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  1. You got a part # that’s all that’s wrong with my 674. Just short on balls. Can put up with slow. John
  2. Just bought the weatherpak connectors at RayMac. Came as housing and plug in pigtails not that expensive. Will look for bill tonight. Come on Stan wasn’t that good. LOL. John
  3. Been there done that on a MX240. The canister is crimped to the canister base and the canister slips round on it. Had to remove filter base cut canister off and then get a grip on the canister base and turn off. Was a reel pain in azz as there’s little room to work. John
  4. Thanks guys been meaning to ask bout removing them. John
  5. I’ve got load checks on my 5240 with a loader. You don’t want them cause if you move the lever to fast the load check takes over and stops the loader from moving. You need to cycle back the other way and start over. PinTAz if your trying to point drop something. John
  6. Great work. Always better to Payless for better. John
  7. If the bead is coming over the edge of the rim the cords in the bead are broken or rotted allowing the bead to expand and come off. Don’t think you have much time left on that tire. John
  8. For manuals try binder books. Good quality compared to others. John
  9. What CIHTECH said. Have to clean mine up every couple years. Usually remove door panel and clean out dirt and oil with brake clean and air pressure then oil. Make sure your drains are clear also. One other thing on mine is some times the style of end will make a difference in connecting and staying connected. John
  10. MX240 trying to remove second hydraulic filter not the big one. Had a wrench on it and the case was rotating on the integral filter base. Luckily could remove the filter base put in vise and cut away the filter and base so we could save the filter holder. Those filters are under pressure and yes call for contact plus 3/4 turn more but are on such a location and your hands are oily you need to snug with a belt wrench. John
  11. I feel your pain. Have a significant other treats her SUV as a pickup and has no issues loading in a can or two of gas. Usually two or three days prior to filling. Likely won’t explode but what a stink. Three pickups available to move fuel but we need to be independent ya know. John
  12. I agree two small axles on the ends with even wheel barrel tires flip over and your down the road to new and multiple choices of beverages for services rendered. JMT John
  13. Onward and upward George2. You will be missed. John
  14. The joy of the purge is soon replaced by the pain of damn I could of used that now. John
  15. Onward and upward George2. You will be missed. John
  16. Few years ago when I repainted my 5240 I removed the windshield, door glass and lower panels. Fixed the doors and got a new windshield since the old one was scuffed up bad. Cleaned all the glass ready for the window guy to install and left the door glass on a body panel horse overnite. Came in the next morning and the door glass was a million pieces on the floor. Why I do not know. That guy Murphy musta came in the nite and give it a love tap. LOL John
  17. Weapon

    Allis 185

    Used to cut my own on the M. Those sediment bowls where mostly built by one company and may interchange amongst the different brands of equipment John
  18. I’ve got 3/8th thru 1” impacts and the same in torque wrenches. I’ve got the service manuals for all my farm and heavy equipment except for the 8.3 Cummins (got to work on that). Way I look at it if your supposed to hammer it on with a impact the the service manual wouldn’t have a specific line stating torque to 101 ft pounds. Sorry to start a pissing match. Thanks everyone, John
  19. Putting the motor back in since replacing the oil pan gasket and rear seal. Can someone tell me the torque for the flywheel bolts 8.3 Cummins. Thanks in advance, John
  20. Don’t want to find or if found say nothing in Ontario Canada. Would cost you loss of cropland till a 70 to 100K archeological investigation was conducted. Then the local tribe could possibly sue for title of the land as a burial or habitat designated preserve. John
  21. Should be able to find at a steel supplier or give a local machine shop a call. That shaft should be available off the shelf. Maybe Fastenal. John
  22. You honestly think the green goblins won’t do the same. Last I heard they don’t want you to be able to change your own oil. John
  23. Got a part number of the head. I have a head for a MD in the shop (as long as the boys haven’t tossed it out) and it might work. John
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