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  1. Merry Christmas and all your crops be off. With hopes of a better New Year. John
  2. My grandma made quilts for all the grandkids. I watched as everyone got the standard 4-6 quilt. My issue was I was 6-3 and I asked her if she could make me a longer one and she did it’s still my best blanket ever after 40 years. Don’t come out much John
  3. Any Jensales manuals I ever bought where real poor reproductions that lacked clarity and colour where needed like electrical or hydraulic circuits John
  4. Just a thought check for voltage to the exposed wire at both ends just after breaker lug. Have had aluminum corrode just enough to loose contact with lug. Just had to take apart clean up and reinstall. John
  5. Yes please jrweapon@live.ca Thanks, John
  6. Raining so went to dealership and bought the solenoid. Was told I’d have to have the clutch recalibrated once replaced. Is this so or am I being fed a line. Thanks,John
  7. Haven’t had time to work on it. One of those winter projects after I get my crops off. John
  8. Here we have cooper nickel brake lines. The old steel ones are nowhere to found anymore. They are better than stainless as they are softer and can be easily bent into whatever shape you need. Stainless can be hard to bend and flare. John
  9. I know you’ve had it apart many times but it’s always been my experience when the engine won’t run without choke then your high speed jet is plugged or obstructed. Just a thought, John
  10. Not to hy-jack the thread but I’m having the same issue with my MX240. Would this also be the likely cause and if so is the master clutch solenoid in the same area. Thanks in advance, John
  11. Weapon


    Gauge, capillary tube is one sealed unit. Has to be removed from water jacket as a complete unit. Can’t help with control John
  12. I use a window washing squeegee on a long broom handle. Works well on combine front window also. John
  13. Need to drain antifreeze beforehand John
  14. First pic is brothers big buck. Second is my son’s not as many points but son’s is a pound heavier. LOL. Then last two days my oldest seemed to have the eye and bagged these 2 not monsters but big eaten. Last pic is for my wife as she says we’re never together for a family pic. She just needs to come with. LOL John
  15. 3” bimetallic hole saw cuts thru nail and all and does not cost $65. John
  16. Look at the inboard side of the middle flange if you see some bolts that look like they thread into the auger then you have a central steady bearing. If not the you got one long auger from helmet to discharge. John
  17. Weapon

    Oh yeah!

    Moose hunting rite now. Not sure the youngin’s wouldn’t run thru that by 3 in afternoon john
  18. Ya doesn’t look like my old 1010. John
  19. When they shipped manure across the ocean and it was out down deep in the hold water would start it cooking and create methane gas and the ship often blew up. To combat the problem they’d label it crap which stood for ship high in transit. That’s how it got it’s label. John
  20. Thx for the response. Will get in shop this fall and look into it. John
  21. Didn’t want to hijack the MX120 thread but I keep losing the brakes on my maxxam. It started 2 years ago and simply needed to bleed the brakes in spring and would be good for the year. Now you bleed them and their gone in a week. The stand pipe is in the correct position. Any help would be appreciated. John
  22. How big a head and how rolling is your ground. Got JD’s running here without field tracker an 22.5-25 ft heads and ls all you want. Im running 30’ on my 2388 with field tracker and as said if it’s working great. If not it’s a pain trying to watch 30’ for rocks and keep both ends level with the terrain. John
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