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  1. Just loved the milk when they’d put the cows out on the fresh cut sugar beet tops. Not not not. It even had a green hue to it. Yuck. John
  2. Weapon


    Good friend use to pickle red beets and the tops all the time and always the beet tops where the first to go. From personal experience. Man I miss those days. John
  3. Your rite hillman caught by the spellcheck gremlin again. Thanks, John
  4. Here in ONTARIO Canada my last two tractors and one truck have been Marson single stage from NAPA and any decent clear coat. Two-three coats base and then a couple or more coats of clear (depends on what’s left in gun on both jobs). Have two MX 240’s, one original paint is polished and rubbed and polished and looks like sh$t the other painted as above always looks like a new penny after a couple years both share equal time out in the sun. Ive painted many with IH paint + hardener and never again. As stated before too much work to prep to just salver on some cheap cr$p just to save a nickel to later spend a dollar. But then again I’m of Dutch heritage so cheaping out comes natural then the wooden shoe hits ya up the side of the head and ya dial in to reality YMMV, John
  5. Sounds like it needs adjustment. Can’t remember the exact sequence and some have non contact throwout and constant contact throwout bearings. Someone should be able to guide you through John
  6. Weapon

    a pump

    With ya there Pete. John
  7. Use acetic acid. We’ve used it around water plants for years since you can’t use glyphosate. But then again if they think it’s vinegar then glyphosate may well be roun up. Just don’t us it on your French fry’s. John
  8. My serial was JJF1021724. CIHTECH is the rear solenoid the forward or reverse. John
  9. Shuttle relay fuse. Rite panel left fuse bank second down. John
  10. Just $300+ but the tractor now moves and the fuse don’t blow. New solenoid measured 6.5 ohms. Spliced a ammeter into the circuit and have 3.5 amps draw in both forward and reverse. Thanks for the help guys. John
  11. Back solenoid which I believe is reverse reads 1.2 ohms. Front one reads 5.8 ohms. I’m going to order one and see if it cures the problem John
  12. Thanks guys will look into this. John
  13. 5240 ser.JJF1021724 is blowing the shuttle fuse but before it blows it has melted the fuse holder and set it a fire. Replaced the fuse holders for it also forward solenoid and horn fuses. Now the new holder is showing signs of heat and blowing fuse after a short while. Been looking thru wiring but have not found any bad areas or shorts. Did install a new shuttle switch last year as forward would not work and that seemed to cure that issue but occasionally still forward does not work and at same time unit will not start. Any help is appreciated John
  14. Weapon

    MX240 problem

    OK. Update if you have a euro 240-270 maybe even 255-285. The park brake solenoid is not on the odd/even trans control valve. It’s all on its own on the right side of the tractor. I believe it’s due to the trailer brake function on the euro’s. Possibly so when park brake is set so are the trailer brakes. Anyway as of now things seem to be back to normal. Need to put it all back together and hopefully finish off the season with out something else screw-in up. John
  15. Weapon

    MX240 problem

    Well new issue. This is a euro tractor and the park solenoid is not where it should be on the odd even trans control valve. Anyone know where it should be???? John
  16. Weapon

    MX240 problem

    I’ve removed the step and fan and this is what’s beyond it in front of the valve. John
  17. Weapon

    MX240 problem

    Just don’t be in the instructional seat with a beer in your hand when it does it. At 6 mph you face plant on windshield and your beer gets real foamy. LOL. Tractor moved today but lugged out and almost wouldn’t move to get it outta way now it won’t move atoll. Apparently you need to lift cab and remove a fuel tank to access Guess there’s a access panel being cut in the floorboards instead John
  18. Weapon

    MX240 problem

    Thx. Somewhere to start. John
  19. Weapon

    MX240 problem

    The tractor is blowing #35 fuse. Trans control fuse. Blows transmission goes offline, park brake engages and you try to go thru windshield. Anyone ever have this happen and find a cause. John
  20. Best of luck. Not great around here in sw ontario. Atleast George 2 don’t got to put up with this John John
  21. If you still can’t figure out where the water is coming from just pull off the 3rd arm cover and see if the upper parts of the gasket is there. I’m wasn’t cost me 3 hydraulic changes. John
  22. Bush lite. It’s so wet here rye isn’t even cutting it. Dang. John
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