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  1. Thank you for posting these photos.
  2. Very Nice! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Nice photos. It must have been a long day.
  4. Start inside in April, transplant in early June Be prepared to cover the first few weeks, and perhaps the last few weeks. I don't think the quality of the slicers grown here matches that of those grown further south.
  5. Frost was patchy in Houghton and Chassell. Cold enough to blacken the basil leaves, but the tomato plants appear to have survived. I added another layer of clothing yesterday for outside work and fired the boiler for the first time this season.
  6. Our hearts are with you in these difficult times. We wish you peace and comfort.
  7. The leaves appear to be compound as well, a characteristic of green ash. The pronounced downward curve of the limbs also looks like green ash.
  8. That is correct. The casualty rate suffered by the Bardstown Unit was for losses in Vietnam.
  9. And because the Guard units usually have their numbers concentrated in a community, when they are deployed into combat the number of casualties can really devastate the community. I recall the 138th Artillery Unit from Bardstown taking a significant hit after the 1968 Tet Offensive. That resulted in Bardstown having the highest per capita casualty rate of any community in the US. I imagine the circumstances for units deployed in WWII would be similar. I know they were part of many campaigns and assault landings. One unit, the African-American 39th Infantry Regiment from the streets of Harlem was referred to as the "**** Fighters" and earned significant recognition from the French Army to which they were assigned. I noticed 39th Infantry Regiment nickname was tagged for profanity. Think of the opposite of "Heaven"'.
  10. My mother's high school sweetheart and first love died in the war. His brother was captured and spent 2 years in a prisoner-of-war camp before escaping and living with the natives of Borneo until well after the war. He survived the war but was mentally wrecked, rarely leaving a cabin in the woods of his parents farm in Akron, Indiana. The two young men were my father's first cousins. My dad also served, but rarely spoke about the war. I honor them each Memorial Day, and think of them often.
  11. We dry much of the produce. Photos of garlic, onions, and part of the this year's bean crop are attached. Potatoes are curing inside Pumpkins, squash, and popcorn are still in the garden. Tomatoes, peas, and green beans canned. Sweet corn and summer squash consumed by us or shared with neighbors.
  12. It is good to know showmanship awards are still part of 4-H judging. Congratulations. Your bragging on Isaac's accomplishments is certainly waranted.
  13. Best wishes for the upcoming days. Change of this magnitude always brings mixed emotions.
  14. Thank you for posting the video. Watching it brought to mind Soren Eriksson and the Game Of Logging program originally sponsored by Stihl and Tilton Industries back in the 1980s. As I recall he introduced many of the Swedish cutting techniques to American loggers when chainsaw logging and cable skidding dominated the industry. Soren passed away in 2017, but it looks like the Game of Logging training has persisted, now based in Middletown Springs, Vermont. https://www.woodlandtraining.com/game-of-logging-history/ Soren Eriksson
  15. As conveyed in all of these well-wishes, I am sure you will prosper wherever you apply your effort. Good luck as you move forward.
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