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  1. For many years the snowbirds would go to Florida for the winter and of course need their AC fixed. Go to a local shop, cry got no money (yet you can go to Florida for 3-4 months) local shop says hey we can fix that for $20. The shop would charge with propane and the snowbird leaves tickled pink cause he just screwed over the service guy to fix his AC. Fast forward 6 months and the same snowbird is at the CNE and parks and the amb temp goes into the 90’s and interior temp hits 120+ and the evap springs a leak and the snowbird after a long day walks up to his car and opens the door. The interior light switch sparks and poof his $20 happy as **** quick fix costs him the difference of what the insurance says it’s worth and the replacement vehicle. That’s only if when he’s talkin to the adjuster doesn’t say something stupid like hey I don’t understand why fixing the AC in Florida would make this happen then the adjuster says likely propane and we can’t cover your loss. OH WELL. YMMV, John
  2. Left side like others have said. I always over open mine and then move back to the desired setting. That helped take up any play in the linkages. John
  3. **** I need to take a nap after I get up. LOL John
  4. Well in defence I’m gonna say we are talkin a tractor which may well of been built before her time and atleast she had the knowledge to ask what division you where needing to direct you in the right direction. I find myself gripping about the younger gen and how stupid they are but in some cases it’s not as much their fault as ours. I call dealerships and ask for sales. If I’m directed to parts ya I’m p*ssed. If they direct me to a salesman and he says sorry I’m construction you need to talk to Bob in ag no big deal. Everybody including me had to learn at some point. Was sent to a hardware once for a shelf stretcher and was told by that owner that he had borrowed it but had returned it as soon as he was done with it to my boss. Go tell that to your new boss (hopefully make enough to pay your tuition to college) kinda guy. John
  5. Weapon

    Home remedies

    Crawl spaces get attacked with my tyvek’s and a short broom. Start crawlin and swipen the cob webs down. Get the spider and other insect spray and kill, kill, kill. John
  6. Weapon

    Home remedies

    In the days of old use to use a piece of alum to stop bleeding from a razor cut, worked great and stung like h*ll. On a side note the top rated fish attractant to put on lures was Preparation H because of the sharks fin oil in it, it was delicious to aquatic creatures. John
  7. The max fillet radius on the 81 is 3.5 mm and 1.3 on the 80. So the 80 will interfere with the shaft fillet radius and not seat to the shoulder. I don’t think grinding would be an option. Just my thoughts, John
  8. Weapon

    mx200 a/c

    Check right side of engine under the alternator. That’s where it is on my 240. Sorta a bear to get to. I use a 1/2-9/16 wrench like a fork to get in and turn it on or off. If the evaporator is freezing over because of low charge or expansion valve is partially plugged you will sometimes get the cyclic condition you described John
  9. Thanks the pics aren’t showing a v8 so let’s say it’s a B. Anyone know if the tracks would interchange thanks again,Weapon
  10. Would anyone know if the tracks from a TD20-201 would interchange to a TD20 B or C. The TD 20 is a 1974 so also someone might comment on it being a B or C. Thanks in advance, John
  11. HiTack formagasket works for me. Clean up the tube and spray on the tube or inside the hose. Slip together and tighten hose clamp. John
  12. I believe you need to run the tractor for say 10 mins and shutdown then check level. Something to do with oil retention in one of the areas. John
  13. I’d say 1/2 price or better here in Ontario. George2 may have a better handle or thought on this. John
  14. There’s a pinned post in the construction forum with a list of bone yards. May have some excavators listed. John
  15. Hard to believe you can’t just change out to a 2-3 or 4 bolt flange bearing even if you have to do use some spacers to make it work and hold things in place. Just a case of workin outside da box/packer. John
  16. Mine is at a dealer rite now with really hard steering and I know the trans fluid does have some water in it. Steering brakes trans and park brake are supplied by the small supply pump I believe while most else is supplied by the variable flow pump (don't scream at me if I'm wrong,no one has really explained it for my small mind to understand). So yes possibly the amount of water your talkin about could well be the issue that's messed up the pumps and filters. One other thing is I thought they told me I'd need 45-55 US gal to change out my rear end so you could be low at 30 and starving the system. YMMV, John
  17. Alstates tractor parts have two 826's in for salvage. One in Black Creek WI and one in Salem SD. the one in SD has been burnt. John
  18. Not sure the bearings should be that loose. I would use some loctite and lock them on. Have heard of TO bearings sliding off and setting askew and locking up a clutch. Taking it apart once is bad enough let alone twice. For what it's worth. John
  19. It's most times better to search via google to find past posts on the forum. Just google TD18 pump and lots of redpower posts will show. John
  20. You'll need to swap out the rear-end also. Different ratio for a diesel. Welcome aboard. John
  21. Ironguard is in that range and a gallon of decent clearcoat here with activator is around a hundred (there is better and worse) and will cover two or more gallons of paint (paint for color and cover clear for protection). I used TSC paint once and red was orange in less than a year on a wagon. Your call but I won't use it anymore. John
  22. I agree with the guys on using a good paint for high quality and show room finish but sympathize with those not wanting to spend the big dollars on work equipment. So for my tractors I use CIH Ironguard with hardener and a final coat of automotive clearcoat with good luck and stands up well to sun and abuse. Again though prep is everything paint does not mask dirt scratches oil grease or rust. Only cleaning sanding priming and final paint prep does. Just my opinion, john
  23. I believe those are drive rivets. Cut a slot in them and turn out with a screw driver. Can be reused or purchase new from industrial supply. Great progress, John
  24. Take the band off and let it drain and dry. John
  25. I've always said that it takes 6 arms or shorts to run a TD 20-201. You pulled back on the clutch with one leg as you shifted with the other while steering with the other yet still getting outta town with your life I It was l
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