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    God bless you and you family. I am saddened to read of your loss.
  2. A lot of grief. My heart goes out to your family.
  3. It is up to the website owner (mail.magma.ca) to solve the problem. It appear that their security certificate has expired, probably making communication between you and the website insecure (meaning that any information passed is at risk of being viewed or collected by malicious parties). In essence, it increases your susceptibility to fraud or identity theft as messages are not encrypted. SSL certificates have a set expiraion date, and the website owner needs to renew the ceritificate. You can confirm the exception to continue to the site, but it presents increased risk. Regardless, I would uncheck the box for storing the exception, as the warning should be there until the certificate is renewed.
  4. We spent several weeks there five years ago. My wife had a tough cancer diagnosis with a dire prognosis. The care and compassion she received there was the best we could hope for. Following scans and testing last month, the Mayo doctors told us they consider her cancer to be cured. We met many folks during our stay - many have passed in the five years following. There is a spirit of helpfulness there that goes beyond Minnesota nice. That caring attitude mixed with state-of-the art technology, bright minds, informative patient conultation, and spiritual support creates a unique and powerful healing environment. Good luck during your stay at the clinic.
  5. Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures. Cesar Chavez
  6. “There is no country in the world in which everything can be provided for by laws, or in which political institutions can prove a substitute for common sense and public morality.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America
  7. I am saddened to read of your loss. May the coming days bring comfort. The care and support you provided are an inspiration.
  8. It is good to read your daughter is now receiving the best of care. Best wishes for her quick recovery.
  9. Bolt size seems to vary by the frame/bracket type. On the Case-IH Parts site, the brackets I used mounting a CASE-IH 2250 to a 584 match those shown as 2-02 Frame and Brackets (https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/material-handling/loaders/naak51521fl/case-ih-front-end-loader/complete-machine/frame-and-brackets/cn/B9762542-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6?modelCode=null). The bolt sizes shown there - Grade #5, 3/4 x 10 x 2.5" correspond to the bolts I used. Other frames might have different sizes, but all are listed.
  10. Cross-country running provides great conditioning for basketball. It builds endurance and stamina with a fairly low risk of injury. Congratulations. Nice that the community provided the escort into town.
  11. All things considered, the outcome could have been far worse. It is encouraging and impressive that you identified the cause so quickly. Good luck making the repairs. A busy day for sure.
  12. We pray for you and for your family's quick and complete recovery.
  13. Intersting article from a website that I am certain to revisit. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Your taking the time and energy to keep us updated conveys ample gratitude. I look forward to reading of the continued recovery of you and your wife.
  15. Congratulations on the project. The tractor looks good. Thank you for your service and for sharing your background. Your Dad would be proud.
  16. Prayers continue. Thank you for sharing these updates.
  17. Thank you for the updates. We pray for your recovery.
  18. Nice crop. Thank you for sharing the photos and the updates. What variety are you growing? We have thirty New England pie pumpins from two 4x8 raised beds with A-frame trellis from concrete reinforcing mesh. Like you report, our 2021 yield far surpassed that of last year.
  19. I am saddened to hear of your loss.
  20. As stated in many ways before, we wish you a quick recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.
  21. Thank you for posting. The video, audio, and countryside make a nice combination.
  22. Thank you for posting the video. I especially enjoyed seeing the Hereford cattle going after the silage.
  23. I have been looking forward to seeing photos. Thank you for posting.
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