over a year so far, just looks a little worse.
  18. Go to Ebay. Little short flexible antenna that seems to work well for me shipped to your door for less than $10.
  19. If I take the front drive shaft off and do the procedure in the cab will it roll with no electrical power?
  20. I believe there was an electrical fire in fuse box, probably no electrical power. Will that procedure still work?? How do you lift it on trailer? Crane? Have detach lowboy available.
  21. Long story but have a dead mx285 that needs to be loaded on semi trailer. Anyone know proper way to get it out of park??
  22. I would like to see a fully syncro, at least five speed manual transmission with a TA in any International from the M on up.
  23. The 870 wingmaster has always been a fine gun, I own several and prefer the older the better. Also have a Mossberg 500 from about 1970 that cost about $69 new that has never failed me, Not pretty, but it works.
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