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  1. Mixed feelings for me on high tech hunting. I do not hunt, but my friends and neighbors who hunt do not use bait piles or destroy vegetaion to make a shooting lane. They respect property lines and don't litter. Not all hunters are as considerate and certainly some do not understand the limitation of recreation-grade GPS receivers in a wooded environment. As a field forester I always grumbled through deer season, not liking the orange garb I had to wear and knowing that the last few weeks of otherwise ideal working conditions in snow-free forest meant sharing the woods with possibly inexperienced gun users. Even then, though I preferred gun season to bowhunting, as I too often came across bodies of wounded deer that had outrun their bow-hunting predator. In that regard a high-powered rifle usually resulted in a more certain and sudden kill. As stated, mixed feelings of respect for the tradition, disdain for the careless, uncaring, or greedy, and basic agreement that hunting is an integral part of wildlife management.
  2. Thank you for sharing these photos. Reminiscent of many family farms in the Midwest. In northern Indiana snow pickets were also used to store overflow corn.
  3. Yes. Fairly simple, easy-to-operate, and extermely durable.
  4. Posted in previous years, but still worth sharing. Thank you to all who have served and their supporting families.
  5. Reading posts in this thread I feel fortunate to have such polite, responsive, and helpful IH parts guys at the closest dealerships. Calling either Beaver Implement in Coleman, Wisconsin or Quinlans in Antigo, Wisconsin, the Parts Departments have impressed me with their knowledge and patience, connecting me to the shop if I had questions and contacting dealers in other parts of the state if they had stock available that their own shop did not. I only wish they were closer.
  6. Is PEAK Fleet Charge SCA Precharged 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze OK for older tractors? No mention of OAT in the specs, and ethylene glycol-based. It is green,not pink. I'm due for flushing and refilling the 584 and was about to puchase 4 gallons of the pre-mix at our Advance Auto.
  7. Here's an except from an article I read earlier today. The entire article is worth reading. (https://isonomiaquarterly.com/archive/volume-1-issue-2/life-lessons-from-the-death-bed/). To me, these qualify as words to live by.
  8. My wife is six years out from a tough diagnosis. Lodging at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge opened was our first witness of the good these groups provide. Since then we participate in annual events locally and contribute annually. You are right - it is a good thing.
  9. Our condolences on your losing Buddy Boy. Pets pass through our lives so quickly, but leave memories that will endure.
  10. Yes, bolts and pattern on gearbox type resemble our Danuser PHD.
  11. Amen to that. I am saddened to read of Dolly's passing. It is never easy to endure, but we do. A nice photo.
  12. Congratulations on your daughter's achievement and your family's role in helping her secure such an honor. This will bring lasting memories. Nice to see the FFA jackets appear to have maintained the same look and design over the years.
  13. Lucy is a good looker. The photos convey her energy. Our recently-passed Ezra never left my wife's side when she was bed-ridden during cancer treatment. It sounds like Lucy provided the same therapy.
  14. That Mason Proffit album was released and became popular during the trial of the Chicago 7. We always felt those lyrics pertained to Judge Hoffman and his treatment of the defendants. You are right, though - the story is familiar. It was a great album.
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