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  1. Looking good, Tony. thanks for the update. That SW red is very sharp. Is the "International" highlighting on the valve covers, all done by hand? Red covers with white text? Love that the way that looks.
  2. thanks for sharing your work, enjoying it very much. I learn so much from posts like this. Mark
  3. Tony, looking good! Are you doing a two tone in the cab, or one color? I've seen some two tone combinations that look sharp. Won't be long now. I better start planning my trip west. Mark
  4. Tony, thanks for posting new pictures. Slow but sure, it's coming. Will be very special when it's done.
  5. wow, that turned out great!!! You really did nice work on that wagon.
  6. Jerry, thanks for the pictures. That Massey is really looking good.
  7. I'm always fascinated by the amount of detail you guys put into each rebuild. Thanks for the pictures, great work. Can't wait to see it when it's done. I had an 806 diesel when I was young and I loved that tractor. Traded up to a 1066, but wish I could have kept it.
  8. That one picture brings back memories. The picture of the dash gauges and the way they had a greenish glow. I plowed very late after school many nights, and seeing that picture reminded me of the way those gauges looked. I always thought they were cool. Thanks for the pictures. Your tractor looks great.
  9. Tony, thanks for the pictures and update on your binder. Coming along nicely. I'm always checking RP to see if you have any new posts or pms to me, about the truck. Your binder buddy, Mark
  10. I had my grill off and had fits working with those clips, trying to put it back together. My grill allowed me to get into it with an extension on my driver, and put some small self tapping screws in the edges. Not factory, but just enough screws to do the job.
  11. In my part of the country, we had a lot of rear end and ta trouble with the 86 series. People around here, that had been IH for as long as I can remember, started changeing to the 40 series Deeres. 46 and 4840's. When the 50 series IH came out, I believed they had a tractor with the iron in the rear to hold up to any other brand. They didn't last long before Case bought them out, and dropped the 50 series in favor of their Case tractors being built in Racine, Wisconson. We had a dealer in our area that had a fire sale on the last bunch of the Case units that were painted red. I think he sold around 50-60 because Case was making deals that the more tractors dealers sold, the more thy would discount, so he was selling them at half price. I have neighbors that bought 2 because the price was so low. That was just before the 71 series magnums came out. I got to tour the Racine plant and see the magnums being built. Very cool tour. Also got to tour the combine plant in Moline on the same trip. Sat at a table, for supper, with one of the original engineers of the rotor combine. He said that since Case had bought out IH, they had made all the changes to the combines that they wanted to make when IH owned the company, but did not have the money to make the upgrades. Just my 2 cents.
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