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  1. Have heard alternator issues causing stuff like this to happen. Low voltage messing with the solenoid.
  2. Care to share what something like that cost?
  3. Just as the title says, my 5088 lost flow at both remotes. Steering and trans still work fine. Is a pump dead or possible signal line issues?
  4. Dad has some, don't seem as good as their equivalent Milwaukee counterparts.
  5. Might be easier to find a ring and pinion for the front axle that is the correct ratio
  6. I find it interesting you want the drawbar all the way in. On my 5088 I run all the way out. I wasted lots of pulls with it pushed in, and wouldn't get enough weight transfer to the rear tires. Wouldn't hardly pull the engine down before it spun out.
  7. I have some high school help with my shop work. I generally tell them what I need done and supervise from afar until it gets to critical points, like torque specs, ect. I provide manuals and tools. It has varying success, but I feel its important to assist in learning. Challenging people in a positive way is good for everyone. It helps them feel involved and important. It makes them a stakeholder, and helps to show the importance of being a good operator in the field.
  8. No, it could still have an Ambac pump. I had an engine from a truck with one. Different governor from an ag engine, and electric solenoid for shutoff.
  9. I should have been more clear, my main concern is life of the pump itself. I understand about the engine side of things.
  10. Just wondering if a 13mm pump would last a while when used for farming. It would be going on a 5088. I would also do larger injectors and injector lines at the same time. Would this work, or would it make the tractor a fuel hog or unreliable. It would go on a round baler, or manure pumps, and watched closely.
  11. I must have entered an alternate time line in this thread. Ford trucks are bad, but their tractors were good?
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