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  1. I've been a couple times. First time was the year they hosted the RPRU, then went back the next year when it was some kind of national Oliver show. I really enjoyed the shows, but don't remember much of the details (hotels, etc). I believe the club behind the show is called the "I and I tractor club", and is largely the same group that puts on the Half Century of Progress (which, I believe is the undisputed king of tractor shows!) If I remember correctly, this is the club that bought and restored Orion Samuelson's family F series Farmall, and had the IH turbine tractor on loan from the Smithsonian. I'd love to get back there one of these years myself.
  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the reply. I live near Plano, and knew a little of Plano Mfg and their move to Chicago, but it will be interesting to hear more of the city of Plano's actual ties to IHC. I will keep watching for more info!
  3. A bit off the subject here, but when you say "spreaders built at Plano," did IH ever operate a factory at Plano, IL, or had all of Plano's operations been moved to Chicago by that time? That sounds like an interesting display you're putting together! Wish I could get there, but doubting it will work out this year
  4. Also, I see that today is the 33rd day of the year... 333 days left in the year
  5. Thanks for the reply. Good to know I'm not the only one, anyway. Must be a bug in their system
  6. When I was growing up my uncle had two dogs that he "adopted" when people dropped them off like that (on two seperate occasions.) Both of them were great dogs for him for many years. I can't quite figure out how people can dump off animals like that
  7. Not near my catalog right now, but seems like all-states at parts may carry several different sizes of hubs
  8. Hope this comment isn't out of line, but what kind of sick S. O. B. lines them up to take that picture. Some of those poor fellers still have their collars on, they were obviously someone's pet. But you are right, it is sad
  9. is anyone else having this problem? I can't get the diagrams and parts lists to print from the case ih parts site. I know I have been able to in the past, but I tried several times today and tonight, but no dice. I can print other things, so obviously it's not my computer or printer. All of the tabs at the top of the diagram/ parts list are red... except for the "Print Assembly" tab, which is yellow... don't remember if that tab is normally red also; maybe the yellow color signifies a problem with the site? When I do click on the tab, a box pops up saying "please wait while we render your request"... then nothing.
  10. I've been to Holmes County a handful of times; my folks go a couple times a year. Beautiful country.
  11. first your wife, then your girlfriend? Did the three of you have a good time???
  12. I'm right with you on your taste for liver and onions and braunschweiger, but good Lord, man; who could dislike pecan pie??
  13. Saw that this topic came back up to the top, so I figured I'd share a picture I took when I saw Big Boy at Rochelle, IL on 7/30. Crowd was huge, so I never got right up next to it, but it was very impressive nonetheless. Funny part is, the day before this, I flew home from a week long vacation in San Diego... the highlight of that trip to me was seeing the USS Midway, which is now a floating museum there. Completed in 1944, the Midway is a contemporary of Big Boy, both are a testament to a great time in American history.
  14. Well today I got to do what I vowed to do more than 50years ago. I drove Dad,s 1940 Farmall A back in the same laneway that I watched him drive out when he traded it off 64 years ago. I can't think of too many things that would give a guy such a good feeling.
  15. I love old farm magazines and advertisements, and would love to see you post more. As far as scanners, I believe HP made one (not sure if they're still making it) that was about the size of a laptop computer. If you wanted to scan something from say, a large book, you could lay the scanner on top of it. I know I'm not doing a very good job describing it, but I have used one and it was very handy. My folks had one, and think it was only about a hundred bucks maybe 6 or 7 years ago.
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