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  1. Winter cat logging

    You said it my friend!!...
  2. Decelerator linkage TD 151

    Kevin, You may be much closer than you realize!!
  3. Decelerator linkage TD 151

    Night Crawler. Sorry for the delay, I posted pictures of my TD 15 decelerator on my Face Book page, as I could not figure out any easy way of doing so on here!!..You will find them if you search ----- Jim Chumbly Duffy ----- If you need to see linkages under the floor, let me know and I'll pull the floorboard out. Hope this helps! Chum....
  4. Decelerator linkage TD 151

    I think I can help you out? I'll have to stop down to Crawler St, and take a few pictures of our TD 15-150 series. Might be that would get you close??...
  5. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I happen to have a little red loader just like that one as well!!!.....