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  1. I had the m& w on my 560 rebuilt at a shop named International fuel systems in Findlay Ohio
  2. Hot plug, here’s the 560 that you plowed with, and just so you know, the pictures that you referred to have been deleted. I didn’t see that I could ever get any mileage out of them, so I deleted. No need to worry about them surfacing again. Since Johns plow day, I have rebuilt the engine, ta and clutch in the old 560. Runs like a new one now. Notice that mine never had the extra m&w filter. Also spent most of its like being worked hard with the turbo on it, and used the stock air cleaner. Also I wanted to thank you again for the maple syrup that you gave us. Best stuff I ever put on my pancakes.
  3. First time I saw a 2+2 was at the farm progress show, the year they came out. They were plowing, in the furrow, with one. I thought they were the neatest thing I had ever seen. Made sense to me, with 4 wheel traction and ability to row crop. JD guy with us didn’t get it. He said that if he needed more traction, he just added more weights. In a year or so, JD came out with their mechanical front wheel drive and this same guy was all over that. Never owned a 2+2 but had many neighbors that did. They looked good to me.
  4. Use alignment studs to put head back on. Make some out of old head bolts and buy good head gasket from case IH. Replacing head bolts is a good thing too. Coat gasket with 4-5 coats of aluminum paint, both sides, before setting on block. retorque head after it is warmed up good. Been through all this with my 560 and learned the hard way what happens when you don’t do it this way. Got these instructions from Danny Anderson.
  5. 560, totally rebuilt engine with m&w turbo. 706 head and fuel pump set to 660 specs. New heavy duty clutch and TA. We pair it with an 8 ft. Woods mower. Handles anything I can drive through. I like to give it a good workout once in a while. Like the way she sounds when she’s working hard. We have a 15 ft Deere batwing, but for me to put it on my 560, I wouldn’t want to be mowing anything very tall. Actually, the Deere mower has 1000 pto, so couldn’t if I wanted to.
  6. I got to see that same event. That’s was a fun day at John’s farm. Congrats, John. Very cool seeing your 2+2 in the calendar. Nice reward for a great guy.
  7. Plowing after school with Dads new 856
  8. We live in one, and have many in our neighborhood,
  9. Wow... I think I need to say it again, WOW! BJ, that looks great. You have really done your grandfathers tractor up right. I hope to see it up close sometime. I’m gonna say it one more time, WOW. Mark ps...big thumbs up to the guys that did all the work
  10. Rob, that was a great day and you have knocked it out of the park with these videos. Thank you for being there and putting these together.. The field that we used this year had some real tough spots that worked the tractors pretty good, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. That 80 acres did not last long. We will do our best to do it again this year.
  11. Beautiful. I am a binder owner as well. Mine is all original, but has the 241 straight 6 with a 4 speed manual. Your truck, with that big v8 would be a fun truck to drive. Very nice.
  12. I thought the row flow system was Precision’s metering equipment for starter fertilizer. uses the 20/20 monitor to apply precision rates, variable rate application, and turnoff material at point rows
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