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  1. Hi guys , been following with interest.......hope I don’t confuse the issue but I’ll chip my 2 cents . The low charge pressure concerns me.......I once had the charge pump relief valve ( # 27 in first picture) loose in the housing......it was only finger tight from factory ......everything was fine with cold oil , but as soon as it warmed up , the oil started by passing the o ring and whole system started to “ surge” so to speak.....maybe something worth checking. It would be interesting to do the charge flow test as well. CIHTECH : I agree with your thoughts regarding the stee
  2. Hi guys, My 1948 M : Chassis 154 419........Engine. 150119......4300 apart Heath , NZ
  3. Hi guys , it's a shame you guys in North America never got the Euro style PTO like we did here in NZ........we had reversible shaft , but had shiftable PTO from inside the cab (540/1000)which didnt have those nasty pins to break,........we never had any problems in that area........I wonder if it would be possible to retro fit the Euro parts to a NA tractor........food for thought Heath, NZ
  4. Merry Christmas uncle Billy , I trust you guys are all having a very blessed and happy holiday season Heath, NZ
  5. Christmas greetings to everyone here on our favourite forum, We are just getting the ball rolling down under so I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry and Blessed Christmas day and holiday season especially after a very unusual and trying year for us all ...............Still much to be thankful for. Thanks again to everyone here for another year of friendship, fun and cooperation in so many ways and once again a huge thankyou to Sallie, Dennis and BJ and all the RP team for all your hard work behind the scenes in providing this community that we all enjoy and take for granted.
  6. All I got was a 5488........🤣............she’s hot alright
  7. How come the word “phonetic”, isn’t??? why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?? when you fell a tree for firewood, how come you cut it “down” then cut it “ up”??? why does the same word “pound” , have three different meanings??? if peanut oil is made from peanuts, vegetable oil is made from vegetables......then what is baby oil made from ????🤔😔
  8. Yeah pretty much an old Fletcher updated with a turbo- prop so they can climb to altitude a little quicker and dispatch more “meat bombers” per day......more profit👍.........the really good pilots will actually be back on the ground before the “payload” will ..
  9. Sorry buddy , I know how much you Americans “love” trying to go metric......😜......good things take time though right?😁 Have a great day fella👍😁
  10. 20 th !!!??? Gee Mike , steady on there big fella , don’t take too big of a leap at once will ya , you might upset the precarious balance of the space-time continuem thingy wotsit 😕.....next you’ll be telling me your gonna make the outrageous quantum leap into the 21st century to come visit the rest of us ......😂😂👍 BJ , I’m fine with it buddy.....not much of a change anyway really......not like trying to get MTO into the metric world😂😜....now That would upset the apple cart😁😜.....I’d pay good money to see it though😂🤣 Thanks again BJ for all your efforts, much appreciated. Hea
  11. H decals on an I4.....as best I know Britain never built H or W4
  12. Excessive internal vacuum thanks to a ruptured outer membrane 😂😂 Send it down my neck of the woods....we can still use the top side of it...👍
  13. Hope you had a great day uncle Mikey😊👍. Olivia driving??? .....wowsers, the years really are flying by
  14. Where did they buy the TP from?? I thought the USA was all out ... lol
  15. Possibly a loose valve seat insert......I have heard those make an intermittent clack clack kind of a noise that would come and go depending on RPM and engine temp. Just a suggestion
  16. Prayers and condolences to Sherry and family , ....I trust they have plenty of support around them at this time ..... Heath , NZ
  17. You beauty👍.... glad to hear you blokes are getting some " lube" after such a long time , I hope things really go ahead for ya mate ... make the most of it 😊 Heath, NZ
  18. Tow tow tow your boat , gently down the ravine,...scarily scarily scarily scarily, life is but a scream!!!😨
  19. Way to go Mark !!!!!.... you found it !!!.....Dodge RAM s/n 501.....😂😂👍 How many gallons of "climate change" does the front tank hold ??😜 Lovin it , good for you fella 👍
  20. Just for fun.... another one to throw in the mix 😉
  21. That's easy for you to say 😂👍
  22. Yes that’s right, Albert took us through your museum in 2007,......very nice setup you have there.....love the weather vane ...LOL👍 Jack had two brothers, Larry(close by) and Chuck , ( now in BC) If I’m ever back over that way It would be nice to meet up 👍 Heath ,NZ
  23. I don’t suppose the little fella feels like a summer vacation down under to visit his cousins?? LOL👍
  24. It's interesting that the w14 was the most common of the std 14 series at around 1100 built ..I have an O-14 and Fairway 14 tucked away in the shed..... would like to find the other two (I and W ) to make the set .... the chances of finding an I-14 down here would be pretty slim . Relatives are the "Price " family in the Barrhead / busby area. Jack and Jeanette, and their son Jason , and wife Penny . You may also know Albert Miller (former JD dealer) who recently lost his wife Florence,.... lovely folk we met a few times over the years.
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