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  1. Tony, I will vote yes on the emblems on the mud flaps. Without a tailgate, it has no id on the rear. Looking great.
  2. Looking good. My dad bought a new 856 when i was in high school. loved coming home after school or ball practice and plowing till i couldnt stay awake any longer.
  3. Rode this 560 with my grandpa the day they delivered it. Might be able to bring.
  4. I will try to get all her pictures on this site, when I have them. She already put just 5 on Facebook and tagged my page. Look under Mark - Karen Adams
  5. Nothing at Payne so far. All north and east of here
  6. Got one cleaned up and loaded for Saturday
  7. I think a super m would do fine with 3-14”. That’s what I would put on it.
  8. Farm owner laid off some lands on Friday. It plowed better than we expected. There’s always guys around helping others get their plows set. Hope you have a great time.
  9. Plow day hosts are trying to get many Deere at this years event. I will try to get as much Red Power as I can. Come on guys, help me out.
  10. Less than an hour drive. I’m sure you could find an old 560 or something, to make a few rounds on.
  11. Wheat stubble, hoping for some rain
  12. We have all colors show up for our plow day. Makes for a fun day.
  13. Right... been very busy. Son joined the farm operation and right off we had 3 neighbors that wanted to retire and all 3 came to us, asking if we wanted to farm their farms, so operation has grown a lot in last couple years. Keeping me out of trouble. Too busy for that. Still using the old 560 around the farm for odds and ends. Anyhow... I follow Red Power but haven’t posted much lately. Hope you and yours are doing well.
  14. The host farmers are huge JD fans, collectors, and they are spreading the word around to all the clubs that they are affiliated with. I need to counter that with as many Farmalls as we can get.
  15. August 15th is set as the day we will be plowing. 120 acres right at west edge of Payne, Ohio, on St Rt. 613. More info later, just wanted to give you all a heads up. Mark
  16. Looks great. Love the look on the big rubber.
  17. Wow... I think I need to say it again, WOW! BJ, that looks great. You have really done your grandfathers tractor up right. I hope to see it up close sometime. I’m gonna say it one more time, WOW. Mark ps...big thumbs up to the guys that did all the work
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