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  1. If you try turning the engine with the head off you’ll need to lock down the cylinders wth bolts and washers. If you don’t off times the piston will lift out the cylinder and then you’ll have to tear it all down to reseat the cylinder. Do not ask how I know this. I’d have to lie. John
  2. 20 litres will do it John
  3. 5 gal (20 litre) pail of ep2 is what was recommended for the JD 882 DLC I have. Used the bulk fill pump on the pail and a hose into the cavity as you swing the house. John
  4. Great story and thanks for getting back on your repair ole815. Always good to hear back on someone’s repair and experience to help some of us others along. Got to pull apart my other 240 and will be looking for some of your findings. Thx John
  5. Didn’t happen to pull the drive shafts off the final drives?? If not that tranny sure was spinning. John
  6. You can buy the u-joints at any heavy truck parts vendor at a more affordable price that CNH. They will be greaseable. Also you can cut two holes in the shield so you can grease them once or twice a year. The drive shaft only goes in one way some are marked some are not. John
  7. It will be more and more of an issue as time progresses. I can buy some parts for the early mx240-280,215-285 from outside sources not made in China. If to many of us do this CNH will stop making, stocking just because likely their buying from the same sources and adding their profit margins. From experience some parts are cheaper like Cummins parts from a Cummins dealer but say MX exhaut parts unless you want a straight pipe is not available aftermarket. Supposedly the straight pipe may help with heat but you don’t want to listen to it all day. jmo, John
  8. Drink some milk from cows that where let out to graze on sugar beet tops. That’s a whole new milk experience. John
  9. Not much help but would it be possible they’re tied to the low beam high beam switch? On when in high off in low. John
  10. Top tank center can see it when you open the top screen. If you’ve ever had any oil in your cooling system it will impede the probes ability to sense the level. John just beat me to the response.
  11. You can roll the chain over the frame rails and your good but hooks or hold downs need part # to be legal but as in many parts that’s up to the the officers mood of the day. Also now you need the weight rating of the binder, ratchet strap, cable or chain clearly visible or you SOL. John
  12. Wouldn’t work in Ontario. Not engineer stamped with load ratings. Just another govt staffo to deal with. Your tie downs look good as any to me. John
  13. As per above 5 flashes is on coming switch error. Replace the 3rd gear switch. Top one I believe John
  14. Back in the day an aspirin in a coke would be better than alcohol. Guess they where still using cacao leaves in the mix. John
  15. Boone’s farm strawberry wine. Cheap and made the girls sip and go naked. Can’t help on the gum John
  16. Weapon

    Interesting 1420

    Some orders cut the cab or roll over protection off the tractor or combine. Believe only god not man protects the worker. It is sin to over rule gods holy plan for oneself. John
  17. I used a segmented belt on my old 14 but it never worked rite because it continually stretched and then slipped. Also couldn’t tighten it with the fan pulley and built a idler tensioner which helped but didn’t completely solve the issue. On the 20 I broke down and loosened the pump coupler and I believe it moved far enough to insert the belts. The hardest part on it was getting the rite size belt so the pulley tightener would work rite. John
  18. For cattle is likely a good deal. I have a 40x130 for equipment storage but everything is in one end and out other. Too much shuffling and as stated if you look at cover replacement your likely the same cost as a pole structure. John
  19. Yep been there done da. Thought the suction cups where big enough to hold an elephant but not in a tractor or combine, so like you screwed them down. If anyone interested got them at Bass Pro single cup or cup and storage for other stuff. John
  20. Did he change filters cause it wouldn’t run or wouldn’t run after he changed the filters?? If after he didn’t bleed the air out and it will take just need bleeding the injection system to get it running if before could be a plugged or seized injection pump. As for steering if it’s like the other TD series dozers the clutches are seized from condensation and need to be pulled cleaned up and reinstalled. Build need a few parts but also could need a bunch and some time. John
  21. Remember the 3 s’s. Shoot shovel and shut-up. Works for many, quiets the bleeding hearts. J
  22. I used schedule 160 hdpe tube in my shop with brass fittings. Ran the line thru electrical pvc so it stayed straight and supported. Used 2ft of black iron on the drops with the two kwik couplers I use and a drain valve. 175 psi and no issues. John
  23. Those electric shift trans cases where always finicky. If I was a betting man I’d say it’s the encoder motor on the tcase. I sat one day for five hours at a service shop while they put on 2 brand new ones from their local parts supplier and finally a third from another supplier before they got one to work. Seem to remember replacing them every 2-3 years and always when you need the 4 wheel. John
  24. Lot of 504’s built. You should be able to find a complete unit at a wrecking yard. Would imagine they interchange with other models also. John
  25. Got both brackets setting on the shop floor but I’m not home till Sunday and can get some pics for you with some reference points for you to fab up the new bracket. John
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