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    Td 15

    Start with the basics, being a old TD15 the brakes are only actuated when you step on the pedal. No connection to the steering lever. Pull the lever to disengage clutch then step on brake. If things are working power in other track swings you around. Very common for steering clutches to rust together and not release. With luck a no parts needed to fix, but generally they need bearings or something. Get books on how to adjust the model you have. With luck you can move lots of dirt with very poor undercarriage if you stay flat. Learn signs of a track coming off,learn to back up and get it back on. But could be a lost cause. Don't spend money before considering all possibilities and how much you really want invested in a OLD dozer.
  2. If only the livestock got the message to not run out when the self driving tractor delivers dinner.😉 Coming in the self opening gate that never hangs up and stalls halve open.🤣
  3. They are earlier than than 46a. I believe 14 a but could be other.
  4. My experience is if you have a good junk pile, people start giving you better and better stuff to make it grow.🤣 It it is just un American for a farm or ranch to not have a large junk pile. Purity soon you have some good stuff out there. My dad told me I needed a tree house when I was 7 or 8 years old. He nailed a board or 2 up in tree and said use that scrape wood and make floor. Gave me a bucket of rusty bent nails and a warren out hammer. Man you neat freaks would give me the willies like trying to live in a hospital or something. 😪 I can start crying about the good stuff that went to China when old time families decide they want the big bucks and the grandkids clean up and sell to billionaire winos that suck the country dry of water to grow grapes they cannot sell at a profit.
  5. I suspect a good deal of truth in that. More hot is not taste in many cases, in IMHO. In many cases I like a medium amount of heat. But once a point is reached, I just don't get it.
  6. From my German ancestors. Portzelky a close relative of a donut, deep fried with raisins in the dough. Then rolled in sugar. I lost the history but only made for New Years eating. I had luck the spelling popped up on a search with pictures.
  7. 🙏 This life or the next I hope to see some of the government official and doctors get what they deserve. A treatment that is only a 1% improvement is better than doing nothing.
  8. Hahn Tractor seats is still going as per what John has posted on ACMOC. He is retired because of health issues but still helps a bit. Always top quality work for restorations or using.
  9. My brother in law got dumped on this way back in early 90's. Small lumber company less than 10 stores. They sent the 3rd generation to Harvard Business school for his MBA. BIL had been store manager for 10 to 15 years worked well with 2nd generation boss. The stores gross was down as building stopped in one area that needed septic tank replaced with a sewer (Town of 10,000 on normal city lots). Other small towns they serviced had out grown there water supply. The kid fired most managers as to high of pay or let them have outside sales job, then did away with them in a year. The kid had come home wanting to run it all with the Wal Mart model of part time no benefits. The company is still around but less stores all in snob towns on the coast. No real place to put a Lowe's or Home Depo and the cities don't want them. So with no competition they still exist. All part of buy a company with assets lute them bankrupt the business sell what left mindset. Leaving many unemployed behind. So the employees are expendable, thinking has been growing for some time. Hopefully thing turn soon.
  10. Nice project thanks for sharing. Welding one of hundred and one reasons, ALL my shirts are long sleeve. Very seldom burn that much rod in a short time, by the time things are straitened and new steel hunted up and fitted for the average farmer fix. But have got the start of a burn in summer with a shirt you could hold up to the light and see right through it.
  11. The different traditions of when the tree gets put up. As a kid when it fit with all the activates. Got to be a New Years thing to take it down with the Rose Parade on the TV. My wife the day after Thanksgiving. She is ready to take it down on new years. Dads favorite story was as a kid tree was put up on Christmas Eve and left up till Feb. As he was born in 1912 candles where the way to light it. But the remembered one was when his little brother got matches and lite the candles on his birthday Feb 1st. Some how or other grandma grabbed the burning tree and got it out of the house. i have never seen candle holders made to go the tree.
  12. Cat pony motors are contemptable cranky beasts. They can go months without giving a bit of trouble. Make arrangements to have a trucker haul it to a different job, if you early fire right off. But cut it close on time it will fight with you every time. As one friend put it you need the recipe to start them all seem to have little things. Set the chock and fuel just right for the likes of that pony. Such as full chock for several pulls of the rope then turn it off. Haven help you if you flood it. That is where the electric starter is very valuable. Turn the gas off open the petcocks spin it until dry. then start over. But my experience is the same with gas start IH's. They can make your day go bad too. The King of Obsolete has been on Antique Cat and has all his Cats with direct start and no glow plugs. Claims to use a torpedo heater and trap over the tractor, and start no matter how cold. Thankfully I have never started one colder than maybe the upper teens. Some of my D6's are more tired than others, so start better no matter what the weather is.
  13. As always enjoyed the pictures. Take care of the Cook unless your wanting more of your own company. Merry Christmas from dry California enjoying a 3rd rainy day in a row. Getting near to 5 inches. My present has arrived, mud.
  14. They are in new condition that is why it is so tight. I had that on new Berco tracks in 83. After soaking in diesel all summer I could hammer it straight. Planted a crop with the D6 it was several 100 hours. Back to being stuck. Dealer that sold the tracks pushed the pins out wire brushed them and put it back together and all was good.
  15. In many places if the government owned a large tracks of land part of the deal to get the railroad built was to give the railroad ever other section of land on each side of the track. It has been 50 years since I read the Homestead act, but there where provisions to outright buy homestead land. Every owner is recorded with county recorders office. The railroads advertised land for sale all over and had all sorts of deals to get it sold they wanted the cash not real estate. I believe the original Homestead Act ended about 1920.
  16. Never heard of the black headed vultures around here, thankfully. But know people that have trouble from eagles getting calves, and lambs.
  17. If it runs good baby it and keep it that way. The head will not take any short cuts. Idle at least 5 minutes before shutting it off. Fifteens to 20 would be even better. If babied the head lasts forever. But the easiest to crack if you don't.
  18. Cannot say I have ever had Waygu, if its marbling is as good as promoters say might be better than most. You need to know if you like the grass fed or grain fed flavor. Then any fat animal less than 4 years old will eat good. Just had 3 year old heifer and 9 year old cow butchered. They where in good condition in July when I started grain. Feed them just a bit less than a ton a piece, along with as much oat hay as they wanted. They left in mid Oct because that is when rain can start, and pen gets really muddy. Another 30 days and and more grain might have made them better. But better than a lot in the store. The cow was made to hamburger, but my wife can sniff out grass fed at 100 yards and it dose not come in here kitchen. So we put grain in this one. Oh I grew up with Herefords and Angus. But have butchered many crosses from Longhorn and Charolais and a Holstein or 2 way back when there where still dairies here 40 years ago.
  19. Depends on your ambition level. Not real high tech kind of system. Just drain tank on the suction line to pump. Put a minimum amount back and lift the blade up and down a bit and check how good or bad the new oil looks. But if you wish to do better if the lines have swivels or unions take lines off and blow the old out with air if you have a compressor. This is the systems I run the cheap yellow bucket oil in. Use the cheap stuff for the flushing even if you wish to run higher dollar oil. May take more than one flush to get the old watery stuff out even taking it all apart.
  20. If they have interest you need to have faith in them and turn them loose. But if the interest is not there expecting to much to soon will only turn them farther from wanting to hang around. Good to see the ones that want to help getting confidence boost by dad telling how much help he will be.
  21. I read a very interesting piece the other day. If you removed the dozen I think it was most violent cites in the USA that drops the USA down the list to a 100 with higher murder rates. Just something to ponder what is happening in those worst USA cities with the most murderer.
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