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  1. I won't get back to the plow until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, more likely Monday AM. I will try to get a few photos when I do
  2. Does anybody have any experiences and/ or opinions of a 730 plow? We have one that is hydraulically adjustable. I'm guessing that one or more of the bottoms is siezed up... run the cylinder out and it wants to bend those double bars that the bottoms are pinned to. I don't really like the fact that there is no way to get grease to the "turrets" that run up through the frame. I have been trying to soak with penetrating oil, but no real luck yet. Thought if I could get them free I could try and drop them from the frame, wire wheel, and coat with anti-sieze, but again, no luck so far. Just looking for a few tips, opinions, tricks, stories, etc.
  3. I'm going to agree with the guys who think it's a leaf. Looks like still quite a few green ones in the background of the photo
  4. I have a soft spot for old Gleaners. Grandpa had a C II with a Full Vision cab. He built a little flat- topped 2 drawer wooden toolbox that served as my buddy seat. When I first started farming a few little patches I started out with an old C II, then an F, then an M. Used to like the round- holed bean sieve. Still think they were some of the best bean machines around.
  5. That would be the Museum of Science and Industry... coincidentally, there was a farm exhibit there for many years that was sponsored by International Harvester and stocked with many pieces of red equipment; I believe it disappeared for a while, but once again there is a farm exhibit, this time sponsored by Deere.
  6. I'm in N IL; I've seen several mentions of it on both local (Chicago) and national news, of course maybe gets more local coverage here because the train departed Chicago
  7. Very nice photo... looks like it could be a page from one of the old Buyer's Guides!
  8. I wonder if it may have been common for dealers to add power steering. Our M-TA has Char Lynn PS, as well
  9. Just like at home! Seems like whenever something breaks down/ goes wrong it's always right up near the busy county highway, never way out in the back!
  10. Welcome aboard! Are you headed to the Red Power Roundup in a month or so?
  11. I can't say for sure, because it's been several years since I got rid of it, but I'm pretty sure my 800 Cyclo had a plate like that
  12. Sweet! Wish GM would come out with something like this right out of the factory
  13. I always figured they would do that with the automatic toll takers (here in IL it's called an "I- Pass".) If it reads you making the next toll booth too soon, you get a ticket. Thankfully, those have probably been around for nearly 20 years, and it hasn't happened yet, anyway.
  14. My folks have had them for several years now. Mom puts out a few feeders for them. Each of the last two years, we have had an Oriole around too. He seemed to hang around my parents' longer than he stuck around my place. (Don't know if it was the same one, but at each of our places there only seemed to be one bird, and we live less than a mile apart.)
  15. Many of you who have been buying the Farmington Implement DVD's may recognize the name Al Rucker. He moved up through the ranks from photographer to run the Hickory Hills photographic center for IH. Undoubtedly, he was responsible in one way or another for many of the photos and films we still enjoy today in catalogs, shopping guides, the DVD's, etc. He was interviewed a time or two on the DVD's, as well. I was fortunate enough to bump into him a time or two at a toy or tractor show; and when I said hello, he was very friendly and talked fondly of his IH days. It looks like Mr. Rucker passed away on April 1 at the age of 89. In reading his obituary, it looks like he lived a very full and interesting life. May he rest in peace. www.dunnfamilyfuneralhome.com You can find his obit here... sorry, not computer savvy enough to link directly to it!
  16. I remember the days when even the straw chopper on the back of that 4420 would have been sold separately! (By the way... both machines look super sharp!)
  17. Very nice! I'd love to stumble upon one someday...
  18. I disagree just a little bit, there... i would say that4- 7 year old kids, who would be the prime candidates for a pedal tractor are just like kids that age have always been, and would pedal the h_ll out of one if given a chance. They are too young to be addicted to electronics on their own. If it is the case, blame the parents in that instance, not the kid.
  19. I don't... I was actually trying to figure out what it was when I first saw your picture. I kind of thought it was a panel off of some sort of equipment. It wasn't registering to my eyes that it was a "3-D" item such as a box.
  20. I would love to find somebody reproducing that style of deere dealer decals... would anybody happen to have a source?
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