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  1. Words that have comforted many in hard times, and that I hope will comfort you as well.
  2. Seems like some fine photography and editing to me. Overhead views, annotation, banjo - all made it better. A nice touch to have the family shots towards the end. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to search the CIH site. A consensus of opinion is rare these days, and unanimity even rarer. I think both apply in this matter. This is not an IH disk. I was at the neighbor's quarry early this morning, and after running off a black bear, filled ten bags of sand. With the added ballast and with the center brace straight and stiffened, the disk performed as I hoped it would.
  4. Thanks for posting the image and the information. Reading the text in the article, it appears the disk shown is a 3 point version of the Model 122. I have an image of the one point version attached below (from the Burch Store Tractors site). At first look, the version depicted below resembles the disk I have. Considering all posted above and comparing more closely, it is clear that whie the term "folding tandem disk" might apply to both, the disk purchased is a different make and model.
  5. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Based on all recounted in this thread, I think "rebadged" might be appropriate.
  6. bob_carr

    WGN news nation

    Will this be a tv/cable news station? The WGN AM radio station has a strong signal that we can pick up in northern Michigan. I enjoy the late night programming, and wish they still carried the Cubs broadcast.
  7. To close the thread, I examined the front gang and found no "IH" markings anywhere. The brace leading from the top link to the frame is straightened and stiffened (image below). Today I will visit the neighbor's sand pit and add some bags for ballast. Thanks to all for the information, advice, and encouragement.
  8. bob_carr

    apple ID

    The red stripes make me think it is the Northern Spy variety, an older variety native to parts of New York and Michigan. We have several on our property. The fruit looks similar.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to look this up and post it here. It is far different in appearance and construction than the disk I have. From all of the information and experience shared here, I no longer have any reason to think the new-to-me disk is manufactured by IH. The tattered sticker and the CL listing were misleading, but neither figured into my decision to purchase the disk. The price was low,, it was only a few miles away, and it will enable me to get started on the native plant conversion project this season. That said though, I would have been pleased to confirm it was an IH model and not an aftermarket look-alike.
  10. Yes, I straightened the brace and added a stiffener today. I will give it a try tomorrow. I have additional ballast ready as well.
  11. That is interesting and informative. I will not be able to check that until tomorrow, but I have a growing hunch the letters "I" and ""H" might only appear as part of the word "CHINA".
  12. Fortunately our soils are sandy, with clay first showing far deeper than the disc will cut. It is ground well-suited for potatoes and strawberries, easily-worked and well-drained. Scrapers would-have been a must-have feature if we had clay soils.
  13. That is certainly possible. I searched the internet before posting to this forum, and the closest, though not exact resemblance I found was to the IH Model 122, sometimes referred to as a "folding tandem" disk. Images of the 122 models showed dual braces from the top of the three point connection going to either side of the rectangular frame. The disk I purchased has a single brace leading to a bracket in the center of the frame. The angle iron and the rectangular tubing are similar, as are the brackets enabling the adjustment of the gang angle. The "International" sticker at the front is suspect, though, and perhaps intentionally misleading. Regardless, it is mine now, purchased at a good price, and probably able to accomplish the small tillage needs we have. It seems to be well-made with no obvious defects. Thank you for your input.
  14. I considered a trailer disk, but the small size and layout of our tillable ground made the 3pt disk more attractive. Buying it from a neighbor less than 3 miles away and a good purchase price made the decision even easier.
  15. I purchased this from a neighbor yesterday. From what I have read and viewed, I believe it is a Model 120 or 122. Blades appear to be newer and turn freely. All eight zerks accept grease. Should they be greased until lubricant shows? We have a small section of open ground we want to convert to garden and native plants. This should help us accomplish that.
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