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  1. 15-inches snow depth reported in Houghton (Dec 01). Areas to the south and west in the 20+ range. Link below is to NOAA snowdepth totals for eastern US: https://github.com/racarr01/eastern-snowdepth/blob/master/snowdepth_topo.json (Click teardrop icon to open info window)
  2. Great photos. Thank you for posting them.
  3. Nice. The attention to detail is impressive.
  4. One of my favorite cuts from Mary Gauthier's 2019 Album "The Rifle and the Rosary" - a tribute to veterans. US Army, 4th Infantry Division. 1971-1973
  5. Looks like a good time (and good memories) for Waylon.
  6. That was time well spent. I am sure there is a special place in heaven for animal caregivers and know there is a place in **** for their abusers.
  7. Please maintain your positive outlook. Faith, family, and friends mean a lot, and it sounds like you are well-supported by all.
  8. I appreciate seeing all of these photos. Thanks for taking the time to share them.
  9. Here are the lines out of the left-hand (from the rear) fuel tank on our 584. The lines make a 90-degree turn and are visible again at the lower right of the photo. Whether this is a vent line or overflow line is unclear to me. For sure, though, they are inside the tank until exiting at the bottom. In an earlier post I incorrectly recalled they they were external.
  10. Likewise, I don't have access to our 584 until later this week, but it's my recollection the vent line runs externally to the bottom of the tank. I can confirm that Saturday when we return from Minnesota.
  11. Is the October 20, 2018 timestamp correct? Regardless, I recall accounts of similar accidents, and I expect this year's harvest will bring more. I hope the victim is now doing well.
  12. Enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting
  13. bob_carr

    sweet potatoes

    Best of luck with treatment and recovery. We have spent a lot of time at the Mayo Clinic the last few years , and during those stays met many men who had successful radiation therapy treatment for prostate cancer. As mentioned by others, the recovery rate is generally high. Keep a positive outlook, stay nourished, and stay in touch. That's one big sweet potato, btw. I wish our growing season were longer.
  14. Thank you for sharing the photos. That is an outstanding collection.
  15. The bucket is 84 inches wide. It's 4 inches wider than the old bucket and a lot heavier. The loader came off a 695. I mounted it to a 584 with the Z pattern shifter. The modificationss were actually fairly minor as we removed only a small amount of steel. The bolt pattern matched perfectly. That was my primary concern and the responses to this thread, yours included, reassured me that the loader could be made to work fairly easily. Thank you for taking the time to do that.
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