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  1. No, it could still have an Ambac pump. I had an engine from a truck with one. Different governor from an ag engine, and electric solenoid for shutoff.
  2. I should have been more clear, my main concern is life of the pump itself. I understand about the engine side of things.
  3. Just wondering if a 13mm pump would last a while when used for farming. It would be going on a 5088. I would also do larger injectors and injector lines at the same time. Would this work, or would it make the tractor a fuel hog or unreliable. It would go on a round baler, or manure pumps, and watched closely.
  4. I must have entered an alternate time line in this thread. Ford trucks are bad, but their tractors were good?
  5. Try Swift Equipment in Houston. They deal with a lot of oil field stuff, and seem to get their hands on a wide range of stuff.
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