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  1. Tony, I will vote yes on the emblems on the mud flaps. Without a tailgate, it has no id on the rear. Looking great.
  2. Looking good. My dad bought a new 856 when i was in high school. loved coming home after school or ball practice and plowing till i couldnt stay awake any longer.
  3. Looks great. Love the look on the big rubber.
  4. Wow... I think I need to say it again, WOW! BJ, that looks great. You have really done your grandfathers tractor up right. I hope to see it up close sometime. I’m gonna say it one more time, WOW. Mark ps...big thumbs up to the guys that did all the work
  5. Great job! It has that "wow" factor. Looks like you have another project going on, that looks like a 282D sitting on your work table.
  6. Back in high school, our Ag class put a 389 Pontiac in an old diesel cockshutt that a farmer gave us because the diesel was shot. 1972-73. We were going to take the tractor to pulls but when the school board found out what we were doing, they shut that idea down. One of the guys involved, used it to pull a float at a parade and pretty well ruined the clutch trying to keep it going slow enough.
  7. Thanks, BJ. The 400 needs a little work, but after looking it over real good, I don't think it has a lot of hours on it. it starts pretty good, once I got the hang of it. Everything is real tight, hardly any wear on brake pedals, ect... I hope to have it on a 3-14 plow at my event.
  8. Just started reading your post today. I recently bought a Farmall 400 diesel, so your post caught my eye. Thanks for all the pictures and info. I have learned a lot. Here's the only picture I have right now, of my 400. My son in law is on h that he bought at same sale
  9. Man that's nice.....Sweet!!!! great job. now that you have the hang of posting pictures, you might as well keep it up. Thanks
  10. Tony, thanks for the update. I love the way the engine compartment turned out, very sharp. It's not my truck, but I am getting excited to see it finished and hear it run. I am checking this forum on a regular basis to see if you have any news about the binder and the 806. Thanks, Mark
  11. I think the wheels with the grey centers are just too plain for your truck. the ones you had picked are better, more chrome with less black in centers.
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