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  1. Owen's IH bike

    I see you stayed with the open station but where is the ROPS uncle Mikey ?😄
  2. German Diesel DT402

    Don't forget the 402 has a taller block deck height than all the others, so putting this crank into 358 would mean changing rods and or pistons Heath
  3. IH collection in New Zealand

    Wanaka is in the lower half of the South Island in the central Otago region, beautiful spot....I hope you manage to make it that far Heath,NZ
  4. German Diesel DT402

    Very scarce down here too guys , I'd say Europe would be your best bet. ironbull do you have a Dt 402 ?. If so what is it fitted to?? Heath , NZ
  5. Where is Sherry Schaefer???

    Oh boy is this lady lost!!!😳 Must have super long range tanks on that Piper super cub😊
  6. New Zealand tractor rally

    Marty.....great pics ,thanks for posting those and thanks for making the effort the come up for the show. It was a fun weekend apart from the mud. nice to see a really good variety of machines in display, and of course nice to catch up with Sherry for a little while. Good times, Heath
  7. Excitement here at the Proving Grounds

    Way to go Danny, that's a great find and in really good shape. A little brother for the 10'.....very cool . The CEO here at the southern proving grounds instructs you to now go find the missing siblings, 6,7,9,14,1586 . That oughta keep you out of trouble for a couple days great work, Heath.
  8. New Zealand tractor rally

    Thanks for the fun over the weekend Sherry, really pleased you came all this way. nice of you to support the Oliver fans down under.........and us red critters too Enjoy the rest of your stay and have safe travels home Heath, NZ
  9. Red Power Round Up 2018

    Some of us will Arrive with a "southern drawl"..😁 But it won't sound like our "northern" friends from Alabama😄😄
  10. IH Christmas What did you get?

    Agreed, fantastic job of "man with a thousand hands" boy what a project
  11. Merry Christmas from NZ

    I just wanted to wish all my friends here on the forum a very Merry Christmas and blessed new year. 29 degrees C Here for Christmas Day and a big feast on the BBQ sitting in the sun....life is tough for a Kiwi Christmas LOL😉 Hoping to see you guys in Alabama this year. All the best to you all, Heath, NZ
  12. Merry Christmas from NZ

    Thanks you guys, I'll do my best to not get too thirsty while I'm hard at work on the deck chair
  13. 1206 on the assembly line

    I wish I was that age again LOL.....we never even had the 1206 down here
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone

    Rachelle and Steve, a very Merry Christmas to you both ( and hydro), thanks for the cool card and Christmas wishes. may you all have a very blessed and happy new year. All the very best , Heath,NZ
  15. Dashing Through The Snow

    Looking pretty sharp there uncle Billy......one of the nicest sleighs around that's for sure......great job by T- bone and family......I'll let you guys keep the snow though😀....not the best BBQ weather Heath,NZ
  16. can anyone give me some info on this IH paperweight

    Reaper, I notice it says "forging" not casting or pour. Not sure if it makes any difference. Maybe they shut down the forging line/plant for engine parts about when the 300/400 series engines came on line at Melrose park ready for the 66 series??? purely a guess Heath ,Nz
  17. Ih gas v8 into 706

    Hi guys , I'm curious if anyone has put an IH gas v8 engine (345/392) into a 706 tractor??? seems to be plenty of "M" Farmalls out there with these engines fitted....what about 706 etc???? Any body keen to share some pictures of how some of these conversions have been done, particularly adaptor plate and flywheel set ups just curious, thanks Heath,NZ
  18. Ih gas v8 into 706

    Thanks for all your input guys, much apprciated😉
  19. The 5th Magnum ever built is this 7130

    I thought that was the second one built
  20. Seal for td9

    Thanks a lot you guys, very much appreciate your help...I'll do some more digging Tks , Heath
  21. Seal for td9

    Hi everyone, a friend is trying to locate a torque converter seal for his td9... part no : 606293c91 (Possibly superceeded to "c92") it looks to Be some kind of high temp seal as it has something like a Viton/teflon seal material inside a steel casing. We are having a little trouble locating an alternative seal to do the job Any help greatly appreciated Heath, NZ
  22. Seal for td9

    Thanks Chris, will look into it
  23. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    That Ford engine is the Australian built 4.0 litre inline six As fitted to the "Falcon" range of cars. those things can make serious numbers with relatively minor modifications.
  24. Yes ,and the Gm LS series engines use 11mm head bolts and flywheel bolts The 3800 Buick uses a mixture of metric and imperial in the same engine
  25. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 etc etc. ....no sense in having to buy two sets of everything .....no point in changing the size of the drive anyway....just more cost for the manufacturers