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  1. They must be able to get father on a tank of sugar than the book says. I have no idea how far to the next sucker like my wife. She buys sugar 20 and 30 pounds at a time. Has 4 or 5 feeders going here. Generally 2 full ones each morning, and makes them clean up last bit inside you cannot see. Sun is just down and they are making a last run, 15 to 20 of the little welfare buzzards. When a migration is bring more can look like the picture above.
  2. The Fruits and Nuts out here think feeding sea weed cuts the amount of farts. This morning leafing through a magazine before pitching it, had story of feeding brewers yeast from beer making is newest way for cows to fart less.
  3. Hope your feeling well, moving slow most of us can relate to. The first model of Cat RD 6,7, and 8 where very hard pulling, so after market companies made spring loaded kits that helped a lot. I believe I have seen the same basic thing on early TD 14 and 18. The Cat D6 that was the new model in 41 had a hydraulic booster system on the steering. Don't know when the other model changes came and when steering was updated. IH was always trying to keep up with Cat or get ahead of them so they would of been right after WW2 if not earlier. I know the 141 series TD 14 had a hydraulic booster, or was a spring system, anyway some helper to make it easier.
  4. Cat could have them if you have a Cat dealer close. Cat prided themselves in having the best quantity nuts and bolts hardware and was priced like the cheap stuff 30 years ago. From the antique Cat forum I think many dealers don't want this type business and price the hardware to those without accounts to make a big profit , or chase you away. But they do have a on line catalog for the hardware line "One Safe Source". But McMaster-Carr does too.
  5. 😉 Thank TN Hillbilly for proving power for the electric car that some plan for me to drive someday.🤐
  6. Hogs and sheep are a set of problems all there own. Goats are off the charts. I am keeping cows away from a little cabin one landlord just could not live without. No rain here since April, with a good ground rod and a wire dedicated to being a ground and the fact all weeds where cleared away. I don't know of any high tinsel cattle fence. But many vineyards tried them for deer in the 80's. All gave up and put in netting wire. I defy anyone to build corner that can keep the wire as tight as a high tinsel fence needs to be for 5 years. To much shrinking and expanding of the clay soils. Well I guess if you are willing throw money you could built a corner. The deer fences are ok with double H braces for gates (3 posts 2 cross bars) 5 posts for a corner. We have used electric along driveways and such, but there has always been electric gates to keep 2 legged varmints out, And that makes another safety to keep them off the public roads. On longer stretches deer or wild hogs will eventually run through and take out a 100 feet or more.
  7. Do wild ones count? Had 2 sows and about 10 young ones broke 20 bales of hay open. Eat enough it was not worth trying to pick up the leaving a with fork. The state claims them and I need a hunting license and a tag that cost 25 buck a hog to shot them. But ask the state about damages, then they offer "depredation tags" that are free. They move around a lot, but keep your eyes open they come around often.
  8. I had a very talented machinist just few miles down the road hid in the brush out here. Not sign nothing but mail box with a number on it. Had artistic tendency's is mother is a artist. If he worked on it it was the best he could make it. If you wanted 1/2 way don't take to him. He died about 4th of July at 70 years old. I had known him 60+ years. I had not had any work for him in years. But real lose to not have him if I do need work done. If you said the wrong thing it was TAKE YOUR JUNK AND GET OUT. Some days he was board and looking for a odd job to put his brain to work figuring things out. Took on a CAT 3208 because he had discovered his boring machine was the model Cat had used at the factory. And of course the fact most called them the "throw away Cat engine" . It was for a local school bus and it got like new life out of it saving a lot of money. He never had a answering machine until the last 10 years at most. If he was involved in setting a machine up it just might no get answered. The beauty of being 3 or 4 mile away just drive down and see how busy he was. Being a Scotsman never bought a big machine new. Then take it apart and see if he could back to as tight as he demanded. Always bitched about the crank grinder was not as tight as he wished, but taking his time could it there without taking to much. So be careful how much you think he could of communicated better. The one down the road may do thing poorly and charge more. I don't have one handy to yell and cuss me for being stupid anymore.
  9. Glad it's only your wallet banged and beat up in this fall..
  10. Dad had 49 F6 that had a Y block out of a 57 Thunderbird transplanted. A neighbor had 58 F600 that had 312 in it when he bought it. Both hauled a lot grain here.
  11. Did some on my 75, 1700 a few years back. I remember worrying about twisting a steel line, but every thing came apart rather well. No tricks I can remember.
  12. My very limited experience with old Minneapolis Moline was one of the most frustrating thing I ever pulled. As it wondered all over. It was a summer fallowing operation and the volunteer barley was 3 to 4 foot high and starting to head. Dad had decided the offset disc was not cutting deep enough, so he hock on the old oneway i had never seen used. With 20 inches of rain summer fallow is not needed many years. So this late fallowing could of been just to nock over the barley and let the cows back on. In this country it is called a flat field but far from flat.
  13. I liked Liquid Wrench with Teflon and then they changed it say PTHE. After I say this I looked at Liquid Wrenches offering and could not find any with the PTHE anymore. The best example was more how slippery it is. Was threading 2 inch pipe, was a real work out with a 3 to 4 foot cheater on the handle. Started with Ridgid thread cutting oil, added a little motor oil, 😉 dig around in my truck for other thing to try so I could rest. Had a can of the Liquid Wrench with Teflon no need for a cheater on the handle. I use to buy any new brand that showed up but always went back to the Liquid Wrench. Being cheep I have been drilling or punching holes in a can that will not spray and drip it out onto things you can do that on. One of the last few issues of Farm Show magazine. Pull the top button off a spray can, use you blower nozzle to push the stem in and open it and blow compressed air in to pressurize the can can that will not spray. Seems to work. But have also pick up a pare metal cans made to pore you product into and pressurize with a schrader valve at a yard sale.
  14. Add support in the middle of your 6 foot would go a long way to keep them for bending.
  15. Sweat, and skinned up knuckles and a good bit of bad language has always been part of my way. A pin came out and track is open/slit , and you drove off of it? At least that is what I think you said. Pull track under tractor or get tractor on top of track. Generally you want to have ends meet at the idler, but sprocket works too. Use a jack against the grouser to lift chain so the links to a line. Since the pin feel out should not be a all day job the hammer it back in. Would suggest welding it so doesn't come out again.
  16. I do not know how professional the guy is because headway is very slow. But he was unrolling 6 or 7 foot netting with a the wire standing up right with a mini ex. Some kind of platform with tall pole for wire attached to the bucket. I was going by at 55 so did not see details. He was on the inside with the ex and unrolling wire on the outside since his purpose is keeping deer and elk out.
  17. I must agree Ian, I know some mechanics that will work on IH any time but not work on a Cat as they did not have the Cat push/pulling gear. The biggest socket in the bottom drawer is for the big axle nuts on the heavy offset disc. No need to build up the grousers on that track I have many better. Those grousers where put on with lock washers that many have broke so bolts are loose and holes very wallowed. But the chain itself is very, very good shape. But I could use a hand put a 9u or 2 together from all the best pieces.
  18. A number of reasons to move. The choice of place was because the SIL's up there appreciate his help. To much change here mostly new people coming with money, or want you to think they do. This was cattle and and summer fallowed grain. A few spots with water alfalfa, or sugar beets. A handful of Italian or Swiss families had a few grapes for family wine making. Three wineries for all of them. About 1970 the Napa Valley (200-300 miles north) challenged French wine makers that California wine was better, and Caly won. Then Bank Of America made big predictions wine was going to be the most profitable crop in Caly. The new gold rush to speak was on. With every citydot that shows up because they got the Green Acres (the old TV show ) deasise, and grapes are THE THING. A handful of the super BILLIONAIRES showing off. Some old timers planted grapes made some money but not anymore. Lucky to break even for the most part. I worked for a Doctor with a small vineyard 20 years. More problems than income so he bulldozed his grapes in spring of 18. I thought of planting some grapes, so learned on somebody else money. But got turned off by all the bowing and scraping wine makers wanted. By county crop reports in the 1970's 200,000 to 300,000 acres of wheat, barley, oats, and safflower. Today less than 20,000 acres in this county. So no reason to worry about updating old feed mills. We have one of 4 from when I was a kid.
  19. Those of you that haul grain can just cringe at such things a the 34 foot scale, and the unloading pits. The third picture is the pit for the feed mill, and yes they unloaded big semis into that. You came in from the the street the way the first 2 pictures are looking and got as close to building as you dare. A part of your belly door is over the pit. A bobtail was expected to poll out into the road and back in. That elevator would about 8 or 900 bu an hour. The seed cleaner pit in the latter picture you can drive over but the elevator slower. The last building had train track to put cars inside from the opposite end from what I pictured. Before grain got replaced with grapes here I believe they claimed to have 10,000 ton of barley in it . All flat one big pile, put by a 8 inch auger. Taken out the same way. But a mini articulated Case loader the size of a small skid steer to push the grain the auger.
  20. I couldn't afford a fancy tool box so I built my own. Back in the winter of 1994 when we actually had a wet year I set out to build my own tool box. I was inspired by my uncle have box he had, and never breaking it. He built his own sides which involved a whole of drilling and small machine screws. When I was at that point BIL who had been in the hardware business says buy Nap and Vogt brand draw slides which I did. About $20 a par back in the 90's. I have broken a slide or 2 by not closing the box before moving truck to a better place, by having it hit the end and over extending. The sixth picture show on of the drawers out of my old Proto Box. I put the first one in as it had socket clips already screwed down in it. Was handy so I added another. And since most like old trucks I added the picture of the box carrier, 1972 Chev C20 with a 350 and 350 combo and 4x4. Box is bolted into the bed. I started farming with a 75 C 10 short box so I put the fuel tank on a trailer. The truck needs some love now, but has less than 10,000 on a engine and transmission rebuild. The exhaust rusted out and son came in from fence fixing with it gone. So I move tools in the yard until I took the battery and has not moved in to long. Since I had my help available after posting other picture I figured to push a few buttons on the guys drooling on the new box somebody had yesterday. Show a home made box that works, not near a Snap On but only $150 or so in it. No mig welder ether all Ox/ Acetylene welded. Also sorry for the paint as that is feeder house cover off a JD 95 combine piano hinge and all. If the cover is down I never had a puddle in the box. But weather striping to keep more moisture out would be good. The drawers are 20x24x3 except the bottom one is 4 inches deep. A 24 inch Crescent and pipe wrench fit in top compartment. I just dropped a piece of plywood in the top, was always intending to finish with more steel. But after bouncing across ruff ground, thing in a drawer shifted and it would not open. Cleaned thing out of the top pulled wood . Then I could from jam, so almost 30 years latter wood is still floating in the top compartment.
  21. A long time friend had enough of California. At 66 years of age he told his mother and sister he was out of here. The last seed cleaning business and custom mixer of feeds in the county is closed. Friend Mike has 2 daughters and families in southwestern Idaho. He had always had dreams of farming and running beef cows. So will be right at home with the one SIL who grows hay and runs a bunch cows besides have a welding business. His mother had hopes of sell the business San Miguel Flouring Mill which has not made flour in close to a hundred years. No major improvements to the warehouses , seed cleaner, or feed mixing since grandpa did it in the 1950's. All 3 buildings where built by Southern Pacific Railroad when the rails where new coming down from San Francisco on the way to Los Angles. The main seed warehouse was all wood with the floor being the same height as a rail car. To make moving inventory with a hand truck nicer. Finally about 1970 with laying plywood in the main allies a forklift was added. Within the last ten years Mike got another forklift to work outside the building so not all seed was hand loaded it stayed on pallets. Mike could be a bit stubborn. The official letter came in todays mail. Founded in 1903, with Great Grandpa buying it in the 1930's. Grandpa taking over in the 1950's until 1976 when his dad took over. His dad ran the mill until his untimely death from cancer in 1995. Mike and his sister (with help from two of Mike's daughters) have run the mill for the past years.
  22. I have never tried to put more GPM through a control valve than they are rated for but think you pump would be closer to 50 than 25. Ok went back and looked at your pictures again and the rams are smaller than I remembered, so a good chance it could be just fine. Playing with pumps and valves I had or got out of a junkyard cheap, I learned 30 or 40% less flow makes a world of difference all in a bad way.
  23. Just pretend your bitty or finey and built one, I did it you can. This style without drawers would easier than what I did.
  24. First time I have heard of a well driller that really believes. Most around here now days recommend using one, but just another guy to point the finger at if there is no water in the bottom of a deep hole. I could hold a green willow stick and the stick would point down and peel the bark in my hands. So there is some kind of force to be able to do that. I have had 2 wells drilled that I witched. Both had water but the one was just not enough at maybe 1 1/2 gpm. Wire or metal works for me too, would I be more professional 😵 if I used better than bale wire. There was old guy my dad grew up with that made a good bit money dosing water wells. He always used oxy/acetylene welding rod, an good snort of his homemade wine. After he got up in years would sit in a chair in the back of pickup rather than walk. He always had a good story so was fun to have around. If he picked a bad spot he would say the driller was in the wrong spot by a foot or so, needed to be dead center on his mark.
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